What an amazing current being generated connecting with the Bubblers all over the world! We’ve done our first zoom Gathering with our friends in the USA and it was a mighty force of Esoteric Light purification, healing and love.

We had 56 People right across the country, from New York, to Wisconsin, to Iowa, to Texas and California. It was very powerful having everyone together. And to witness all of the Bubblers in the USA had the desired effect – big energy, big heart, big healing! It was lovely to see and speak to each of the Bubbler holders and to hear about living with the Bubblers. It was also inspiring to see the strength in each of the Bubbler holders and their radiance in being witnessed.
The US has every version of a Bubbler from Saturn Bubblers to Qualitative Evolution Bubblers, to Zoroastrian Bubblers and this was also an amazing matter to witness the different functions. Once we got through witnessing each one we then held our Universal Hermetic Prayer. This was a very potent experience with having everyone together – so many Bubblers present to one event. That is the purpose of Heart of Space week – the prayer to commune with the presence of the Bubblers worldwide, creating a force of Unity to help bring about the shift in consciousness required at this time. So be it!

Here Are A Couple Of Beautiful Statement From Those Present On The USA Zoom

“What an amazing Heart opening during the US Heart of Space webinar.  With each ignition, activation and actualisation of each artefact, the energy became more and more palpable. The intensity of the Light became stronger and stronger. The unity current connected to all the other artefacts and the planets and the stars as well as the universe.   At one point I could feel the Still point as the left and right hemispheres of the brain became synchronized, all duality disappeared and I became aware of the planets and the center of the milky way.  Our own hearts became the center of the Universe. This seemed to be where our Divinity and Divine Destiny lies. The center of an all-at-oneness. I could feel the Divine taking over. I knew that everyone and everything can be transformed, transfigured and translated.  Everything is already ordained.  We are not the doers or the cause of anything. We have already died. There is no beginning  and there is no end, there is only Light or Real Love.”  – E.V, USA
“It was amazingly powerful. It is the most Alchymeic energy I have ever felt in my body and my Heart. Thank You all who orchestrated that incredible Union. I look forward to participating in many more. Love” –  A.M, USA