Join Our Universal Hermetic Prayers

Join Our Universal Hermetic Prayers

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‘The Universal Hermetic Prayer’

There is so much to share about the profound Alchymie going on all over the world right now with the amazing Heart Of Space. We call it ‘The Universal Hermetic Movement”.

It doesn’t take much to participate either… All you need is an open heart and a desire to change.

Thus, we are inviting more and more people to join in all over the world. Regardless of whether you have any Alchymeic Products or a Heart Of Space. The energy of this movement is available to all. You just need to know how to connect with it…!

Hermes Far Eastern Shining is conducting FREE weekly ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer Webinars’ to teach people how to connect and receive the Heart Of Space current. And all are invited all to join in!

If you’d like to participate in this months webinars, please click on this registration link below. Or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email. See you there 🙂 

Malaysia’s First Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

Malaysia’s First Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

Hi everyone. Just in case you missed it on our main page…

Nothing can quite describe the feeling of being a part of a Bubbler installation… 😉 Hello to all of our Heart friends in Malaysia who have just welcomed the incredible Qualitative Evolution Bubbler! In fact, although there are many Bubblers in Asia, this is the very first QE Bubbler…! Congratulations guys… We salute you 🙂

Thank you for your recognition, gestures of Heart and mutual commitment to make this possible – this gesture to help transform the world. This Alchymie work is ‘Esoteric’ in nature and is all about the ‘feeling’ dimension of existence. Therefore it takes great readiness and intuition in order to allow oneself the space for the heart and ‘real feeling’ to exist again at this critical time for humanity.

If you’d like to learn more about the world-wide Heart Of Space movement, check out our website –

And, you are most welcome to join our free weekly ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer’ webinars where we share the energy of the Bubblers and do a meditation for transformation and shifting Consciousness. All you need is an open heart and a desire for change… 😉 Webinar Registration Link

The Heart Of Space Movement 2013

The Heart Of Space Movement 2013

The Heart of Space movement in 2013 begins with the installation of a new Saturn Bubbler in Durban – South Africa, and the re-installation of Africa’s first Bubbler into Cape Town. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect way to ignite our yearly vision for the Heart of Space.

With this inspirational start, we invite you to be restored in the recognition of this movement and the importance of these extraordinary Energies, and ask you to participate as much as you can this year. With your help, here’s how we would like to proceed…

Africa – a very important place to start…

We have had an incredible response to the Alchymie in Africa with the current Saturn Bubbler placements. Therefore, it is clearly important to take advantage of this and make a commitment to complete these Bubblers as Heart of Space Centres ASAP. This will require the purchase of two Travelling Bubblers and two Fractalisers. Here is the plan…

1. One Travelling Bubbler, already partly paid for…
One of our Australian Heart of Space holders, (who lived in Africa for 11 years and who has recently travelled there), has already made a generous donation towards the creation of one of these Travelling Bubblers! All we need to complete this project is $2000. This amount should be easily achieved by a small group of people or even one generous donor. Are you that person? (Here is a photo of our Australian HOS holder in Africa recently, meeting a tribal family. Notice the child holding her Alchymeic Pendants…).


2. The second Travelling Bubbler is already there…

Our Hermes representative, Theme, who is currently in South Africa awaiting the arrival of the new Saturn Bubbler, has a Travelling Bubbler with her! But it hasn’t yet been funded. Our new friends in Africa need financial help to do so. Is this something you could help with? PS – because this Travelling Bubbler is already in the country, there is NO SHIPPING CHARGE ? (Here is a photo of Theme and the re-located Bubbler in Cape Town. A big thanks to Irma, our new Bubbler Holder).


  1. The funding of the two Fractalisers…

The Heart of Space Membership Card programme has been running for several years now. Every $100 annual membership payment goes directly to the creation of Heart of Space products for the world. We are now ready to process these yearly subscriptions and we ask you to find the way to join in.

*If ALL original Heart of Space Members are able to pay their yearly subscription NOW, we will have enough money to create one of these Fractalisers! Help us hold this vision by becoming a member or inspiring others to join today. Learn more about the Heart of Space Membership programme here>

PS – remember, the HOS Card is an Alchymeically Empowered Product which holds the current of the Heart of Space wherever you go. So, not only are you helping place Heart of Space Product in the world by purchasing one of these, but you receive an incredible support tool.

*If you can participate in any of these three ways, please contact us now to help facilitate this new Heart pulse in Africa.

*Also, share this email and information with your friends. You never know how the hearts of others will be touched…


How Else Can You Participate?

We need to call forth a flood of generosity of heart from all over the world to help us continue this important work this year. There are several other places that desperately need our assistance – including the completion of the Greece Heart for Space.

We all know that there are many individuals all over the world who are in a position to make a gesture like this, even if to donate these as gifts to the world. We invite you to help us to spread the word this year. Talk to people you know who could help, share the Heart of Space information with them. We will be working diligently to support you in such an endeavor. So please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you in this.