Two Exciting Projects To Kickstart The Year

Two Exciting Projects To Kickstart The Year

The Heart of Space Movement has several special projects that it is supporting.

These are the Bubblers that were upgraded in 2022. Sometimes when we have appropriate candidates to receive Bubblers in the same area as an upgraded Bubbler, we fundraise to get a new Base for the previous spheres. This is the case with both of these projects and we are delighted to present them to you, and ask for your help to make this happen.

The Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler

This Bubbler was the FIRST Saturn Bubbler ever to enter the USA. Its spheres were upgraded at the beginning of 2022 and our ‘Bubbler Holder To Be’ already as the previous spheres, a table with a photograph of a Bubbler on it, awaiting its completion.

A Singapore Saturn Bubbler

The Singapore Saturn Bubbler was originally installed 2001 and received an upgrade in December last year. This Bubbler is currently the only one in Singapore. They are ready to have another bubbler using the original spheres and a new base.



January Heart Of Space Week Dates & Links

January Heart Of Space Week Dates & Links

Welcome to Heart Of Space Week

A quarterly worldwide unity meditation / prayer
utilising the Heart of Space Presence

We can’t want to kickstart this week-long world-wide meditation/prayer for transformation, healing and awakening. If you haven’t registered for one of our free zoom events, click on the link below and come and be a part of the esoteric solution.

Join One Or All 5 Zooms
Receive The Nourishment, Restoration & Renewal

These events are a worldwide meditation – feeling and supporting each other in love as we pass through this profound transition globally. We have a great opportunity in front of us as humans. These Zooms are a great way to get the necessary energetic support and strength we all need now.

Times & Zoom Links

Here are the time zones and zoom links for you to register. All Welcome!
*Make sure you click on the ‘link’ and register for each gathering you wish to join!
Come join in this extraordinary event and be a part of the true ‘Esoteric revolution’ taking place at this time

What Is ‘Heart Of Space Week’?

‘Heart Of Space Week’ is a week long celebration of the Heart Of Space. Traditionally we invite people to come together wherever they can to visit the Bubblers and participate with the energy directly. However, because of the current ‘social-distancing’ worldwide, these events are going to be held on Zoom. We do invite our Bubbler holders to gather people where they can, however everyone is welcome to join in wherever you are. During Heart of Space Week, five Zoom events will take place – one for each major region/time zone of the planet where there are Bubblers and Heart of Space. These gatherings provide support and energetic healing, transformation and awakening worldwide as well as bringing a deep restorative blessing for the earth plane itself! Coming together in unity to breathe, meditate & pray is the greatest thing we can be doing. Having access to the amazing Heart Of Space energies is a profound gift in accelerating this shift now! Come and be a part of the ‘Esoteric Solution’. Breathe, Meditate, Pray! *All five zoom links are available to everyone worldwide and everyone is invited to participate on as many zooms as possible!

What You Need To Know In Order To Join In?

All you need is an open heart, a willingness to participate in a spiritual, transformative, unity event with your ‘heart friends’ around the world,  and bring your energy, love and desire for growth and healing worldwide. That’s it! (*Well there are a couple of ‘practical’ things, like being in a quiet space free from distractions and being comfortable etc… but we’ll send all registrants a detailed list of how to prepare).

What you do ‘DOES’ make a difference!

No this isn’t a joke… as humans we must now more than ever be willing to awaken to greater and greater levels of compassion, tolerance, transcendence and forgiveness. We must truly begin to awaken as a loving, healing presence in this world.

This week as part of our worldwide meditation and prayer, we ask you to find ways to extend yourself more, by ‘turning out’ beyond your own enclosure, and actively help and support others. It might be as simple as saying hello to that neighbour that you’ve never connected with, or checking in with someone who you feel might be lonely or isolated at this time. It might be as simple as praising someone for something they do that you feel goes completely un-noticed… However you do it, make sure your gestures are full of heart feeling and love, sincerity and care. In this way, we truly do begin to allow the Divine blessing presence to be felt, and we do begin to function as angels in this world. The world needs us to be this healing presence now!

How To Participate In Heart of Space Week

1. Join One Or All Five Zooms

This week there are 5 Zoom gatherings happening – one for each major time zone worldwide. People from all over the world will be connecting with each other via these Zooms, learning more about the Alchymie of the Heart of Space, and feeling the support of the Unity Consciousness when large gatherings like this happen. Come and connect with all others celebrating this shift in consciousness!

2. Visit A Heart Of Space

There are many Heart Of Space centres all over the world. Often those holding them are delighted to share the energy of their Heart Of Space with others. If  you’d like to visit a Heart of Space or even just to see where the nearest Heart Of Space is to you, send us a message via our contact page and we will do everything we can to help facilitate your visit to a Heart Of Space.

3. Practice A Daily Meditation & Prayer

We deeply encourage everyone to make the most of the increased intensity of the current this week by adding detail to your daily practice. Regardless of whether you do a daily meditation and energy work already, there’s always space to increate what you are doing

The ‘Practice’ of meditating with, and ‘feeling’ the Heart Of Space Presence

No matter how small or insignificant you might feel you are in the grand scheme of things, every human has a very important role to play in the great esoteric, spiritual transition taking place on earth at this time.

Believe it or not, your very presence – energy and attention – acts like a ’super powerful energy conductor ’broadcasting’ your current state of being to the universe. So no matter how small you feel you might be, the truth is that you are a powerful energy being capable of great love, strength, intuition and awakening. Therefore, it is really important for you to have at least some kind of daily personal practice.

If you need guidance on how to establish a daily practice, here’s a wonderful article about connecting with the Heart Of Space presence that can help. It also has a really simple yet brilliant daily breath and attention practice we encourage you to try.

January Heart of Space Week Links

January Heart of Space Week Links

Our quarterly Heart Of Space Meditation/Prayers are connecting people with the Heart Of Space Presence around the world, in unity, continual energy work & prayer. This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring people like you together with others who are ready for the ‘real work’, to inspire real healing and restoration, & to support the great transition taking place on the planet.

Come join our quarterly Heart gatherings. All welcome!

January / April / July / October

January 2023
Heart Of Spaces Week Registration Links

(*Click images to register and attend)

These gatherings are an opportunity to receive a powerful psychic clearing, alignment and restoration, as well as help you connect to the ‘bigger picture’, the ‘Universal Hermetic Presence’. Our commitment to help everyone at this time is to hold these gatherings for all regions of the world! We invite you to make this commitment and join us.
*Join any and all gatherings regardless of what region you are in. Even participate in more than one. Let us grow this ersoteric current together.

Congratulations Singapore!

Congratulations Singapore!

A huge congratulations to our friends in Singapore who installed their new Saturn Bubbler last Saturday 🙂 Look at these radiant folk!!!

Thank you again to all of our amazing Herat Of Space holders and participants all over the earth who are taking the time to meditate with, breathe and feel this Heart Of Space Presence. We’ve got big plans for the Heart Of Space Movement in 2023. Stay tuned for the dates on our January Heart Of Space gatherings to kickstart the energy of the year!

Invitation – Singapore Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Event

Invitation – Singapore Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Event

We can’t wait for this Saturday to participate in our final ‘official’ Heart of Space Event for 2022 – the Installation of a Saturn Bubbler Upgrade for the Singapore Bubbler!

The Upgraded Spheres have arrived and our friends there are ready and waiting for this special moment.

This is an official zoom event planned and we would love to invite as many of you as possible to join in. Simply click this link to register.

*Dec 17, 2022 11:00 AM Singapore

Bubbler Upgrade Programme

Announcing The Upgrade
Of 20 Saturn Bubblers

To all of our wonderful Heart Of Space Family around the world. As part of the continued ’20th Year Celebration’ of The Heart Of Space. we are embarking on a four year project to upgrade 20 of the original Saturn Bubblers around the world!

This is a significant event and one we’d really love you help with.
Read on…

How It Will Work

Over the next four years the Heart Of Space Movement will be giving 20 Saturn Bubbler upgrades to Bubblers that we’ve identified as the most important and in need (one every 3 months). This programme is a four year commitment on behalf of the Movement, one that will have huge energetic benefits for the world!
The first Bubbler upgrade will be setup during this ‘October Heart Of Space Week’ celebrations where everyone will be invited to participate. 
This will be the initiation of the four year programme and something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by. We’ve been collecting members like you from around the world for two years now, and with your help we are going to do something wonderful.

Do You Have A Saturn Bubbler?

We are looking for appropriate candidates…

Our Heart Of Space Committee has already identified some of the Saturn Bubblers for this programme. But we would like to hear from anyone holding a Saturn Bubbler who loves their Bubbler and would appreciate, care for and honour a Bubbler upgrade. If this is you, we will consider your participation in this programme. Here’s the criteria:

The Criteria…

– Become a Gold Member for minimum of four years.

– Commit to helping signing up 15 new Heart Of Space Members.

– Be willing to help hold additional fundraising events over the four years, 
as well as monthly Bubbler gatherings where possible.

– Sign a ‘Bubbler Commitment Form’ agreeing to the protocol for how to 
hold and care for the Bubblers.

*The first three upgrades will be allocated to those who feel that they are ready and able to full-fill the criteria immediately. Then, each further upgrade after that will be chosen using an anonymous voting ballot for Heart Of Space Members only. This way, it will remain a mystery every three months whose Bubbler will be upgraded next.

If you have a Bubbler that needs to be upgraded, and you feel you could commit to this programme, please contact us asap!

What Can You Do To Participate?

If you don’t have a Bubbler, we still need extra help…

The Heart Of Space Movement relies on its monthly membership contributions to purchase the product to give to the world. This is our raison d’être – raising funds to gift these wondrous energies to the world to allow many more beings the opportunity to enjoy and experience them

In order to acheive this four year goal we need a minimum of 250 HOS Members. We are well underway to meeting this target. And with the launch of this initiative and your help, we are sure to inspire many more people to get onboard! 

If you are a member, but don’t have a Bubbler, there are two direct ways that you can participate…

Upgrade To A Gold Member
Are you currently a ‘silver member’? If so, consider upgrading to a ‘gold member’. This is only a small increase to approximately
$10AU per week. 

Help Us Get More Members
Do you know someone who would appreciate supporting this Movement? Help us reach out to them – let them know what we are doing and that they can become members also.

Why Upgrade The Bubblers?

The Saturn Bubblers form the foundation of the Alchymie all over the world. They are a powerful anchoring of the Divine Light Current, helping to create and hold a space for real healing, restoration and renewal.

When the first Saturn Bubblers were created over 20 years ago,  they were only given one Alchymeic Energy per sphere. 20 years on, with the evolution of the Alchymie and the intensity of the Divine Light entering now, the new Saturn Bubblers are given over 100 energies, each sphere holding a powerful current for purification, transformation, healing and awakening.

It is important to honour the work that has been done by all of us together over the years – to help get the Bubblers to the world. Ultimately our goal is to upgrade every Saturn Bubbler on the planet. Let’s start with these initial 20 and grow this initiative together form there. 

Thank you again for your recognition and support.
Together in Unity we ARE the Esoteric Solution!

Become A ‘Heart of Space Member’

We are growing a worldwide team of ‘Hearts’ – meditators, engagers, supporters and beneficiaries – a family of Heart committed beings willing to help us get the Heart of Space to the world. With your help we create and facilitate events, teaching others about the wonder of esoteric energy work as well as facilitate placements of the Heart Of Space in places we had never dreamed of! This is our passion. And we need help.
If you have ever been moved by the work of the Heart of Space, been supported in any way and would like to give back to this wonderful cause, we invite you to become a member and get involved. For as little as $10 AUD per month you can help us give more people around the world the opportunity to experience the Heart of Space. Become an active part of the Esoteric Solution!