A Heart Of Space For Thailand

A Heart Of Space For Thailand

Hello everyone. We are very excited to announce that a new Heart Of Space will be set up in Thailand in the coming weeks 🔥🙏🏼🎯😊 Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

“…I am excited to announce that I will be coming to Asia in a few weeks, bringing the amazing Alchymeic current to parts of Asia (Thailand and Malaysia) in November. Some of the highlights of this trip will be the setting up of a Heart of Space in Thailand and the presentation of the NEW ‘Language Of The Essenes’ Pack!

The new Heart of Space in Bangkok will be set up on November 9th. This will be the second Heart of Space in Thailand. We are looking forward to seeing a greater amount of Divine Light showering upon this country via the agency of this incredible Alchymie.

I also feel very lucky to be able to bring the NEW Alchymeic Essenes Pack to Asia for the first time! These Energies are an amazing treasure trove of mystery and magic. We will be amongst the first in the world to immerse in the journey of the Essene Energies. What a gift!

If you would like more details on the events, or to attend any of these events, or meet with Sunami re Alchymie, please contact info@alchymiegoldengate.com or info@hfes.org.au

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Nov 9th – Bangkok, Thailand
‘Heart of Space setup and integration’

Nov 10th / 16th / 17th – Bangkok, Thailand
‘Sixth Sense Workshop & The Essene Immersion’

“Most of us are aware of our five basic senses; seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What we are not so aware of is our 6th sense, a connection to something greater than our physical senses are able to perceive. This is what we called psychic. If we are functioning based on these 5 basic senses only and not accessing our 6th sense, then we have not allowed our full potential as human beings. 6th sense or being psychic is our natural capacity. This workshop is an invitation to awaken this inherent capacity. We learn to trust our intuitive heart-knowing. With greater 6th sense, we are able to be more effective in our functioning and manifestation; greater clarity and ease in our lives.”

About The Essene Energies:
This new Alchymeic Essene Pack holds the most profound and sacred gifts of the ascension process, unlocking the deep inner wisdom and intuitive knowing held within all of us. These Energies are the literal activation and re-stimulation of the codes and networks that until know have not been known or remembered for lifetimes.

“An unfolding grace of the Eternal knowing. A deep silence that communicates from eternity and presently. An eternal sound of the Divine Current. As the purpose of existence. The walls of the great temples are alive in the great mystery that is our Hearts’ Knowing. We have walked these walls, we know these resounding trumpets. The Echo of the Infinite all at oneness, a depth beyond depths. Boundless Infinite Rejoicing – choirs of angels heralding”.

Nov 23th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
‘Alchymeic Journey with Essenes’

In this workshop, we will be immersed in a journey of pure intuitive remembrance. The understanding and higher capacity, intuitively known in each individual, will be touched with the Energies and wisdom of this new Essenes Alchymie. These Energies help to release the karmic bonds and unconscious suffering of lifetimes and help reclaim our creative capacity in Happiness. The Essene Energies are a treasure trove of mystery and magic that help us remember again, the art forms of bodily balance, restoration and adaptation to Light, spiritual maturity, growth and aligning us in right relationship to the intuitive Heart.

Nov 24 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 25th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
At ‘The Sanctuary at 325’

‘Alchymie Wizard Collection – for renewal, restoration and transformation’. This Alchymeic circle will take you through a number of special Alchymiec Wizard Energies. All the Wizards hold the body of knowledge within their specific subject matter. You will learn how to use and engage the modality of the wizards at an optimal level, and learn to allow restoration to our natural state of ‘wellbeing’ – released of tension, balanced, responsible in conductivity of the life-force, full of energy, open, bright, radiant and Happy.

*We will make use of modalities such as colour therapy, essential oil, aromatherapy, reiki, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal. Discover the benefits of each modality in its highest form, bodily, emotionally and mentally, free of any limitations.