What Is The Fractaliser?

What Is The Fractaliser?

The Fractaliser is a powerful component of the Heart Of Space. Its esoteric force is intended to transform the usual, cramped, thinking processes… thus allowing space to feel and connect to the Divine – whole-bodily.” 

The Alchymeic intention of the Fractaliser is the awakening of Higher Consciousness or the evolution of Higher Mind. If we consider everyone’s constant thinking as an energetic stream of communication, then we can see the impact of 7 billion people’s thought forms! The amount of ‘wrong thinking’ (projected negative thought and projected negative emotions over lifetimes, in the form of fear, doubt, sorrow and anger), has created what appears in the subtle like a black cloud that has made this ‘place’, a place of ‘forgetting’. The Fractaliser is intended to transform the usual, cramped thinking processes that have for lifetimes overwhelmed heart feeling, thus granting us space to feel and connect to the Divine.

The Fractaliser is a miraculous event that is the actual cosmology of this ‘place’. With this artifact we can enjoy vast and mysterious well-being, which can be focused verbally in the presence of the Fractaliser by holding a glass of water over the apex and having a drink. The intention of the Fractaliser and thus very Consciousness is to break through the projected ‘planer’ thought patterns or idealisation, which have no basis in reality (purely imaginary, mostly more, not mostly less). As greater numbers of Fractalisers are placed across the earth plane, it is our prayer that there be a quickening and piercing of the ‘impossiblity thinking’ that is so binding across this world, while also providing the sanctuary for real contemplation and growth in God.


The Fractaliser is designed upon the scale model of the ‘Great Pyramid’ at Giza. The central rod standing in the centre of the Fractaliser holds and grounds the ‘fractal’ current as it spills through the apex diamond capstone as an arrow-head, breaking through what appears psychically as clouded and dark; ‘the doubt of love’. 

The Fractaliser shape creates a chamber or space within which to allow the flowering of the being to awaken as the breath and to have the weight of the gravity of ‘usual’ life lifted off the body. The gold apex of the Fractaliser is seen as the arrow piercing the darkness, while the diamond that rests inside the capstone holds a poignant current, representing the Divine State, or the Bright of Conscious Life amplified.

The Fractaliser is seen as the spearhead of the Divine, cutting through and creating a pathway for ascension. The Fractaliser moves to dissolve a structure of mind and its limitation and fixity. The ‘conventional mind’ or ‘cerebral intelligence’ as it may be termed, is an ideational fixity, wherein we need to strive to transcend all fixity, otherwise we struggle with a cosmology that is completely imaginary and most certainly godless.

Experiencing The Fractaliser Energy

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve had this energy, it’s always liberating on so many levels. Last night I could feel my attention being drawn up out of the dross and into the free space above the crown chakra. Relaxed my whole being into a timelessness. So much gratitude for this being in the world” – E.R – AUS

Amazing energy to have. I find it totally splits and releases the pressure on the being of all head pressure from the third eye out to the infinite. The vertical current is then so strong up and down my spine. Everything becomes very clear.” – G.H – AUS

What an incredible gift this energy is.To feel no mind and have an unbelievable amount of psychic space , what an incredible gift to humanity. We need more fractalisers in this world that is conjested with too much thinking and not enough feeling.This is the solution” – U.U – AUS

I will never forget my first experience with the Fractaliser! My friends and I all got to experience it for the first time and we all couldn’t stop laughing! It felt like all separative self dissolved and only oneness was present and that realization just made us laugh and laugh! We were exploded our minds just split to the Unity current! I felt so relieved with all that thinking thinking thinking mind turn quiet! I am so grateful to own one as it’s such a potent important tool. Thank you!” – B.S – AUS

The Special ‘Environmental Energies’ On Bubblers Worldwide

The Special ‘Environmental Energies’ On Bubblers Worldwide

Hello everyone. It’s been an intense time for us here in Australia, with the fires. In our area, the wind has been bringing a lot of smoke from the fires into our valley where our headquarters are. No fires too close, but we are doing daily invocations with our Bubblers here – invoking all of the wonderful esoteric environmental Energies on all the Bubblers in Australia particularly.

Here is a list of the Generic ‘Environmental Energies’ that are on most of the Saturn Bubblers worldwide. We encourage you to take time to keep invoking the Bubblers everywhere – calling forth these specific Energies – sit with them in meditation and be a part of the Unity Prayer that is taking place at this time – this is the ‘Esoteric Solution’. It is very important that we all continue to function as ‘angels’ at this time – calling forth the Divine – opening our hearts and asking for the Divine to support us and the fragile balance on the earth plan right now…! Remember, the Alchymie and specifically the Bubblers are a ‘living’ Divine manifestation. Therefore, they respond to your ‘invocation’. So call out to them from your space of ‘heart and feeling’ – invoke them and breathe the energy of their blessing presence. They WILL respond!

If you have a Bubbler, we’d love to hear from you about the Energies on yours, and any unique Energies that may not be on any other Bubblers. Feel free to share.

– Nuclear Radiation Wizard
– Climate Change
– Negative Terraformer
– Earth Works
– Ocean Currents
– Strange Attractor
– Weather Extremes
– Mother Earth
– Fracking Angle
– Rainmaker Wizard
– Drought Daemon Wizard
– Sunworks – Arranging 243
– Antarctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– Ozone Layer

Here are photographs of the tops of each Bubbler Spheres. each Bubbler has a major Alchymeic Energy associated with it on the top, then a variety of specific Energies around the sides.

About The Saturn Bubblers

About The Saturn Bubblers

A Saturn Bubbler is a sacred geometrical structure designed to energetically restore the earth plane and lift and evolve the consciousness of humanity. The inception of the Saturn Bubblers at this critical time in the world is of great significance.

In Truth, we are all Only Energy. Everything transmits energy. Accordingly, every action has a reaction, an energetic effect. Thus, everything that everyone does affects the whole. It is known and acknowledged, even scientifically, that the Earth is ‘alive’ and like all living beings has its own energy field. It follows that all actions of humanity have a direct affect on the ‘energy field’ of the Earth itself. 

The Saturn Bubblers are designed to act as ‘vehicles’ or ‘beacons’ to ground the Divine Light. They are empowered through alchymie, and thus hold the alchymeic intention to radiate a vast energy across an entire state or small country.

This current of energy is intended to allow a powerful force of energetic clearing and restoration and to purify and lighten the psychic density that many people feel as a consequence of living in the world as it now exists

The Saturn Bubblers have been felt to bless all living beings with the energy of Divine Light by allowing the touch of the Divine hand upon the earth plane itself.

Given sufficient numbers of Saturn Bubblers, this force of Light may have the capacity to make amends for the consequences from the Age of Darkness that has obviously prevailed and resulted in profound wounds to this world.

It has been seen energetically with each Saturn Bubbler that a network of golden threads appears. These threads move with the intention to suture the earth of the wounds that exist and are the result of the failure of humanity to live as responsible agency for Light and Love. Whenever additional Saturn Bubblers are brought into existence, the golden threads appear to communicate and support one another, creating an amplified network of healing power.

May there yet be time to allow mankind the possibility to exist and live beyond the world as it now exists and to usher in the Age of Light.

Being With A Bubbler

For those who are sensitive to energy, simply sitting in the presence of a Saturn Bubbler can be a powerful and beautiful experience. Everyday, in many different countries, people gather to sit, receive and meditate with the energy of the Saturn Bubblers. To further receive the energy, you can pass a glass of water over the spheres. As water holds memory, drinking this may further enhance the reception of the Saturn Bubbler’s energy. Often people with Saturn Bubblers’ ‘empower’ bottles of water in this way and pass them on to friends and family to receive this blessing.

‘Blessed Art’

The appearance of the Saturn Bubbler is exquisite. Based upon their unique aesthetic beauty, they have been described as ‘Blessed Art’. They are comprised of hand blown, liquid filled glass spheres with highly polished acrylic tubes on a turntable base.

Each glass sphere holds a set of alchymeic energies that work together to form the overall energetic structure of the Saturn Bubbler. Given the uniqueness of each country or state, different energies are then added to address the specific ‘karma’ or ‘energy’ of that particular place. When installed, the Saturn Bubblers radiate a vast energy field, designated by their geographical location and the placement of a map within the central column of the Bubbler.

Here’s a writing about the intention of the Bubbler – given by the Alchymist who created it…

“The ‘mind’ is an activity not a ‘something’ and clearly this activity is somehow at odds with all our living processes since there is very little to no activity of human beings that is not at some level negative to the natural order of events. We fail to recognise that many of our actions are essentially negative and so we pile error upon error as we seek solutions to earlier failed solutions that pose certain ‘difficulties’ in them- selves.

The ‘true’ view sees ourselves as part of the flow of natural activity and in this disposition our movement is at one with all other engagements. The Saturn Bubbler, stems from the ‘true’ structure of this ‘place’ and is a vast energy configuration made of rotating spheres of energy that revolve around each other with the alchymeic intention of interacting with the world environment to dissolve the architecture of pollution.” – Jessa O’My Heart, The Alchymist.