A Universal Hermetic Movement Is Happening!

For more than 20 years, thousands of energetically imbued Alchymie Artefacts have been placed all over the world to help the earth’s energy, and transform humanity.

Right now, there exists a movement based on Alchymie, to restore the earth’s fragile energy field and allow space for the Heart to take hold. The Heart of Space holds a purity of esoteric energy, a forcefield, that is felt as sanctuary, where people can come to rest and be relieved of the usual pressures of this world. They are spaces where the Infinite Presence can be felt most directly. They are non-denominational, standing prior to all religion and philosophy – a space that is available to all beings – to be restored, nourished, renewed and strengthened in their own Heart intuition.

The Alchymie of the Heart of Space is an energetic technology so vast that it takes us way beyond the usual paradigm, to a whole new realm of possibility. True esotericism holds the key to humanities next phase of evolution…

The Heart Of Space Is The Esoteric Solution


What Is A Heart Of Space?

Why Do We Need Them?

How You Can Participate?

Become An International Heart Of Space Member

Become a Heart Of Space member and receive amazing perks including an empowered HOS card, be in the running to hold a HOS and vote when HOS artefacts are being sent to the world. Be a part of the esoteric solution!

Join Our Next Free Heart of Space Week Universal Prayer & Meditation

Each quarter, hundreds of people around the world come together in unity to experience the “Heart Of Space” – the esoteric solution that grounds and stabilises the earth plane.
These are free events – no prior experience is required.

Donate Today & Help Get The Heart Of Space To The World!

People are making contributions large and small to the worldwide Heart Of Space Movement. So far we have been able to place many esoteric artefacts in countries around the world with the help of people just like you! Every gesture helps!

Become An Active Member

Join an ever-growing group of people worldwide who have a desire to make a difference. The Heart Of Space Card subscription programme allows you to be an active participant in helping us get these special Esoteric Artefacts to the world.

For a modest monthly fee, people all over the world are together donating Heart Of Space artefacts for areas that most need them. And there are some great ‘perks’ to being a HOS member, such as an empowered card & voting rights. Already this programme has achieved many great things…

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July Heart Of Space Week Dates & Links

Welcome to Heart Of Space Week A quarterly worldwide unity meditation / prayer utilising the Heart of Space Presence We can’t want to kickstart this week-long world-wide meditation/prayer for transformation, healing and awakening. If you haven’t registered for one of...

Energies On The New Ireland Saturn Bubbler Upgrade

Over the years since the Saturn Bubblers were first created in 2000, they have gradually passed through a profound shift in intensity. When the first Bubblers were created, each sphere only held one Alchymeic Energy, with a total of 13 Alchymeic Energies on an entire...

California Saturn Bubbler Update

Hello To Our New San Francisco Saturn Bubbler Holders!  Bubblers, Bubblers, Bubblers…! There have been a few Saturn Bubblers on the move early in this new year! This time it is the USA’s turn, with a very special new Saturn Bubbler being re-located to a new loving...

Singapore Saturn Bubbler Relocated

We are always delighted when a Saturn Bubbler finds a new home... This was the case yesterday when the one and only Singapore Saturn Bubbler was re-located. Here is the Bubbler in its new home at the centre of Singapore. This is the first Bubbler that ever made it's...

Amazing New Bubbler Upgrade Complete!

Breaking News:The Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Is Complete! There is a shrill in the air as the first Saturn Bubbler Upgrade was completed this week What an extraordinary current of esoteric, transformative energy!  Thank you to the many people who joined us LIVE...

Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler En Route!

Exciting News... The first Saturn Bubbler Upgrade is en route to the USA! Thank you to all of our Heart Of Space Members. You made this happen!We will be holding a free Zoom broadcast on the 30th of November. So wherever you are you can tune in to experience the...

How To Engage The Heart Of Space Presence

These extraordinary Esoteric Artefacts have a profound energy radius which reaches out across an entire state of a country and beyond. Their presence can be felt, connected with, or 'tuned into' from anywhere in this entire realm. The Energy of the Heart of Space and...

We are truly excited and inspired to invite you our next 'Heart Of Space Week' for 2021! This is a world-wide celebration, meditation & prayer - to bring everyone together at the Heart and offer not only energetic support, but powerful Unity gatherings to shift...

Bubbler Upgrade Programme

Announcing The UpgradeOf 20 Saturn BubblersWorldwide!To all of our wonderful Heart Of Space Family around the world. As part of the continued '20th Year Celebration' of The Heart Of Space. we are embarking on a four year project to upgrade 20 of the original Saturn...

Happy Heart Of Space Week

Happy Heart Of Space Week. Come and join any of our 5 HOS Zooms that will be happening every day starting tomorrow. Click on this link below to register. All Welcome!!!

Follow The Movement

There is always so much to share about the Heart Of Space and these wonderful Alchymeic Artefacts from all over the world. From installations and gatherings, to useful tips on how to use, news about a worldwide event, invitations etc… We have a wealth of information to share. Come and be a part of the Universal Hermetic Movement!

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