USA Bubblers On The Move

USA Bubblers On The Move

It is always an amazing and powerful event to participate in a Bubbler Installation, not only with new ones, but also when Bubblers need to be relocated. For those who are sensitive to the energy of the Bubblers and Heart of Space, the esoteric presence of a Bubbler can be felt right across a country, and even the globe. So relocating existing Bubblers can be quite an energetic shift and adjustment, for people and the environments they are leaving as well as the environments they are being placed in.

That’s what has been happening this week with four Bubblers in the USA.
Here’s the full story.

Several New Mexico Bubblers On The Move…

Sadly over the years, we have lost a few of our longtime Heart Of Space holders to illness and old age. Naturally it is the will and intention of these beings before their passing, to make sure the Bubblers are held, honoured and continue to be enjoyed by everyone. Our ‘Respect And Relocation’ programme has relocated a handful of Bubblers over the years to new loving homes.

Recently we lost one of our original USA Saturn Bubbler Holders Neff Smith. He loved the Bubblers so much that he was instrumental in helping place a handful of the first Bubblers in the USA and also contributed to helping get Bubblers to places like the Middle East, Hawaii and even the Japan Saturn Bubbler. He had asked his wife that when he passed away the Bubblers be held and passed on to appropriate people. So it came to pass over the recent months – two Saturn Bubblers, one Qualitative Evolution Bubbler & one Zoroastrian Bubbler/Heart of Space were to be relocated from New Mexico to new homes across the US.

One of our US Heart Of Space representatives, who has been involved in travelling a lot to set up Bubblers all around the states when they first arrived 20 years ago, offered to help thru lock down, to make the journey from Wisconsin to New Mexico in a van big enough to fit all these artifacts and deliver them back up to their new homes. So recently, she embarked on the 3000 miles journey to make this happen.

“It was extraordinary as this is middle of summer and there was this huge storm brewing that came from the Arctic/ the North Pole right thru the centre of the country and down to where I was headed – New Mexico! They call it a Polar Blast! I knew the alchymie was alive and well
.. Along the way I crossed 5 states, from the great lakes to the southern rocky mountains, the hardest one in the past had been crossing Oklahoma but as I crossed the border this time a huge American Bald- Headed Eagle swooped down in front of me and I knew that Jessa was with me, Holding me all the way and the way was clear”.

When I finally arrived in New Mexico to a valley in the Rocky Mountains it had snowed on my way down which was strange as the day before I left it was 100 degrees in the desert but when I got there it was lush green and snow had fallen on the mountain peaks! I had never seen this before usually its brown and parched with tumble weed blowing across the desert so to see it so lush, it was extraordinary!

There was little traffic due to the Pandemic and the drive was relatively easeful – I packed up the van with 4 HOS! I felt like I was riding on a magic carpet..! My first port of call was Fairfield Iowa, to set up the QE Bubbler. It was so beautiful
 It was the original QE Bubbler for the USA. As we began to put it up and after we finished the first round of spheres, there was this splitting moment where everything stood still, All time and space ceased we came to a “zero point” and we had no idea, we were smitherened, all comprehension of time and space had vanished and all we could do was laugh in bliss! We continued the set-up it was sublime… Iowa has the highest concentration of bubblers in the states, and yet, placing this Bubbler there was like some kind of esoteric ‘re-activation’ – stimulating everything again – waking everyone up!

Then, Chicago to put up the Zoroastiran Bubbler in its new home. This is my son, who is in great recognition and so grateful for being able to have the Energy to support him there in Chicago. After we set the Bubbler up, he said to me “Mum you were right all along this is truly amazing. When I was younger I just thought you were a bit mad doing all this energy stuff… but you were right. I can feel it. I’m very grateful. Thank you for not giving up on me!”

Next stop Wisconsin, to drop the Saturn Bubbler off to it’s new home. Stay tuned for the story and some photos when we get to this…”

After this journey, she was flying on the current of happiness and decided to drive back home at 2 am to rest in her own bed. A massive journey completed and well worth the trip! Stay tuned for more stories of Bubblers being relocated. There are a couple more happening in the coming weeks and we’d love you all to follow the journey with us.

January 2021 Heart Of Space Week Registration Links

January 2021 Heart Of Space Week Registration Links

We are truly excited and inspired to invite you all to join our first 2021 ‘Heart Of Space Week’! This is a world-wide celebration, meditation & prayer – to bring everyone together at the Heart and offer not only energetic support, but powerful Unity gatherings to shift the Consciousness. Read on to see how you can participate. All welcome!
(*Registration links Below)

Times & Zoom Links

Here are the time zones and zoom links for you to register. All Welcome!
*Make sure you click on the ‘link’ and register for each gathering you wish to join!
Come join in this extraordinary event and be a part of the true ‘Esoteric revolution’ taking place at this time

What Is ‘Heart Of Space Week’ & How Do I Participate?

‘Heart Of Space Week’ is a week long celebration of the Heart Of Space. Traditionally we invite people to come together wherever they can to visit the Bubblers and participate with the energy directly. However, because of the current ‘social-distancing’ worldwide, these events are going to be held on Zoom. We do invite our Bubbler holders to gather people where they can, however everyone is welcome to join in wherever you are. During Heart of Space Week, five Zoom events will take place – one for each major region/time zone of the planet where there are Bubblers and Heart of Space. These gatherings provide support and energetic healing, transformation and awakening worldwide as well as bringing a deep restorative blessing for the earth plane itself! Coming together in unity to breathe, meditate & pray is the greatest thing we can be doing. Having access to the amazing Heart Of Space energies is a profound gift in accelerating this shift now! Come and be a part of the ‘Esoteric Solution’. Breathe, Meditate, Pray!
*All five zoom links are available to everyone worldwide and everyone is invited to participate on as many zooms as possible!

What You Need In Order To Join In…

All you need is an open heart, a willingness to participate in a spiritual, transformative, unity event with your ‘heart friends’ around the world,  and bring your energy, love and desire for growth and healing worldwide. That’s it!
(*Well there are a couple of ‘practical’ things, like being in a quiet space free from distractions and being comfortable etc… but we’ll send all registrants a detailed list of how to prepare).
Spotlight: More From The First USA Bubblers

Spotlight: More From The First USA Bubblers

Spotlight: More From The First USA Saturn Bubblers

After the original Saturn Bubblers arrived in the USA, and Bubblers began to pop up across the world, there was the second wave of them arrive on the East Coast of America. These Bubblers were very enthusiastically received as the Esoteric presence began to break into the psychic density and allow space for the Heart – for restoration, renewal and deep psychic healing…

Thank you to all the wonderful hearts who are sharing their stories with us. This is truly like digging up an old treasure chest fully of rubies, diamonds and other shiny things… Your stories and testimonials from 20 years ago help us all to feel and connect with the presence of this esoteric work. These Bubblers remain in place continuing to shine their presence out across the land as a healing force.

New Jersey, USA – March, 2000 a Saturn Bubbler

“All I know is that the sky here has been so beautiful, and the weather feels mild and peaceful”. (L.S, New jersey, USA. 2000)

“As Spring arrives here there is such a sweetness and much lighter feeling to the environment around me, much like I remember as a child before New jersey became so polluted. The sunlight feels more like it does in Madison and it is much easier to breathe. The area around my house feels like a bird sanctuary and the deer seem to have taken up residence around me… It usually feels much better to get out of New jersey and into Pennsylvania, but now it seems so hard to me- so awful – similar to moving from a soft cushioned protection to a hard, painful surface. We felt the ‘hardness’ of peoples’ lives, too. It felt wonderful to re-cross the state line, I never before experienced expansion and relief coming back into the State of New jersey before. This was a first for me.” (H.C.E, New jersey, USA. March, 2000)

Then again in Woodstock New York – one of the first Saturn Bubblers for New York State…

“Success Story – wow… the grounding of this energy has already happened and the spheres are not even assembled with the base yet! One of my clients was very concerned with the local tract of land in Rockland County and that it would be developed for use as a huge parking lot and Farmers’ Market taking up acres and acres of precious woodland. We did work with the Esoteric Energies and the Eden Energy. Then when the Bubbler base arrived (although in NJ for now), the
judge hearing the case went ‘environmental’ and ruled in their favour, throwing out any possibilities of the developers doing anything. Now the land remains in its Pristine, Eden-like state! I know this was a totally graceful turnaround, and I know in my heart it is because the Bubbler energy was already arriving. So you can imagine how it felt to me when we finally put it up…! Phew! I love this Energy so much. I feel healed at the heart and restored knowing it is always just around the corner. I don’t even need to be in its direct presence. I feel and call upon it all day long. It is always with me. Amazing things are happening every day now. I could write a book on the miracles. I can’t want for what the future holds having this energy here!”  (T.S.A)

Then down the coast to Atlanta Georgia…

“A huge sigh of relief is felt from the Earth Mother as these Bubblers go up. I’ve been really enjoying the big shift in personal destiny in drinking the water blessed from the ‘Bubbler’ and also the tremendous ‘Bubbler’ presence. It would be difficult in close proximity to a phenomenon like this to not experience a huge shift in perception. This is felt as a huge Healing presence for all forms of life. A very large ‘chunk of life’ has somehow found its’ way into my house. Things have become very interesting! If enough of these things go up they have the power to literally shift the planet into a higher dimension.” (J., Georgia, USA. Feb., 2000)

Our weekly Heart Of Space Meditation/Prayers are gathering momentum – connecting all Bubblers and people around the world together in Unity and continual energy work & prayer. This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring people like you together with others who are ready for the ‘real work’, to inspire real healing and restoration, & to support the great transition taking place on the planet.

Come join our weekly Heart gatherings. All welcome!

We’ve only just begun! These events have sparked such an amazing heart response with requests flowing in to gather more frequently in this way – to continue to commune with the Bubblers and feel their energy at this critical time. Our commitment to help everyone at this time is to hold these gatherings for all regions of the world! We invite you to make this commitment and join us.
*You are welcome to join any and all gatherings regardless of what region you are in… even participate in more than one per week. All welcome! Let us grow this current together.

Click on any link below to register