The Special ‘Environmental Energies’ On Bubblers Worldwide

The Special ‘Environmental Energies’ On Bubblers Worldwide

Hello everyone. It’s been an intense time for us here in Australia, with the fires. In our area, the wind has been bringing a lot of smoke from the fires into our valley where our headquarters are. No fires too close, but we are doing daily invocations with our Bubblers here – invoking all of the wonderful esoteric environmental Energies on all the Bubblers in Australia particularly.

Here is a list of the Generic ‘Environmental Energies’ that are on most of the Saturn Bubblers worldwide. We encourage you to take time to keep invoking the Bubblers everywhere – calling forth these specific Energies – sit with them in meditation and be a part of the Unity Prayer that is taking place at this time – this is the ‘Esoteric Solution’. It is very important that we all continue to function as ‘angels’ at this time – calling forth the Divine – opening our hearts and asking for the Divine to support us and the fragile balance on the earth plan right now…! Remember, the Alchymie and specifically the Bubblers are a ‘living’ Divine manifestation. Therefore, they respond to your ‘invocation’. So call out to them from your space of ‘heart and feeling’ – invoke them and breathe the energy of their blessing presence. They WILL respond!

If you have a Bubbler, we’d love to hear from you about the Energies on yours, and any unique Energies that may not be on any other Bubblers. Feel free to share.

– Nuclear Radiation Wizard
– Climate Change
– Negative Terraformer
– Earth Works
– Ocean Currents
– Strange Attractor
– Weather Extremes
– Mother Earth
– Fracking Angle
– Rainmaker Wizard
– Drought Daemon Wizard
– Sunworks – Arranging 243
– Antarctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– Ozone Layer

Here are photographs of the tops of each Bubbler Spheres. each Bubbler has a major Alchymeic Energy associated with it on the top, then a variety of specific Energies around the sides.

Welcoming The New Thailand Bubbler

Welcoming The New Thailand Bubbler

Welcome to the new Thailand Saturn Bubbler! This is such good news and we are so proud of all those who moved to fundraise for this project. Watch this space…!  

“We had the Heart of Space set up yesterday. Everyone was blown away and full of gratitude 🙏 So much more light for Thailand. Thank you for the gift of this wondrous Alchymie. I am eternally grateful for this blessings.” – Sunami Designer 

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San Francisco Saturn Bubbler Fundraiser

San Francisco Saturn Bubbler Fundraiser

Saturn Bubbler For San Francisco, Urgently Needed!

There is an important movement right now to help address San Francisco’s humanitarian crisis – with the establishment of a new Saturn Bubbler.

San Fran is enduring an ongoing homelessness and drug problem which has escalated exponentially over the last few years. This crisis seems to be little known around the world and particularly in the USA. Poverty and homelessness have always been big issue surrounding many major American cities, but the crisis appears to have reached levels en masse, never seen in the USA before.

Declared A Humanitarian Crisis!

The situation decline in San Francisco has been rapid and shocking! The homelessness and drug crisis has reached such a level that the city doesn’t seem to be able to address. Drug use, defecation and squalid conditions have become the ‘norm’, spilling into the central business and tourism districts. It is now impossible to travel through San Francisco’s downtown area, without seeing syringes all over the place. San Fran is ‘losing it’. There needs to be a sift in Consciousness now in order to help transform this entire situation! The human spirit needs to be re-inspired and re-awakened! There is enough wealth there to solve this situation. We need the human Heart to respond!

UN Report On San Francisco Homelessness

New York Times – San Francisco Homelessness

BBC – Homelessness In The USA

A Generous Heart Gesture To Kickstart…

A long time Heart Of Space Member, with connections to San Francisco, has made a generous initial contribution to the creation of a Saturn Bubbler for San Francisco. She’s asked the HOS movement, its members and friends from around the world, to help her and become a part of this movement – to create a Saturn Bubbler and help shift the Consciousness there, invoking Divine Intervention. Hermes Far Eastern Shining, the creator of the Alchymeic Artefacts, have also made a generous gesture to help in the creation of this Bubbler. The manufacture of the Bubbler is underway, but will need more support to complete.

Donate Today!

We have a wonderful home already lined up for the Saturn Bubbler in San Francisco already! We are calling all of our friends, particularly in the USA, to support this movement to get a Saturn Bubbler to San Francisco asap. Remember, the Heart Of Space and Bubblers are our Esoteric Solution!

The Status Of The Existing California Bubblers

Many years ago when the Bubblers were first being created, it was seen psychically that San Francisco needed many Saturn Bubblers to help purify the karmic history and energetic landscape there. Several people came forward and two purchased Saturn Bubblers for California. Unfortunately, one of those Heart friends passed away several years ago, and we were not able to establish contact with her family and facilitate the re-location of the Bubbler. Subsequently the Bubbler has since been missing and presumed dismantled, or destroyed by people who didn’t understand its esoteric nature and importance for California. So currently there is only one Saturn Bubbler standing in California, near San Francisco. We are pleased to report that this Bubbler is in good condition and being cared for with love and recognition.

 We are also happy to report that we have a wonderful, loving home for the forthcoming Saturn Bubbler, right in San Francisco! Being able to place the Artefacts so close to the city is a great news. We will keep you all posted as we progress. Please consider helping us make this happen now!

Become A Heart Of Space Member

If you’d like to participate in the ongoing Heart movement to get as many of these wonderful esoteric Artefacts out to the world, then become a member.

Saturn Bubblers – You can help transform the planet!

Saturn Bubblers – You can help transform the planet!

You have probably noticed that the world is in a terrible state. Thousands of years of human existence has been taking a serious toll on the planet. The earth is under enormous pressure from having absorbed all of the history, the hatred, aggression, the exploitation and the heartlessness of humanity as a whole. The pressure is escalating and until now there has been no effective way of dealing with such an outcome – not politically, socially nor scientifically.

It would be nice if “doing our part” could be fulfilled by saying a few prayers and affirmations or “thinking nice thoughts”, but things have progressed far beyond that point. Many realise that with the energetics of the planet in a critical state of imbalance and distress, with the prevalence of natural disasters, wars and the devastation of the planet – a strong energetic solution is required. The energetic pressure must be released and the present condition must be transformed. The Saturn Bubblers have been created in direct response to this need.

By transmuting the accumulation of energetic density, the dissolving of the karmas of the past, an awakening in humanity to conscious responsibility for all of our actions is possible. But time is short and the need for each of us to take effective action is paramount.

Placement of the Bubblers

Since the placement of the first Saturn Bubbler in the USA in 1999, many more Bubblers have directly touched and blessed tens of thousands of people across the world. Most people who have been graced with a moment to sit with the energy of a Saturn Bubbler have felt the profound blessing they are and there are hundreds of stories and reports about what people are feeling and seeing take place in the areas that they have been placed. Of course there is no scientific verification yet of any of these reports. Science is simply not evolved enough to be able to measure the direct energetic effect and impact that is taking place through this Esoteric solution. But this is not to say that things aren’t happening…

There are now many countries that have received Saturn Bubblers. And because they are the ‘Esoteric Solution’, standing prior to all religious, cultural and social boundaries, they have been placed in all kinds of unique environments. Some of these include – Israel, Jordan, Rome, Russia, Germany, Poland, China, Latin America, New Zealand, Africa and Australia.

The Saturn Bubblers hold the alchymeic radiance to touch and imbue the Earth’s energy field with Heart current. They are the Heart’s response to the wounds of the earth. Given sufficient numbers of Saturn Bubblers, this force of light may have the capacity to make amends for the consequences of our actions and invoke a shift in the consciousness of all who commune with them. Therefore, we invite you to discover a Bubbler in your area and experience for yourself the profound blessing current that these powerful Esoteric Energy Structures grant. We need many more of these Bubblers placed around the world at this critical time and you may be someone who could help us facilitate this.

Please feel free to contact us now! –