This year we have a lofty vision – to place five new Heart Of Space in the world…!

With the momentum generated from our 2019 projects, we’ve identified 7 HOS projects we really want to support. Each one has a story, a history and a group of passionate people committed to bringing these esoteric artefacts to their area of the world.
Will you help them make this a reality!

We deeply appreciate your generosity in supporting this movemennt. We are a non-profit group. Therefore your donations go straight to the creation of more esoteric artefacts for places that are ready to receive them. We also invite all our contributors to consider making a monthly donation to help us continue to grow the cause. This should be at whatever level is right for you. We are just grateful you’ve discovered the Heart Of Space Movement. Welcome!

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Borneo 2020 HOS Project

Deforestation is one of the most significant environmental issues facing us at this critical time. And Borneo is one of the most important ‘final frontiers’ – not only as one of the ‘lungs’ of the earth, but also as the habitats for some very special and endangered species of animals.
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France 2020 HOS Project

The south of France has long been considered one of the most significant portals of Esoteric lineage on the planet. With the great spiritual movements of the Essenes and Cathars, placing this HOS is an important part of the purification, healing and awakening on the planet.
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Argentina 2020 HOS Project

The winner of the 2019 Fractaliser giveaway has gifted the Fractaliser to Argentina! This has sparked a movement there amongst a passionate group of beings, to complete this with a Travelling Bubbler and Saturn Bubbler. This will be the first HOS for any country Sth of Colombia!
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Indonesia 2020 HOS Project

Indonesia has seen many natural disasters over the last years. It is evident that stabilising this region of the earth ‘esoterically’, and bringing a healing force here at this time will bring a significant shift to many who need help there. Our Indonesian friends are ready!
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England 2020 HOS Project

England already has several Bubblers and HOS. These are located mostly in and around London. Our new group of HOS friends want to bring the Artefacts down south into an area of England where many significant ‘ley lines’ meet.
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California 2020 HOS Project

With the placement of two Saturn Bubblers in California in 2019, our continuing mission and goal this year is to bring these two Bubblers to a Heart Of Space Centre! Since placing the Bubblers we have felt and see many wondrous outcomes. Let’s keep lifting Californias current.
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Restoring The Canberra Saturn Bubbler

We are putting the call out to help us reinstate the Canberra (A.C.T.) Saturn Bubbler at this most critical time in Australia. The Bubbler was placed there many years ago and has since been dismantled, leaving us without Hermetic support in our nation’s capital and political heart of the Country. // Read More

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