The Need For This Universal Hermetic Presence

When we look at the events being reported from around the world on a daily basis, it is obvious to see that we have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind. It appears that the earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the result of the accumulated actions that have been made from that which is less than love. This accumulation of lifetimes of actions that have been motivated by greed and egoic desiring has taken a great toll, and this is what we stand witness to at this present time.  What is obvious is that, in order to begin to turn this condition about,  there must be a dramatic shift in human consciousness.

What does this shift amount to?  What is required of us as human beings? What is it for us to awaken to a new level of consciousness? We think that perhaps intuitively it may be simple to say what a human being is, but it is a deep consideration. To have any discussion on what it is to be human must include the understanding that the essence of a human being includes the Divine or the Absolute One, simply because human morality is inexorably entwined with the Absolute Divine. The human being is a temporary effusion of the Divine Light. Humanity in its potentiality is the Divine Light.

Through the Heart of Space Centres is to draw all beings to that which is ‘Truly Great’ and thus awaken all to the expression of the Absolute Divine, which is Love Itself. The Heart of Space Centres create an energetic portal, which allows the grounding of this felt current of the Absolute. This current is an invitation for all beings to be touched deeply and invokes a reawakening to our own Heart’s intuition. This intuition is our intimate Remembrance of the Truth of who we are and our total dependence on that which is Absolute.

This intuitive remembrance allows us to fall back into the Infinite, which all human beings are gifted in our reawakening to Love Itself. The shift in consciousness that must occur on a large scale, is this very Remembrance. For lifetimes we have forgotten and created societies that are based on linear thinking and our actions have been motivated by self-desiring and self-protection. Now is the time for the Space to be created for the Heart to Remember. The Heart of Space centres then, are such an invocation – to create a space where at last the mind falls into the Heart and the Heart awakens to Remembrance. The crisis at hand is the struggle for the soul of humanity.

Morally, the heart must win out, if we are to have any future at all. We have reached the point where it is necessary for every individual to make the choice – where Love is greater than greed, fear, sorrow and anger. If we understand that everything is action, then we can see that we must become responsible for all our actions. And if we can further suppose that action is energy, then we can understand and awaken to realise our responsibility in relation to the energy we bring. The Heart of Space Centres exist to inspire all to bring life positive energy and be a giving presence to all beings and things, where our choices and actions are no longer motivated from the separative self, but are the outpouring of the Heart’s awakening.

The urgency to create Heart of Space Centres in this world is literally so that we may ground enough space for the hearts of humankind to be healed and stand forward as Love. May it be so!