What Is Heart of Space Week

What Is Heart of Space Week


We are alive at a truly extraordinary time in human history. As we are witnessing daily, there is much de-stabilisation. The world is at a critical turning point and we have a profound opportunity right now for truly great awakening, transformation and growth.

There is a vast and powerful presence of esoteric healing force on the planet right now that all beings are able to access and connect with. This unique work is the culmination of a lifetime dedication to the process of Alchymie and Hermetic awakening, finding a greater way to touch, bless and help many more beings. We call that presence ‘The Heart Of Space Presence’, or the ‘Universal Hermetic Presence’. This ‘field’ or energy is created by a network of hundreds of unique Alchymie artefacts that have been specially placed all over the world for the last 20 years. They hold a very important energy and presence, radiating wellbeing and creating space for the Heart to come to rest. This is their primary intention – to create space again for all beings to locate their own intuitive Heart once again.

In addition to visiting and enjoying a Heart of Space centres directly, their presence can be felt and connected with no matter where you are in the world. This is what our Heart Of Space Week meditation/prayers are all about – helping everyone ‘link up’ with the profound energy of the Heart Of Space Presence.

The Heart Of Space is a non-denominational current of love and light. It is here for all beings to discover, enjoy and utilise. Therefore it is available to all beings, no matter what denomination you wish to adhere to.

So come and join us this week for the Heart of Space Week meditation/prayer. We will teach you how to connect with this presence and help inspire you for your coming year. All welcome!


In addition to the 5 Zoom meditations this week, it is our desire to inspire people everywhere to re-establish their practice and ‘take-up-the-torch’ to be the difference in the world this year. No matter what spiritual or religious discipline you adhere to, everyone has a role to play right now in helping correct the energy of this time and shift the balance back into ‘feeling’, ‘heart’ and ‘service in love’, before it’s too late. Everything you do DOES make a difference. We know you know this… even if you have never established any form of spiritual practice, you would intuitively know that deep down, even morally, it is important for all of us to change the way that we’ve been living in order to inspire real change at a global level now.

Therefore, during Heart of Space Week, we invite each and every one of you to consider your daily practice and feel into how you can re-ignite this flame within your own life. whether it be as simple as starting yoga again, or setting up your ‘special place’ in your home for energy work, meditation and prayer… Whatever it is, you already know what to do.


‘Upping The Ante’ on your ‘practice’:

If you are honest with yourself, you may have noticed that you might have dropped your ‘life positive ‘disciplines a little. Particularly over the last year as things became very intense worldwide, it may have been challenging for you to maintain your equilibrium and even give yourself space for practice. So take a moment to consider your practice – what kind of practice you have, what you might be able to do to get it back on track.

Take Your Health Into Account…:

Now more than ever, it is important for everyone to have good diet and appropriate exercise firmly establish at the centre of their practice. This is essential. At this time we are under immense bodily and energetic pressure. So making sure you have figured out what works for you as a diet as well as exercise. The body is our temple… quite literally, the vehicle for our passage of growth, awakening and transformation whilst alive. So the body needs to be taken into account with gentle health and wellbeing. You know what’s right for you. Consider it and initiate it this week. The energy is there for you to get this back on track.

Engage the Alchymie with Prayer Daily:

For those who have been engaging the Alchymie for some time, you may already have a strong practice using the Energies. If so, make sure you take time with your Stargate Boxes – refreshing your prayers and intentions for the year ahead. Sit and be still for a moment and feel into what you require – and set your intentions clearly on the Stargates or even whilst simple sitting with your Alchymie Energies. This will be a powerful alignment to the beginning of your year.