First Heart Of Space Zoom For 2021 – Review

First Heart Of Space Zoom For 2021 – Review

To the 250+ people who participated in our first Heart of Space Week
for 2021… THANK YOU!

What an amazing, powerful force of Heart, Love and Esoteric Healing. We hope that this event has inspired you as you make your first steps into 2021 and given you hope in your journey forward. 

Also to all who have been part of helping to support and establish this incredible Heart Of Space presence all over the world for the last 20 years, we thank you deeply – all Bubbler Holders, supporters and facilitators. We couldn’t have achieved this without you! You have been instrumental in grounding and holding the Heart Presence on earth at this time.

This year is sure to present many more challenges but whatever difficulties arise –  Hang in there! There IS hope! Keep turning your attention towards your transformation, awakening and daily practice. This is your key. Reach out to those who can support you in this process, and when possible, when you have the strength, make sure you practice being that ‘light’ for others. Those of us standing as the Heart at this time ‘are the Heart of Space’. What you do DOES make a difference… You ARE the Esoteric Solution! 


“Without The Heart There Is No Space…”


Join Us Weekly

Each week all over the world, many people come together to enjoy, share and make use of the Heart Of Space Presence. We encourage everyone to join in this continued Heart Current as an ongoing support, healing and celebration of the Heart. All welcome to join any or ALL Zooms!

NB: no registration required for weekly Zoom

Join Us Quarterly

If you can’t participate on a weekly basis, we invite you to get onboard and register now for one of our 3 remaining Heart of Space Week Meditations for 2021! There will be 1 every quarter this year and we’ve setup the next registration links so you can do that now.



NB: registration IS required for HOS Week Zooms

Become A ‘Heart Of Space Member’

We are growing a worldwide team of ‘Hearts’ – meditators, engagers, supporters and beneficiaries – a family of Heart committed beings willing to help us get the Heart of Space to the world. With your help we create and facilitate events, teaching others about the wonder of esoteric energy work as well as facilitate placements of the Heart Of Space in places we had never dreamed of! This is our passion. And we need help. If you have ever been moved by the work of the Heart of Space, been supported in any way and would like to give back to this wonderful cause, we invite you to become a member and get involved. For as little as $10 AUD per month you can help us give more people around the world the opportunity to experience the Heart of Space. Become an active part of the Esoteric Solution…!