Spotlight: More From The First USA Bubblers

Spotlight: More From The First USA Bubblers

Spotlight: More From The First USA Saturn Bubblers

After the original Saturn Bubblers arrived in the USA, and Bubblers began to pop up across the world, there was the second wave of them arrive on the East Coast of America. These Bubblers were very enthusiastically received as the Esoteric presence began to break into the psychic density and allow space for the Heart – for restoration, renewal and deep psychic healing…

Thank you to all the wonderful hearts who are sharing their stories with us. This is truly like digging up an old treasure chest fully of rubies, diamonds and other shiny things… Your stories and testimonials from 20 years ago help us all to feel and connect with the presence of this esoteric work. These Bubblers remain in place continuing to shine their presence out across the land as a healing force.

New Jersey, USA – March, 2000 a Saturn Bubbler

“All I know is that the sky here has been so beautiful, and the weather feels mild and peaceful”. (L.S, New jersey, USA. 2000)

“As Spring arrives here there is such a sweetness and much lighter feeling to the environment around me, much like I remember as a child before New jersey became so polluted. The sunlight feels more like it does in Madison and it is much easier to breathe. The area around my house feels like a bird sanctuary and the deer seem to have taken up residence around me… It usually feels much better to get out of New jersey and into Pennsylvania, but now it seems so hard to me- so awful – similar to moving from a soft cushioned protection to a hard, painful surface. We felt the ‘hardness’ of peoples’ lives, too. It felt wonderful to re-cross the state line, I never before experienced expansion and relief coming back into the State of New jersey before. This was a first for me.” (H.C.E, New jersey, USA. March, 2000)

Then again in Woodstock New York – one of the first Saturn Bubblers for New York State…

“Success Story – wow… the grounding of this energy has already happened and the spheres are not even assembled with the base yet! One of my clients was very concerned with the local tract of land in Rockland County and that it would be developed for use as a huge parking lot and Farmers’ Market taking up acres and acres of precious woodland. We did work with the Esoteric Energies and the Eden Energy. Then when the Bubbler base arrived (although in NJ for now), the
judge hearing the case went ‘environmental’ and ruled in their favour, throwing out any possibilities of the developers doing anything. Now the land remains in its Pristine, Eden-like state! I know this was a totally graceful turnaround, and I know in my heart it is because the Bubbler energy was already arriving. So you can imagine how it felt to me when we finally put it up…! Phew! I love this Energy so much. I feel healed at the heart and restored knowing it is always just around the corner. I don’t even need to be in its direct presence. I feel and call upon it all day long. It is always with me. Amazing things are happening every day now. I could write a book on the miracles. I can’t want for what the future holds having this energy here!”  (T.S.A)

Then down the coast to Atlanta Georgia…

“A huge sigh of relief is felt from the Earth Mother as these Bubblers go up. I’ve been really enjoying the big shift in personal destiny in drinking the water blessed from the ‘Bubbler’ and also the tremendous ‘Bubbler’ presence. It would be difficult in close proximity to a phenomenon like this to not experience a huge shift in perception. This is felt as a huge Healing presence for all forms of life. A very large ‘chunk of lifehas somehow found its way into my house. Things have become very interesting! If enough of these things go up they have the power to literally shift the planet into a higher dimension.” (J., Georgia, USA. Feb., 2000)

A massive thank you to the 300+ people
who joined us for our very first
Heart Of Space Meditation/Prayer, connecting all Bubblers around the world together in Unity. It was an extraordinary event and a massive success thanks
to people like you!

We’ve only just begun! This event sparked such an amazing heart response with requests flowing in to gather more frequently in this way – to continue to commune with the Bubblers and feel their support at this critical time. So we are making a commitment to continuing these gatherings with 5 weekly zoom for all regions of the world! We invite you to make this commitment and join us now on a weekly basis.
You are welcome to join any and all gatherings regardless of what region you are in… even participate in more than one per week. All welcome! Let us grow this current together.

Click on any link below to register

Thank you for the responses…

Thank you for the responses…

Thank you to all who have written in with your beautiful responses to Heart Of Space Week! Here are just a handful of the amazing statements.

“It was absolutely profound. I am moved beyond words” – Spica, USA

“Thank you. Feeling this kind of activity, having this uniting all of the Heart Of Space in the world was so strong, and feeling the intimacy was very beauty. I feel so blessed” – Xilei, China

“Thank you Heart of Space team for this beautiful week. So potent feeling all the Bubblers igniting with this current. It feels absolutely amazing this morning! A unity current everybody all at onceness force sublimely worldwide” – Only, USA

“I felt very strong grounding force on Singapore and very lift up for Beijing. I saw the white light connecting each Heart Of Space also. Thank you very much for the opportunity” Ghittichate, Thailand

That was just what the states needed was a jump start to the Heart. Amazing as the current is so strong and still pumping here in the USA. It was beautiful to feel so many other Bubbler holders and have the Unity of the All at Oneness. Such a heart expansion and recognition. The skies have been rumbling ever since the weekend as the Divine Current enters even deeper. Such a wonder to be a part of. Thank you all for the re-igniting of this sacred flame. The Heart will have its way in this world. Thank you team for providing the platform!” – E.E, USA

“Lovely experience and filled with so much gratitude to have the opportunity to physically see and connect again the bubbler in China and Singapore.” – Juliana, Singapore

“Am lit up and bowled over all at once. Truly lovely moment. Some of those Bubbles we invoked feel A-MAZ-ZING!! Well done and thank you guys” – Dauphin, UK

“The whole process was amazingly sacred. Listening to the recording of Showme reading the Heart Of Space and Come To The Heart, even though I didn’t understand the words, hearing her voice was like from another world, beyond this world, like an Angel. That voice, I can’t explain it. It’s like an Angel descending. Thank you so much for this special moment. Im very grateful.” – Jiuxing, Beijing, China

“Huge energies… I’m blown away! Thank you so much. Love you all” – Courtin, IRE

“To feel all the people around the world connected because of the Heart of Space was beautiful. The energy is very powerful. Feels intimate and amazing! Thank you” – Lei, China

Loved the HOS Zoom last night! I could really feel the stabilising current particularly as we received and called forth the Israel Bubbler. It felt like a really important key. All the Australian Bubblers and the New Zealand Bubblers felt very connected with it” – M.A, NZ

It was so wonderful to participate in the Heart of Space Gathering! It was lovely to see everyone. And the heart current could be tangibly felt. It was so wonderful to connect and feel the Bubblers – the miracle of their existence, their healing, transformative and holding blessing current going out into the world! May this moment be a whole new breaking of Divine Light into the world! Love and gratitude” – Raj, UK

“Wow… beautiful. All night I was dreaming and feeling Light. A great step for the Heart. Thanks you so much” – Monica, Colombia

“I loved being a part of this witnessing and participating in these zoom prayers, every Bubbler felt so different and I could feel the field expand as more light entered and was held, anchoring the Divine Presence. I missed the Colombian zoom unfortunately, but was present for each of the others and it was such a gift to feel all the Bubblers worldwide connecting. Like there was no distance at all, so close like you could touch each one, and feel all of those holding these energies in their homes and clinic spaces. In our New Zealand/Australia zoom we also witnessed the Israel Bubbler; in drinking the Saturn Bubbler here in New Zealand I could feel such a physical rippling through the earth plane as the Bubblers were ‘ignited’, it was massive, and in witnessing the Australian and Israel Bubbler there was something like a cross alignment that went through the field, upper and lower coil and then horizontally flowing out from the heart, opening into a bright expansiveness, a new moment for us all, so very blessed”. – Ardent – NZ

“Holding The Heart of Space and participating with the Universal Hermetic Worldwide Prayer all these years, nothing quite prepared me for the ignition of the Sacred Flame of the World Wide Heart of Space Movement! When we first started with the sacred Flame and the ignition of the United States, the birth place of the Bubbler, it was a joy to feel all the early Bubblers we had installed and their holders come forth for some where up to 20+ years ago! When we witnessed the Bronx Bubbler I kept hearing “Praise the Lord!” not knowing the former holder was evangelical and Praised the Lord! It was a very happy bubbling Bubbler. I could feel the original Bubbler that I hold igniting and holding the rest of the Bubblers. Since the state of Wisconsin was named Chthonic Wheel years ago by the Alchymist and seen to be the hub of the movement with all the other states the spokes it was so beautiful to have the support of the whole,as if the wheel could spin faster. The next day there was a tangible peace not felt like this in years. To be in the presence of so many Bubblers and all the different kinds was truly an expansive movement. The momentum kept building with each zoom room that I was able to participate due to the time changes. The building of the Bubbler in Columbia was so beautiful to here in Spanish as the people there are so heart felt and in feeling. It really made it all the more real that there are people responding to this great heart Pulse all over the world! When I joined the European call and saw and felt all the people and their varied accents from the UK and Europe it was a delight and so intense but the very next day there was a settling and deeper peace than even what I felt after the US call, as the current kept building. I wasn’t able to make the Asian call but again the next morning was a beautiful stillness and settling down of aggravation. Thank you.

I am deeply grateful to be a sacred holder in this matter for I feel it is my sacred duty to hold the front line in the midst of all that is occurring here in the states. Thank you Hermes Far Eastern Shining for your commitment to place more in the world through the offering of the Heart of Space card, which I did contribute. May the obvious hot spots reveal themselves to us so that more space can be created to help hold the precious vulnerability of this beautiful world we live in! Which by the way is getting more and more beautiful daily! I haven’t seen the skies and landscape look so stunning since I was a child. God is Gracious“. – Blissful Story.

How To Connect With This ‘Esoteric Current’ Daily

How To Connect With This ‘Esoteric Current’ Daily

We invite everyone to continue to practice feeling this current of the Heart of Space all week, knowing that you are carrying this torch, this flame with you wherever you go – touching, blessing and being this healing presence. As we hand this torch around the world each day on our Zoom gatherings, we invite you to tune in to the ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer’ that is now being passed around the world in a healing vigil. Be full of the happiness and knowing of the Divine entering the earth at this time.
Here’s a simple exercise that you can engage whilst ‘feeling into’ the Heart Of Space presence this week.
Heart Of Space Week Is Underway

Heart Of Space Week Is Underway

What an amazing current being generated connecting with the Bubblers all over the world! We’ve done our first zoom Gathering with our friends in the USA and it was a mighty force of Esoteric Light purification, healing and love.

We had 56 People right across the country, from New York, to Wisconsin, to Iowa, to Texas and California. It was very powerful having everyone together. And to witness all of the Bubblers in the USA had the desired effect – big energy, big heart, big healing! It was lovely to see and speak to each of the Bubbler holders and to hear about living with the Bubblers. It was also inspiring to see the strength in each of the Bubbler holders and their radiance in being witnessed.
The US has every version of a Bubbler from Saturn Bubblers to Qualitative Evolution Bubblers, to Zoroastrian Bubblers and this was also an amazing matter to witness the different functions. Once we got through witnessing each one we then held our Universal Hermetic Prayer. This was a very potent experience with having everyone together – so many Bubblers present to one event. That is the purpose of Heart of Space week – the prayer to commune with the presence of the Bubblers worldwide, creating a force of Unity to help bring about the shift in consciousness required at this time. So be it!

Here Are A Couple Of Beautiful Statement From Those Present On The USA Zoom

“What an amazing Heart opening during the US Heart of Space webinar.  With each ignition, activation and actualisation of each artefact, the energy became more and more palpable. The intensity of the Light became stronger and stronger. The unity current connected to all the other artefacts and the planets and the stars as well as the universe.   At one point I could feel the Still point as the left and right hemispheres of the brain became synchronized, all duality disappeared and I became aware of the planets and the center of the milky way.  Our own hearts became the center of the Universe. This seemed to be where our Divinity and Divine Destiny lies. The center of an all-at-oneness. I could feel the Divine taking over. I knew that everyone and everything can be transformed, transfigured and translated.  Everything is already ordained.  We are not the doers or the cause of anything. We have already died. There is no beginning  and there is no end, there is only Light or Real Love.”  – E.V, USA
“It was amazingly powerful. It is the most Alchymeic energy I have ever felt in my body and my Heart. Thank You all who orchestrated that incredible Union. I look forward to participating in many more. Love” –  A.M, USA
Minnesota Bubbler Restored

Minnesota Bubbler Restored

Sometimes Bubbler Balls break. This isn’t unheard-of and has happened throughout the history of all the Bubblers worldwide over the last 20 years. It has been seen psychically that Bubbler balls breaking are reflecting intense esoteric purification going on in the world, specifically within the karmic purification of the area where this has happened. Considering all that is arising in the USA at this time, it would appear that this particular event is no exception.

The three Bubbler balls were remade, along with the new Bubbler map and a new central Soulfire ball. These all arrived recently and the Bubbler was restored to it’s full glory on a special Zoom ceremony where a handful of people joined to be a part of the moment.

The New Energies On The Minnesota Saturn Bubbler

Like all of the ‘original’ Bubblers, it only has one Alchymeic Energy on each sphere. Over the 20 year evolution of the Bubblers and the Heart Of Space, many new special Energies have been added as ‘generic’ Energies to all Bubblers worldwide, as well as ‘specific’ Energies.

Abraxis, (top Bubbler sphere):
(*Generic Energies on all Abraxis Spheres Worldwide)

– RCsL Hermes Prophecy – Arranging 14
– RCsL Wellspring – Arranging 289
– RCsL Feng Shui Wizard
– RCsL God’s Little Green Acre
– RCsL Leviathan 

*New Energies Added To The Minnesota ‘Abraxis top Sphere’
– RCsL Tears Of Shiva – Arranging 1
– RCsL Thoths’ Staff – Arranging 2

Earth’s Magnetic Field – Arranging 331, Sphere:
(*Generic Energies on all EMF Spheres Worldwide)

– RCsL Earth Plane Polarisation – Arranging 20
– RCsL The Universal Gravitation Principle – Arranging 193
– RCsL Ozone Layer
– RCsL Antarctic Polar Vortex Elixir,

New Energies Added To Minnesota ‘Earth’s Magnetic Sphere’
– RCsL Cloak Of Doubt
– RCsL You Don’t Love Me
– RCsL Active – Male – Positive – Arranging 95
– RCsL Passive – Female – Negative – Arranging 94
– RCsL Reactive – Formed – Neutral – Arranging 96

Jack And The Beanstalk, Sphere:
(*Generic Energies on all Jack And The Beanstalk Spheres Worldwide)
– RCsL Eden
– RCsL Verdant Function – Arranging 70
– RCsL Deep Forest
– RCsL Poisons in the Garden – Arranging 8

*New Energies on Minnesota Jack And The Beanstalk Sphere
– RCsL Moonshine. M.M
– RCsL Civil War

One Of The Original USA Saturn Bubblers

This Minnesota Saturn Bubbler was one of the very first Bubblers ever installed in the USA, over 20 years ago. Here’s a beautiful testimonial from someone who was present at the Bubbler installation at that time.

12th Feb 2000 – A Saturn Bubbler was placed in Lino Lakes Minnesota. 
Then, on Saturday 5th August, 2000, the Bubbler was moved to its new home in Lino Lakes.

“All I know is that within the last week, I have been Happy no matter what was arising… Inserting the gold map in the central column was a joy. What a gift this is for Minnesota. There were five people to witness the setting up of the Saturn Bubbler, feeling the waves of energy and heat coming from the Bubbler. It was very peaceful and there was a feeling of contentment and Happiness that was felt by all. After the Saturn Bubbler was set up, the house felt even brighter and lighter. We called Australia and I drank all the Energies of the Saturn Bubbler to clear the way for Minnesota to accept the Divine. What was revealed was that in the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’, there is a lot of water which holds the dark, as well as the light and all of this water, including the head waters of the Mississippi River was being purified. At one point we could feel the energy penetrating into the soil, not just on the surface but a deeper healing. Thank you for the purification of Minnesota.” (D.F – Minnesota)