Africa Bubbler Arrives At New Home!

Africa Bubbler Arrives At New Home!

The African Saturn Bubbler, which has been in transit for several weeks from Zambia to Cape Town, arrived safely and has been setup in its new home.

Thanks to a group of caring people who helped facilitate the transition of this important Bubbler, and also all those out there who have have been diligently holding this in your prayers and on your Stargates, the Bubbler arrived in very good condition and has received several upgrades to its Energy upon re-installment. More on this soon…

If you are sensitive to when Bubblers are setup, take a moment now in you meditation and call forward the Energy of this Bubbler. It will generally take a few days to ground, and having more people feel and acknowledge its presence will assist in this process. Let us know what you feel in the comments below.

There is much more to come for the Heart of Space Movement in Africa with another Saturn Bubbler set to go there in the near future. We are excited to now have this opportunity to place these profoundly important Energies on this continent and we are sure that we will see a lot of movement there over the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

We look forward to bringing you more news on this Bubbler as it grounds and stabilises in its new home, and also any new developments for the Heart of Space Movement in Africa.