Who Won The Fractaliser?

Who Won The Fractaliser?

Thank you to all who participated in this years Fractaliser giveaway! The Fractaliser was drawn on Christmas Eve! The winner is…

Ticket No.14 – Samvega – Ethical Activewear

 This Fractaliser will soon be making its way to Argentina – the first large Alchymeic Artefact to enter the country. Watch this space…! The guys at Samvega are making a great commitment to helping bring the Heart of Space Alchymie to Argentina. This Fractaliser will be the seed planted and they hope to complete a full Heart of Space in 2020. Go guys! We are here to support you as much as we can.

Look out for the Argentina HOS fundraising project coming soon…!

Venezuela Heart Of Space – Invocation

Venezuela Heart Of Space – Invocation

Feeling The Venezuela Heart Of Space & Bubblers

We wanted to share these photos of a beautiful Heart Of Space from Venezuela, with the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler. They rest up high in an office building, downtown Caracas. These photos are significant to view, appreciate and invoke at this time considering the destabilisation going on in Venezuela now.

Establishing Heart Of Space and the Alchymeic presence in Venezuela has been a major part of our Hermetic work for many years. And thanks to a group of dedicated individuals, we have managed to place several Heart Of Space throughout the country, particularly in Caracas. 

The work of the Alchymie, and Bubblers in particular, is to energetically purify and transform everything it touches – bringing a great force of Divine Light and blessing presence to a country. How this purification and blessing manifestation and is to appear is ultimately a matter of the Divine. There is much darkness and karma that needs to be purified all over the world. Every country has its unique karmic history which requires special/specific Alchymeic Energies to be created for it. The work of the Bubblers is to help facilitate this healing and transforming, not only for the landscape, but also the people.

May all those who need help to be lifted and transformed at this time, particularly in places like Venezuela, be blessed and supported by this Hermetic Presence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

*If you are familiar with the Alchymie and know how to tune into the Bubblers, we encourage you to join the ongoing ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer’ vigil being held all around the world at this time. If you’d like to know more about how to connect with this particular work, please contact us.


Venezuela HOS Setup

Venezuela HOS Setup

Hello folks. Good news…

The new Radiant Conscious Light Heart of Space that was sent to Caracas, Venezuela, was setup this morning. There were seven people present and all were truly touched and felt the intense blessing current of the moment. Adding to the intensity of this event, the HOS installment happened during the transit of Venus across the Sun!. What an auspicious sign…

In the words of our Latin America representative who facilitated this setup,

“Today in the midst of all that energy from the Sun! Venus! and the Earth was completed between a group of friends create the heart of space with the installation of the new Saturn Bubbler RCsL. There are no words to describe and make them understand the beauty of these alchemical artifacts. The only thing I can do is share photos and invite them to look for a quiet place where he can sit with a glass and a jug of water and take traguito to traguito energies: RCsL fire of the soul – under 168 RCsL Fractaliser RCsL Travelling Bubbler RCsL Saturn Bubbler RCsL Amaryllis RCsL heart of space. Today, no doubt, was a day of magic, a day of light, a day of love, a day of transformation, for us, for Baruta, for Caracas, for Venezuela, for the Venezuelans. From Amaryllis! Thank you Thank you Thank you to the creators of this alchymie and this wonderful community of people in Australia that with their effort, dedication and faith allowed us to experience this. God is grace!”

Remember, when a Heart of Space is setup, it usually takes three days to ground its Energy. So take time in your meditation to feel this process over the coming days. We will let you know how they are receiving this new Energy.

God Is Gracious!

Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

A Complete Heart of Space with a Saturn Bubbler (packed full of Energies specifically for South America, including the new ‘Leviathan’ Energy) is leaving Australia today headed for Caracas, Venezuela. This HOS is the first one complete with the latest Energetic update – ‘Radiant Conscious Light’. We are all really looking forward to being witness to these Products being setup there very soon…

The Saturn Bubbler that is part of this HOS has some very important new Energies added to it. Here is a sample of them. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are. We will follow soon with some descriptions). Needless to say that they are very specific to the country:

The Hunger
The Crux
The Key
Angel of Sweet Surrender
Coming of Eve
Pink Beloved
Shamanism Wizard

We ask also that all of you out there with Satrgate Boxes help to hold the transit of this HOS all the way to its new home. Already we have encountered many obstacles in preparing the Products and getting them out of Australia, which generally indicates that there are some energetics trying to resist or obstruct these Products being established in the world. So, all Stargates prayers for a clear passage would be appreciated.

We will keep you informed as this progresses. Stay tuned… (photos and stories soon.)