2020 Spotlight – The First Bubblers

2020 Spotlight – The First Bubblers

The impulse for the creation of these incredible esoteric artefacts was a response to the need for energetic healing and transformative support at the level of the Earth’s esoteric energy. It was a Heart response to help restore the deep wounds and pain of mankind, the communicated stress and consequences of the mistreatment of Mother Earth.

The first Bubbler was installed in the USA in January 2000. A flurry of response came to the Bubblers at this time and another 11 Saturn Bubblers were placed in the USA that year, as well as 1 in Canada, 1 in New Zealand, 2 in Venezuela and 9 in Australia. The ignition of the Heart Of Space Movement had well and truly begun. The recognition was there and people were ready to support such a spiritual response to making a difference.

To this day each one of these Bubblers remain standing in place, brightly radiating their powerful esoteric current and helping to restore the fragility of the Earth’s energy fields. This is their purpose – to bring Love, Light and Consciousness to the planet and all beings. And we have only just begun!

Read Full Story About The First Ever Saturn Bubbler

“The Alchymist had read in the Madison magazine “Isthmus” in 2000 about the trouble the farmers were having in Wisconsin resulting in cows dying and the farmers getting electrocuted due to the electromagnetic energies coming up through the ground. He decided to create a structure to help combat this. He was heartbroken to hear of cows dying and farmers having to put rubber boots on up to their knees to protect themselves from shock so he decided to create an energy configuration to help the cows, the land and the farmers. It was designed to have 13 different spheres of energy that would be placed outside and allowed to spin. The idea was to have all of these different energies help hold the state that they were placed in. With energies like Goodbye Electromagnetics, Maha, Fractal Earth, Touching Light, Noah’s Ark, Jack and the Beanstalk and various other psychic clearing energies, it was soon seen and felt to be a stabilising force. Realising the fragility of the structure and the fierce Wisconsin weather,  it was obvious the Bubbler needed to be placed indoors. Meanwhile, since those of us who attended Body, Mind and Spirit conventions to sell our alchymeic energies, also needed the psychic protection that this Saturn Bubbler held, we quickly realised it was far to big to bring to these conventions and so a Travelling Bubbler was created. A much smaller version of the Saturn Bubbler but more for the psychic pollution rather than the earth protective energies that the Saturn Bubbler held. It was during a workshop that we held at our Madison Centre that the Saturn Bubbler was birthed and many of the attendees were able to purchase them for their states. Soon we had 18 Saturn Bubblers with more to come the following years, that were being placed all throughout the United States. When the Bubbler was first created and birthed, those of us who were at the workshop were witness to an incredible literal transformation. As each sphere of energy was placed on the structure of tubes that held it, we could feel the energy going out in waves of light, so much that each of the colours of the spheres we could literally see in the sky, in the clouds. The landscape changed to a softness with a pristine quality, that was as if the heavens opened and the heavenly current of Only God stood out beyond all else. It literally felt like heaven on earth.  For those of us who were so blessed to work at the centre we were able to have a Bubbler that one of our co-workers purchased for the state of Wisconsin, at the centre. How blessed were we to be able to engage with this living current, for since water holds memory we were able to place a glass of water over the top of the Bubbler and receive a blessing current of it. When the centre moved I was able to hold the Bubbler along with the Travelling Bubbler and another profound energy called the Fractaliser which is intended to transform the usual, cramped, thinking processes,  thus allowing space to feel and connect to the Divine. These three items placed together create what we call the Heart Of Space.  A Heart of Space Centre is essentially an energetic sanctuary, created by the placement of three specific Alchymeically imbued artefacts. Based upon sacred geometry, these esoteric products when combined in a particular formation, actualise the grounding of what is known as a ‘volumetric current’. This current can be felt as a literal vibratory current of radiant light and allowed through the feeling dimension of being – it cannot be rationalised. Within this volumetric current, at last it becomes possible to awaken to the Remembrance of the Intuitive Heart – the Remembrance of the Mystery itself. Having held one of these Hearts Of Space over the past 17 years I can say that I am so blessed to have this sanctuary. While working in the world, I know that as soon as I come home I am immediately dissolved of the usual stress chemistry one feels after being in the conventional work space. I take a moment to sit with each of the structures and can literally feel the psychic stress, stress chemistry, pressure and electromagnetics being washed and cleared out of my being. People who don’t know what the structures are will often mention how peaceful and beautiful my home feels. If they do see it they will ask about it and mention how beautiful it is and if they are receptive I ask them if they would like to experience it and take them through the energies. Over the years I have held many gatherings in the Heart Of Space. We also have been blessed to participate in a special Universal Heart Of Space webinar where we gather once a week online to work energies and prayers for the world at large and engage  the Heart Of Space, as we participants look upon our mission as very sacred. When we all join together you can feel the Hearts Of Space all over the world connecting with sutures of Light, that a sensitive individual will feel and psychically see. The beauty of living in such sanctuary is the increased ability to feel out beyond the usual borders of ego. It has personally helped me deal with a life long struggle of sorrow. For when I sit with the energies I can feel myself being lifted out of the usual karmic destiny and I never feel alone as the Divine is felt in such a palpable way. Many times I have been moved to tears of gratitude for this gracious gift I have been so blessed to hold. One thing I feel certain of is how different a state feels without it. For instance, if we go across the border to Illinois, there is a Bubbler there so it still feels held and energised. If we go to Minnesota, Michigan same as they have Saturn Bubblers or Hearts Of Space but while travelling across to say for instance South Dakota which doesn’t have one, you immediately feel the difference of a lower vibration and that is true of any state without one. The karma of each state is purified immensely as well. For instance, when my sons and I took a trip to Yellowstone years ago, we could literally see in the skies of South Dakota the warring between the Indians and the white man with clouds looking exactly like Indian warriors, bows and arrows, buffalo and the like, whereas in Wyoming you didn’t see that as they had a Heart Of Space there. Many times over the years we have done fundraising for certain hot spots if you will, that really needed the energetic support for that certain karma that country had and issues have been seen to be lifted and transformed. It is my fervent wish that everyone can feel what this space feels like and that there yet be time for those who are due to awaken to be guided to the Heart Of Space. May it be so!” – B. Story

Other Stories...

Here are some other stories from those who were present at the very first Bubbler Installations in the USA. These were in Wisconsin / Ohio / Minnesota / New Jersey / Texas / Georgia / Florida / New York / Iowa California / Wyoming & New Mexico


“I feel I must share with you all what I have been seeing, feeling, witnessing the Saturn Bubbler set up here in Wisconsin. When we set it up and put the spheres in place, waves and waves of love went out across the land,  breaking through structures, spreading light into every crack and crevice and dark space. It felt as though the earth turned into waves of champagne, light bubbling, tingly joy emitting, like swells on the ocean, from here down through the earth and at the same time out into the cosmos! As I drove home afterwards I was delighted to feel this continuing all the way home (about 80 miles away). I could always feel it when I hit the edge of its reach. Once out of its reach there was such a heavy, thick feeling. But now its lightness extends throughout the state! I am sooooooo grateful to be living within this energy… there just aren’t words to describe it.” 
(O.B, WI, USA. February 2000).

“It is hard to put into words what I have felt from the Saturn Bubbler this week. At first, rejuvenation and lots of energy. It seems to glow and fill the house with yellow at times. The first couple of days at work I did considerable driving and noticed the feeling of the Saturn Bubbler wherever I went… It is great to be able to interact with it and feel the consciousness there. It is a blessing, even if my perceptions are unable to open to all that is transpiring.” 
(R.K, USA. February 2000)

“We love the Saturn Bubbler Ohio here in our home. It’s hard for me to explain what the Saturn Bubbler means to me and how it affects Ohio. I was literally shaking as Roger and I set it up. We both rolled the map of Ohio, tied a golden yellow ribbon around it and together inserted it into the ‘Bubbler? base. Then we placed Abraxas (the centre sphere) on the top. After this, we took turns choosing and placing a sphere of energy on the ‘Bubbler’. It took maybe an hour to do this, time had no meaning, there was so much energy here. When the last sphere was placed on the base, it seemed as if the Satam Bubbler-Ohio settled in to stay. Needless to say, we held water over the top and over the various spheres of energy and drank and drank and drank. The next day I went from feeling the energy intensely to being almost unaware… The second day we both felt better and less sleepy (tired?) It has remained this way and feels wonderful Yesterday, about 20 to 30 miles south of where I was into the ‘Bubbler’. I was amazed to see everything around me clear up. I am grateful, for this opportunity and grateful for Ohio.”
(R.R, USA. February 2000)

“I have been sharing with all my clients about the Saturn Bubbler and asking them to feel into it and to observe what is happening around them. One of them, Sister C. has come back with joyful realisations of how her home and office feel so much brighter and less toxic. Her nerves feel less ‘on edge‘ {from the erratic electromagnetics around her. She is quickly feeling it when she is ‘off and is remembering to ‘come to the heart’ and how everything instantly shifts… Now she is more smooth and ‘rounded out’, feeling “filled” with Divine energy! She told me how she often feels into the Saturn: Bubbler and feels its energy cleaning her surroundings and what a difference it makes.”
(B.T, USA. February 2000) 

“My response to the Saturn Bubblers very deep. living and working where I do, I can feel it spreading and moving all the time. What a  huge relief! Thank you! Each time I enter the Centre, I only want to sit in that room with the ‘Bubbler’. I stop by a few times a week. When I drink the water, I feel this light covering my physical and subtle  My energy system is cleansed and I walk out feeling amazingly refreshed and more able to cope with my day.”
(E.R – WI, USA. February 2000) 

*Photo of the installation of the first New York Bubbler. This bubbler was setup on Manhattan Island, right down town NY!