HOS Movement – Northern Hemisphere

HOS Movement – Northern Hemisphere

Hello friends. This last couple of months has seen a lot of Heart of Space Movement around the world, particularly in Europe. Here is an update from our Heart of Space holder, Contour, who has recently been over there moving several Bubblers. (Remember, moving Bubblers is always a big Energy. Shifting these structures as well as find some of them which we’ve lost contact with and re-stimulating their holding – is a big Energy stirring in the world…).

“Hello Everybody. What a big time for me travelling to move these Bubblers…! But some wonderful things happened along the way… ?

On Monday the 4th of August the Saturn Bubbler in the Canary Islands was moved to the very centre of the island, opposite the Monumento Al Campesino between San Bartolome and Mozaga, just south of Tao. (This Saturn Bubbler has been in need of moving for some time now as the people holding it for the last couple of years had not done an honorable job of it…). I had booked into the Centro del Terapia Antroposofica to avoid the package holiday hotels, a german run peaceful place amongst all the english and irish tourist overwhelm.

Just before travelling to Lanzarote, I sent an email to the Centre asking to meet the manager in order to find someone who would hold the Saturn Bubbler. I received an email back from Fridolin, who was standing in for the reservations lady. He told me that he had forwarded the email to his wife, who would be very interested in holding the Bubbler. What an amazingly graceful movement to find a new Bubbler home.

I met Sabine, Fridolin’s wife, when I got to the Centre and we talked for a long while. She was really excited, brought me up to her house and showed me a space that had been empty since they moved into the house a good few years ago. In the corner a round table absolutely perfect for the Saturn Bubbler. Unfortunately when we finally got to pick up the Bubbler from its previous home, the Bubbler had been packed up what looked like for at least a few months and the base must have been outside in the rain. So sad to see this lack of respect for what the Alchymie is all about… ? We brought the Bubbler to Sabine’s house, cleaned it in the gorgeous sunshine and put all the spheres in place. It felt amazing that the Bubbler is finally available to more people and that it is able to remain on Lanzarote holding the space for this part of the World.

In the news there were a lot of reports about oil drilling just off the coast of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Showme gave for us to put the Fracking Angel on this Bubbler!

(Sabine must have been talking to her friend Pia in Wiesbaden while I was with her and suggested that Pia could hold the Zoroastrian Bubbler in Germany, which also needed to be moved. Pia and her husband Clemens were delighted to be given this possibility to hold an energy structure, even though they had never heard about any of it before.)

Sabine brought me across the road to the Centre and the monument that was created by Cesar Manrique for all the farmers of this amazingly black island. Above you can see the colour of the soil very well. The little walls are built to protect the vines from the permanent wind. It seems like each vineyard has different walls, some round, some square, some rectangular and they all create an amazing texture on the surface of the island…all in black soil and on the rising slopes of 300 volcano peaks. A stunning sight.

Getting back to Ireland Omni put me in contact with Ann Marie and her friend Lea (called Kitten), who was going to help me to put the HOS into a tiny little cottage in Dalkey, just south of Dublin, but still in county Dublin. The cottage is hidden away from the main street and used as a healing centre. We brought the base and the spheres inside, cleaned it all and set it up. What a churning, a totally new moment for Ireland, placed in a fairy garden sort of place blasting through the Irish psyche with Fey Elixir. The heavens opened and the rain came down in buckets while we were bringing the Travelling Bubbler and the Fractaliser into the house. What a purification!

Robyn is holding the Zoroastrian Bubbler in her massage room in her new home in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow, where she lives with her boyfriend Simon and his two children. It feels like an amazing gift for Robyn, Faith and Daniel. There is a lot of stress around the kids having to deal with a bi-polar mum and Robyn is doing a lot of the holding. Newtownmountkennedy is also very near the army exercise range in the Wicklow Mountains.

The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is also with Robyn at the moment, but might be moved to Courtin’s. In Northern Ireland there is a Traveling Bubbler and a Fractaliser in the Tara Center in Omagh.

The Saturn Bubbler was with Maureen in Dromore, where I picked it up on the day after I got back from Lanzarote. I drove up to Omagh and only in the last couple of hours before I got there I had a response from one of the Cadies from the Center. They were happy to take the Bubbler, but when I got there and two of the ladies came out to the car to have a look, they refused. One of the heads of this reconciliation center’s simply refused, she even resorted to saying that this was it and this was the last word spoken…when I asked her would she know anyone who could hold the Bubbler. I tried to explain that the Bubbler needed to stay in Northern Ireland, but both ladies didn’t want to help.

So I had to bring the Bubbler back to Dublin and left it in Amenti’s. The Tara Center is happy to release the Traveling Bubbler and the Fractaliser when we find a new home for the HOS. I have emailed several places, but no response.

Back in Germany I made contact with Pia and Clemens, who were still on for holding the Zoroastrian Bubbler. In the meantime I had talked with with Barbara in Austin, who’s partner Wolfgang was going to open the door for me to put the German HOS in place, near Frankfurt.

I also made contact with Andrea and she was delighted to hear that she will hold a Saturn Bubbler, once we have organised a new base for the old spheres of the original German Bubbler. I booked a van for the Thursday and when I went to pick it up, the lady told me that she only has a larger version for the smaller price, of course. A gift… we needed the space. God Is Gracious. As I hadn’t found anyone to help me, I had to bring all the bits to the van myself and all fitted flat on the ground, including all my suitcases. The last trip to the van unfortunately ended in the Tao House sliding off and smashing into loads of pieces. I left a few minutes later and it felt like I wasn’t going back… This was at 20 minutes past ten at night. I got to near Frankfurt around 7 in the morning and at 8 I was with Wolfgang. Here, too, I had no help bringing the bits into the first floor… Wolfgang has a heart issue and looked very grey when I got there. We placed the HOS in a sort of sitting room which still holds the furniture of the landlady… by the time I left Wolfgang looked much more alive and happy…

And off to Wiesbaden… where Pia and Clemens were waiting for me. They were so happy, excited and relieved as they feel a lot of intrusions coming from all sorts of sources. We went for dinner and the two asked a lot of questions about the energies. They also sent me a lot of emails about all their interests… Mother Meera, Braco, chem-trails and other not so interesting bits. It feels amazing to have the ZB in the mid-west of this mad country, only half an hour from Frankfurt and an hour from Koeln Bonn. Pia and Clemens wined and dined me for two days and brought me to the airport in Frankfurt for my flight back to Australia.

What an amazing shift in these countries… way to go Northern Hemisphere!!!

Lanzarote Saturn Bubbler



Letters From Athens…

Letters From Athens…

The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler, Fractaliser and Travelling Bubbler were set up in Athens at the end of last year. Our new Greek friends, who are receiving these new Energies, have been having great experiences that they would like to share with you.

“…The vision of the bubblers’ configuration in Athens is not just for the sake of Greece. Athens is currently in the eye of the storm of an ill-intending global economic and political system, which pressures to reverse any hard-won sense of equity, justice, social care and indeed, democracy. It is not an accident that it starts here. Athens was the birthplace of democracy, not just as it is known from history’s classical years. Spiritual democracy originated tens of thousands of years ago, under the guidance of Spirit. Leaders were elected directly by the people, according the power of their spiritual truth and Light. Their service was selfless, as they were not getting paid and communities’ resources were fairly handled, so that all vulnerable members were taken care of.

These simple, yet ancient values, are threatened today by a global battle, which is not just economic-political, but an energetic one too. This is why I feel the vision of the many Bubblers here would be so helpful, to stabilize and anchor the Light, not just for the sake of Greece, but for what Greece symbolizes in this global turmoil, which, underneath the facade, has high spiritual significance. I cna see already that the new network of Light (assisted by the Hermes structures), will help revive and expand a very very old network of Light which had been dormant for thousands of years.” – Y – From Athens, Greece

(Please help us continue to fund raise to complete this Heart of Space creation.

Letters From Athens…

QE Bubbler Up In Greece

The first part of our important mission to set up a Heart of Space in Greece has been accomplished. The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler and Fractaliser which were sent two weeks ago, and had been held in customs, finally cleared and have been successfully setup at their new home in Athens.

The event was only a small gathering of four people, but a powerful moment for all present to feel the impact of this Qualitative Evolution Bubbler entering the density of the psyche there. The QE Bubblers are quite different to the Saturn Bubblers and feel to hold a great significance for Greece. Here is a small reminder of what the QE Bubbler addresses;

“The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler is an attempt to allow the Divine hand to enter as radiance and to touch the hearts of man, it is a call to unity consciousness, beyond the separation and mindedness that has brought us to this moment. Its specific intention is to support the psychic structure of the earth plane at an esoteric level.”

With the current crisis in Greece and Europe, there is a great need for unity consciousness and the return to the feeling, intuitive dimension, away from linear, minded thinking that has gripped the world.

Thank you again to all who have participated in helping to get these products into Greece. We are still working on our fundraising to complete the payment for these products (which were sent to Greece before payment was complete, due to the necessity of these Energies to enter there.) If you are able to continue to help us fulfill this obligation by donating or purchasing a Heart of Space Membership Card, please click here – Greece Heart of Space Fundraising.

We look forward to providing you with more news as thing progress towards getting the Travelling Bubbler there to complete the Heart of Space.

Greece Heart Of Space Is GO!

Greece Heart Of Space Is GO!

The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler that was sent to Greece last week has arrived and is moments away from being installed into Athens. Our representatives from the UK have arrived to help facilitate this Bubbler setup and will be letting us know as soon as we have a date and time. In addition to this, the Fractaliser for this Heart of Space has also arrived and will be setup as part of this gathering.

As always, when Bubblers and Heart of Space are installed, we invite everyone worldwide to feel into the event together. This is a very potent exercise which allows you to feel and connect with the moment, through meditation and psychic witness, and help facilitate the energy of the Product to ground. So, when it’s time, we will let you know and you can be part of the event wherever you are.

Finally, these Heart of Space Products that have already been sent to Greece, are part of a fundraising effort involving many people world wide, and were sent before the funding was complete.