New Zealand Saturn Bubbler

New Zealand Saturn Bubbler

We have seen some great movement this year with the Heart of Space centres and Products all over the world. Hundreds of people world wide continue to feel the blessing of these wondrous Energies on a daily basis as we work to establish as much of this Energy in the world at this time.

Amongst some of the movement, was the rescue of a Saturn Bubbler on the South Island of New Zealand. This Bubbler, which had been gifted over seven years ago, had been packaged up and put in storage. This is always a heatbreaking event and we always move to find ways to re-establish the Bubblers.

Our Hermes representative, Lightly, headed over there several weeks ago with repairs and new spheres to set it up again. We have meet some lovely people who run special retreats and are embracing the Bubbler Energy. They are very grateful to have it.

Here is a letter from Lightly…

“The South Island NZ bubbler which had been packed away for 5 yrs in Dunedin was finally set up on Monday morning on this beautiful property overlooking the Bay at Akaroa which is 2hrs south of Christchurch. After the terrible earthquake 2 yrs ago we felt it was imperative we find someone to hold the bubbler and have it up again. By grace these folk were introduced to us through friends of friends. None of these people knew anything of our work yet it seemed Divinely orchestrated as I was soon to find out their property was the home of a Mystery School that had connections to the Tao tradition. I arrived on Sunday evening to be greeted by Lawson who invited me to join them for there evening meditation which was about to start. The last two days I had been playing a recording of Showmes presentation of the Tao House and taking people thru the set up, so I spontaneously felt moved to offer them the opportunity to feel and engage in the same process! After an evening of what felt like a reconnection with old friends and total celebration of happiness itself, we rested in the current of The Tao House and awoke to set up the Saturn Bubbler the next morning. What a relief it is to have this Bubbler ground once again, the whole CBD of Christchurch has been bulldozed to start from scratch. It seemed to me that the whole field was still realing in shock with the devastation, so it was no surprise to me to hear as I was about to board my flight home that the ball with “Big Toe in the Water” had shattered. For those who may not know, this is the energy to deal with Shock! What a blessing it is to feel the wonder of these Bubblers and how far reaching they are, lifting, restoring and stabalising the fabric of the earth itself. God bless the South Island and all those folk that have suffered this ordeal and may they be restored quickly in this wonderous current we call the Saturn Bubbler!” – Lightly Sunlight

Here are some incredible photos of the South Island Bubbler in it’s new home (a perspex box on top of this incredible hill… soon to have

a gazebo built for it there).