New Energies On Travelling Bubbler

New Energies On Travelling Bubbler

The powerful psychic clearing Travelling Bubbler has just been energetically intensified with a selection of new Energies and has emerged as a mighty force…! With a shift to ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ and an additional 43 new Energies added to its original 37, this new Bubbler is set to pack a real punch!

The Travelling Bubbler upgrade is now available for all who have one and would like to participate in this intensification taking place across the world now. It is our desire to be able to upgrade as many Travelling Bubblers as possible in order to help shift the energy of these important artifacts, as well as to help lift all Heart of Space Centres world wide.

The NEW Travelling Bubbler contains a very powerful combination of clearing energies. Each sphere has been specifically designed to touch and transform our auras and the aura of our environments to allow a much greater psychic space in which to grow and transform. These Bubbler spheres are now amongst some of the most penetrating yet liberating combinations of Alchymeic Energies that have ever been released to the world.

*Here is the full list of Alchymeic Energies on the NEW Travelling Bubbler. The newest energies are highlighted in RED. Full descriptions of these new Energies will be available soon. Please speak to your Hermes representatives if you have any questions about the Bubbler.

(Note – ‘Arr’ in the name of an Energy means Arranging.)


Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
The Unholy Arr 288
Concoction 16
Light Breaks Where No Light Shines


Fractal Earth Arr 362
Jack and the Bean Stalk
Wellspring Arr 289
Bright Water Arr 247


Touching Light
Angel “There’s a Kind of Hush All Over the World”
Lotus Pond Arr 296
Angel of Compassion
Angel Melchizedek
Cloak of Doubt
Angel of Light Adaptation


Primary Heart Energy Arr 354
Heart of Space Arr 12
Intelligence of the Heart Arr 147
The Heart is All
Heart’s Code Wizard
Arr 343
In My Company


Nuclear Tracker
Super Nuclear Tracker
Hermes Prophecy Arr 14
Chess Players Mirrors


Goodbye Electro-Magnetics Arr 330
White-Tailed Spider Elixir
Arr 222
Lifestream Arr 186
Invasion Wizard Arr 260
Computer Chip
Replicant Spider


Psychic Field Stress
Are You Talking to Me?
Pinocchio Transformation Puja
Politics of Experience Wizard Arr 255
Don’t Fence Me In Arr 231


Geo Triplet
One-Pointed Driver
Boxes of Doors
The One Inside


Quantum Vacuum Arr 192
Ripper Puja
Rocket Puja
Phantom Zone Puja
Big Black Hole Soak


No Law for Negativity Arr 185
Black Magic Mother Spider Elixir
Death’s Head Spider
Mahamudra Spider Elixir
The Three Monkies


Air Pollution
Choking Spider
O’Heart 15 Arr 225
Chemical Warfare Arr 183
Into the Black
Out of the Black

SPHERE 12 – (5 Energies)

Earth’s Magnetic Field Arr 331
Eta Carinae Elixir
Fire Bird Arr 202
Trail Blazer
Eternal Spire of Sound and Light

SPHERE 13, Top Sphere – (6 ENERGIES)

Abraxas Cosmic Spider
Eyeless in Gaza
Feng Shui Wizard
Dark Clouds in Scorpius
Arr 242
Hidden Spider

The New Soulfire Sphere – Central Sphere

RCsL Soulfire – Arr 168

Saturn Bubblers – You can help transform the planet!

Saturn Bubblers – You can help transform the planet!

You have probably noticed that the world is in a terrible state. Thousands of years of human existence has been taking a serious toll on the planet. The earth is under enormous pressure from having absorbed all of the history, the hatred, aggression, the exploitation and the heartlessness of humanity as a whole. The pressure is escalating and until now there has been no effective way of dealing with such an outcome – not politically, socially nor scientifically.

It would be nice if “doing our part” could be fulfilled by saying a few prayers and affirmations or “thinking nice thoughts”, but things have progressed far beyond that point. Many realise that with the energetics of the planet in a critical state of imbalance and distress, with the prevalence of natural disasters, wars and the devastation of the planet – a strong energetic solution is required. The energetic pressure must be released and the present condition must be transformed. The Saturn Bubblers have been created in direct response to this need.

By transmuting the accumulation of energetic density, the dissolving of the karmas of the past, an awakening in humanity to conscious responsibility for all of our actions is possible. But time is short and the need for each of us to take effective action is paramount.

Placement of the Bubblers

Since the placement of the first Saturn Bubbler in the USA in 1999, many more Bubblers have directly touched and blessed tens of thousands of people across the world. Most people who have been graced with a moment to sit with the energy of a Saturn Bubbler have felt the profound blessing they are and there are hundreds of stories and reports about what people are feeling and seeing take place in the areas that they have been placed. Of course there is no scientific verification yet of any of these reports. Science is simply not evolved enough to be able to measure the direct energetic effect and impact that is taking place through this Esoteric solution. But this is not to say that things aren’t happening…

There are now many countries that have received Saturn Bubblers. And because they are the ‘Esoteric Solution’, standing prior to all religious, cultural and social boundaries, they have been placed in all kinds of unique environments. Some of these include – Israel, Jordan, Rome, Russia, Germany, Poland, China, Latin America, New Zealand, Africa and Australia.

The Saturn Bubblers hold the alchymeic radiance to touch and imbue the Earth’s energy field with Heart current. They are the Heart’s response to the wounds of the earth. Given sufficient numbers of Saturn Bubblers, this force of light may have the capacity to make amends for the consequences of our actions and invoke a shift in the consciousness of all who commune with them. Therefore, we invite you to discover a Bubbler in your area and experience for yourself the profound blessing current that these powerful Esoteric Energy Structures grant. We need many more of these Bubblers placed around the world at this critical time and you may be someone who could help us facilitate this.

Please feel free to contact us now! –

Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

Venezuela HOS leaving AUS Today!

A Complete Heart of Space with a Saturn Bubbler (packed full of Energies specifically for South America, including the new ‘Leviathan’ Energy) is leaving Australia today headed for Caracas, Venezuela. This HOS is the first one complete with the latest Energetic update – ‘Radiant Conscious Light’. We are all really looking forward to being witness to these Products being setup there very soon…

The Saturn Bubbler that is part of this HOS has some very important new Energies added to it. Here is a sample of them. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what they are. We will follow soon with some descriptions). Needless to say that they are very specific to the country:

The Hunger
The Crux
The Key
Angel of Sweet Surrender
Coming of Eve
Pink Beloved
Shamanism Wizard

We ask also that all of you out there with Satrgate Boxes help to hold the transit of this HOS all the way to its new home. Already we have encountered many obstacles in preparing the Products and getting them out of Australia, which generally indicates that there are some energetics trying to resist or obstruct these Products being established in the world. So, all Stargates prayers for a clear passage would be appreciated.

We will keep you informed as this progresses. Stay tuned… (photos and stories soon.)