Announcing The Arrival Of Our New
Membership Programme!

We are super excited to announce the arrival of our new Heart Of Space Membership programme! This is an exciting event coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the first Bubblers. This new programme and website are designed to help make supporting the movement a whole lot easier. And there are some amazing new perks for members such as an empowered card and the never before ‘Heart Of Space Candidacy…’ programme!

Come on over and check out our new site!

The Raison D’etre Is Clear

The objectives of the Heart Of Space Movement are to establish sanctuaries all over the world utilising the Heart Of Space Artefacts, to help facilitate a True shift in Consciousness. These sanctuaries are for all beings – to be restored, nourished, renewed and strengthened in their own Heart’s intuition. 

The Heart of Space holds a purity and intensity, where people can come to rest and be relieved of the usual pressures of this world. These spaces are where the Divine is felt as the true and only intimacy of the Heart, known and felt as Love. They remain non-denominational, standing prior to all religious and philosophical persuasions. 

A Heart of Space is created by the placement of three specific Alchymeically imbued Artifacts – the Saturn Bubbler, the Travelling Bubbler and the Fractaliser. Based upon sacred geometry, these esoteric artefacts when combined in a particular formation, actualise the grounding of what is known as a ‘volumetric current’. This current can be felt as a literal vibratory current of Divine Radiant Light. They are received through the ‘feeling dimension’ of existence – it cannot be rationalised. Within this volumetric current, at last it becomes possible to awaken to the Remembrance of the Intuitive Heart – the Remembrance of the Mystery itself.

Esotericism Can Change The World

It is our intention to finding many more locations for the Heart of Space throughout the world. Our board of directors have a considerable list of places and people worldwide who are willing and ready to receive the Heart of Space. So, regardless of whether you are donating from England, India or Israel, becoming a part of the Heart of Space fund is a gesture of ‘Unity Consciousness’ – a worldwide prayer – a heart impulse to make a difference for as many beings as possible. Over the past 20 years, there has already been a considerable movement and effort by many individuals and groups worldwide to establish the Heart Of Space presence.

Spiritual Ecology Is Now The Way Forward…

Spiritual ecology is an emerging field in religion, conservation, and academia recognising that there is a spiritual facet to all issues related to conservation, environmentalism, and earth stewardship. Proponents of Spiritual Ecology assert a need for contemporary conservation work to include spiritual elements and for contemporary religion and spirituality to include awareness of and engagement in ecological issues.

Alchymie – The Supreme Science Of Spiritual Ecology

“…We have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind, where the earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the outcome of actions that are made from that which is less than love. Lifetimes of actions motivated by greed and separative desiring have taken a toll that we stand witness to at this present time and the impact can be detailed and is being detailed in many reports across this world. We have arrived at a moment where the very vibration of our actions is having disastrous outcomes… The fabric of human life and the very place in which we have been given to grow stands on a threshold, quivering in time and space under the weight of all of the previous actions that have been made. As a result, the warring, the polluting, the ignorance, the exploitation, the devastation, the greed, the utter unconsciousness has had an irretrievably negative impact on the earth as a living organism and with this has also come a disintegration of human morality. 

The Heart Movement Takes A Giant Step Forward

The Heart Movement Takes A Giant Step Forward

In these times of great uncertainty and upheaval we need to find a stable foundation. With everything we once knew being challenged and turned upside down, just knowing that there is a calm ‘port in the storm’ can be the difference between despair and finding your way through a very difficult time. We are here to tell you that there is a way through this passage of de-stabilisation and disturbance and we will get there together. The Heart Of Space Movement is here to help.

Over the past 20 years there has been a growing collective commitment by thousands of awakening beings worldwide to this whole new way of support. This is a great transitional time and the shift in Consciousness that is taking place is global. This movement to establish true Heart Sanctuaries all over the world for those who are ready and needing support, has been the urge.

The recognition has been of the gift of what these esoteric artefacts are able to achieve – energetic space for the Heart to exist on earth again.

What we see today in the form of the ‘Universal Hermetic Presence’ worldwide that has been created by the collective establishment of many Heart Of Space Centres, is a force of real Alchymie and change – a network of Divine Light esoterically transforming, healing and awakening the planet and humanity on mass.

To all those who have been a part of this movement, we salute you! We thank you for your gestures of commitment and heart to help create what we have before us today. You are all the ‘Heart Of Space’ and together over these years we have achieved some truly remarkable outcomes. Let us continue to make the Esoteric difference… Let us continue to ignite this fire for real healing, transformation, growth and awakening – for all beings who are ready, to find and participate in now. The world needs the Heart Of Space now. This is truly the Esoteric Solution!

What Is The Heart Of Space Organisation?

The Heart of Space Movement is a not-for-profit organisation that was created in response to the desire of many people worldwide, to help grow the presence of the Heart Of Space sanctuaries and give many more the opportunity to be touched, blessed, lifted and restored by the magic and Esoteric Mystery of these incredible artefacts of the Heart Of Space.

This organisation does not exist for any other purpose than to educate, raise awareness and facilitate the establishment of these sanctuaries all over the world. Its ultimate goal is to facilitate and support the necessary shift in Consciousness on the planet at this time. All participation in this organisation is on a voluntary basis and those helping out have a heart filled passion to make a real difference in the lives of as many people as possible right now. There is an urgency at this time to make a difference. We are given a unique opportunity to create a whole new foundation for the future of humanity based on love, inclusiveness, compassion, cooperation and tolerance. But we must speed this awakening process up. The Heart Of Space Sanctuaries are allowing this to happen now.

What We Have Achieved Together Over 20 Years

Since the year 2000 there have been many Heart of Space sanctuaries established all over the world – all of which have been donated and fundraised by individuals and groups with a heart recognition that now is the time to ground as much Light on earth as possible. The first Bubblers were placed in the United States and Australia and have steadily grown in numbers which now span the globe.

Sanctuaries & Esoteric Artefacts Worldwide:

67 Complete Heart Of Space Sanctuaries
88 Saturn Bubblers
25 Qualitative Evolution Bubblers
98 Travelling Bubblers
70 Fractalisers
20 Zoroastrian Bubblers

There are some truly remarkable and inspiring stories that have emerged over the years about how the presence of the Heart Of Space have had a profound impact on the people and places they have been put. Stories of amazing restoration and healing, transformation in environments and changes in circumstances that were previously unimaginable. 

The work of the Heart Of Space is esoteric in nature, it is all about spiritual ecology and how our thoughts and feelings have an impact on the whole. It is about learning to take responsibility for all that we amount to, so that our actions over time are awakened to love. This is what this time is all about, allowing ourselves to make the transition to a life based on energy, allowing the analytical mind to dissolve and the feeling heart to emerge and grow.

Why Is The Heart Of Space So Important?

Imagine an entire world of human beings living and breathing on the basis of Love itself – without warring, without judgement, without boundary, without separation, yielded as Only Love. Together, creating an energetic field, which allows the consciousness of Love itself to spread like a wildfire across the Earth plane. Imagine such a possibility…

To create this as a prototype is the longing. This Alchymie is the expression and fulfilment of such a possibility – a way of life, based on the principle of Love and Service. Many years of dedication to such a possibility has lead to the flowering of many wondrous outcomes, all with one common goal – making a difference in this world. 

The Heart Of Space Movement is emerging at a time when a radical change is required for the future of humankind. War, terrorism and the destruction of the earth are now commonplace. As the daily news reveals to us, our world is overburdened, suffering from all kinds of environmental disasters, wastelands, war and nuclear threat – our very future is clearly in question.

The great Alchymist Hermes Trismegistus, the author of the Emerald Tablet and father of Hermetic Science, predicted a time when:

“Every sacred voice will be silenced. Darkness will be preferred to Light. No eyes will raise to Heaven. The Pure will be thought insane and the impure will be honoured as wise. The madmen will be believed brave and the wicked esteemed as good. Knowledge of the Immortal soul will be laughed at and denied. No reverent words worthy of Heaven will be heard or believed. So I, Thrice Great Hermes, the first of men to attain all knowledge, have inscribed the secrets of the Gods, in sacred symbols and hieroglyphs, which I have concealed for a future world, that may seek our sacred wisdom.”

It would appear that the time spoken of here has arrived. However, coincident with the present escalation of darkness is the emergence of this force of Light that may yet allow the situation to be transformed and the predicted outcomes to be altered – since ‘what is a matter of prediction is overwhelmed by Love’.

When we look around at the events being reported from the world on almost a daily basis, it is obvious to see that we have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind. It appears that the Earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the result of the accumulated actions that have been made from that which is less than Love. This accumulation of lifetimes of actions, motivated by greed and egoic desiring, has taken a great toll and this is what we stand witness to, at this present time. What is obvious, is that in order to begin to turn this condition about, there must be a dramatic shift in human consciousness.

The Heart Of Space Centres create an energetic portal, which allows the grounding and felt current of the Divine, a space where at last the mind falls into the Heart and the Heart awakens to the Remembrance of the truth of who we are and our total dependence on that which is Absolute. The shift in consciousness that must occur on a mass scale, is this very Remembrance.

The urgency to create Heart Of Space Centres in this world is that we may ground enough space for the hearts of humankind to be healed and thus stand forward as Love.