Malaysia’s First Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

Malaysia’s First Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

Hi everyone. Just in case you missed it on our main page…

Nothing can quite describe the feeling of being a part of a Bubbler installation… 😉 Hello to all of our Heart friends in Malaysia who have just welcomed the incredible Qualitative Evolution Bubbler! In fact, although there are many Bubblers in Asia, this is the very first QE Bubbler…! Congratulations guys… We salute you 🙂

Thank you for your recognition, gestures of Heart and mutual commitment to make this possible – this gesture to help transform the world. This Alchymie work is ‘Esoteric’ in nature and is all about the ‘feeling’ dimension of existence. Therefore it takes great readiness and intuition in order to allow oneself the space for the heart and ‘real feeling’ to exist again at this critical time for humanity.

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Beijing Saturn Bubbler Energies

Beijing Saturn Bubbler Energies

The Saturn Bubbler, which has just been installed into Beijing, is amongst the most potent Bubblers, when it comes to the amount of Energies on it. Places like Beijing obviously need a lot of energetic transformation and hence the specific Alchymeic Energies chosen to go on this Bubbler…

Here is a list of the Energies. The ‘dark’ highlighted Energies are the ones that had been added to each sphere. Remember, each Saturn Bubbler is given specific Energies that relate to the specific karma of a country and area it is placed. These Energies will be added to all future Chinese Bubblers, plus any additions ones that are felt to be potent at the time


Saturn Bubbler for Beijing, China – 24th September 2014

8 different Energies around the sphere is pushing absolute maximum.

  1. RCsL Maha (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Arranging 379
  • RCsL Negative Terraformer
  • RCsL The Doorway to Hell
  • RCsL Beijing
  • RCsL Tibet
  • RCsL The Great Wall
  • RCsL The Dynasties
  • RCsL Losing Face
  • RCsL Comes Marching Home
  1. RCsL Fractal Earth Healer – Arranging 362 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Earth Works
  • RCsL Ocean Currents
  • RCsL Strange Attractor – Weather Extremes
  • RCsL Climate Change
  • RCsL Mother Earth
  • RCsL Concoction 14
  • RCsL Arranging 247
  • RCsL Earth Heartbeat
  • RCsL Arranging 183
  1. RCsL Touching Light (ON TOP)

  • RCsL The Doorway to Heaven
  • RCsL Earth Rising – Arranging 200
  • RCsL Heart of Space – Arranging 12
  • RCsL Transitionings
  • RCsL Age of Light
  • RCsL Arranging 177
  • RCsL Cohorts of Archangels (particularly Uriel)
  • RCsL Teth – The Circle Of Wisdom
  1. RCsL Primary Heart Energy – Arranging 354 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Combinatorial Heart – Arranging 201
  • RCsL In My Company
  • RCsL Arranging 343
  • RCsL Arranging 288
  • RCsL Boxes Of Doors
  • RCsL The One Inside
  • RCsL You Don’t Love Me
  • RCsL The Principle of Redemption – Arranging 55
  1. RCsL Nuclear Tracker – RCsL Super Nuclear Tracker   (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Facilitator – Arranging 232
  • RCsL Super Nuclear Tracker
  • RCsL 42 Spider Elixir – Arranging 185
  • RCsL Asian Stance
  • RCsL Negativity Release (Dark Daemon Nuclear Blast)
  • RCsL R Bk (Red Book)
  • RCsL HR (Human Rights)
  • RCsL AR (Animal Rights)
  • RCsL Air Pollution
  1. RCsL Goodbye Electro-Magnetics – Arranging 330 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
  • RCsL Metallic Genesis – Arranging 69
  • RCsL Lifestream – Arranging 186
  • RCsL Dalek Invasion
  • RCsL Replicant
  • RCsL Ants
  • RCsL Aliens Are The White Grub Of The Mind
  • RCsL Chess Players Mirrors
  1. RCsL Noah’s Ark (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Melting Ice
  • RCsL The Seed of the Species – Arranging 136
  • RCsL Rainmaker Wizard
  • RCsL Nuclear Tummye
  1. RCsL Geo Triplet (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Absolute Zero Ray
  • RCsL Terraformer
  • RCsL Balance – Arranging 309
  • RCsL Simple Programmes Underlying the Complexity of the Natural Order Wizard
  • RCsL Computational Equivalence Wizard
  • RCsL Light Breaks Where No Light Shines
  • RCsL Into The Black
  • RCsL Out Of The Black
  1. RCsL Hyper-Telomerase – Arranging 374 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Sunworks – Arranging 243
  • RCsL Underneath the Arches – Arranging 308
  • RCsL Pristine
  • RCsL Don Juan Egg Elixir – Arranging 280
  • RCsL Intelligence of the Heart – Arranging 147, Arranging 133
  • *RCsL Metamorphosis
  1. RCsL Jack and the Bean Stalk (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Eden
  • RCsL Verdant Function – Arranging 70
  • RCsL Deep Forest
  • RCsL Arranging 8
  • RCsL Yangtze River
  • RCsL Water Purifier
  • RCsL Eloi Over Easy
  • RCsL The Hunger
  1. RCsL Sonic Hedgehog (ON TOP)

  • RCsL The Divine Enters the World Through Water – Arranging 15
  • RCsL Earthquake Lightning
  • RCsL Astrology Wizard
  • RCsL Eyeless In Gaza
  • RCsL Arranging 242
  • RCsL Politics Of Experience – Arranging 255
  • RCsL Psychic Field Stress
  • RCsL Thoth’s Staff
  1. RCsL Earth’s Magnetic Field – Arranging 331

  • RCsL Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir
  • RCsL Earth Plane Polarisation – Arranging 20
  • RCsL The Universal Gravitation Principle – Arranging 193
  • RCsL Ozone Layer
  • RCsL Quetzalcoatl
  1. RCsL Abraxas Cosmic Spider – Arranging 185

  • RCsL Hermes Prophecy – Arranging 14
  • RCsL Wellspring – Arranging 289
  • RCsL Feng Shui Wizard
  • RCsL God’s Little Green Acre
  • RCsL The Great Book of Nature – Arranging 163
  • RCsL Leviathan
  • RCsL Concoction 16
  • RCsL Arranging 378
  1. RCsL Soulfire – Arranging 168

RCsL Arranging 1441

Asia Summary – 2012

Asia Summary – 2012

Hello friends. It’s been a big year for the Heart of Space movement, but nowhere has the response been more significant than in Hong Kong. After many years of presenting the Hermetic work by our Hermes Far Eastern Shining representative Sunami Designer in Asia, there has been more Heart of Space product placed there this year than anywhere else in the world. Our new friends there have been great in supporting this emergence and it is wonderful to be meeting many of you coming to experience these wonderful Energies.

In this whirlwind year of 2012, Hong Kong has received five Travelling Bubblers, four Fractalisers and two Saturn Bubblers (completing Hong Kong’s first two Heart of Space). In a year that has seen the emergence of the new Tao Energy House, we can feel the significance of these past months of accelerated response and we thank and send our blessing to all who have supported this movement.

Here are some words from Sunami Designer, after the first Heart of Space was installed in October…

“The first Heart of Space in Hong Kong was installed on the 8th October. On the day of the setup, the apartment was packed with people.  They were all standing and sitting wherever they could find a spot. As the energies were installed, the space felt more and more expanded – it became clearer and clearer. The intense head pressure we feel in the city was released, especially after the Fractalizer went in. There was stillness in the air.  People became more relax and opened.

For the first few days after the HOS went in, there was big energetic purification, and the weather was wild and unusual for that time of the year.  It was rainy and windy, and for days there was no sunlight and Hong Kong was in a fog. Despite the wild and unusual weather, staying in the Heart of Space felt like a port in a storm. Having spent a lot of time in Hong Kong before, I could really feel the difference with the Heart of Space there.  It is tangibly lighter. People say they now feel calmer, and not so heightened and stressed.

What a blessing to have the Heart of Space in Hong Kong! The response this year has been really inspiring. There is a real heart feeling between everybody and a recognition that there is something very powerful going on.” – Sunami Designer

As we turn and face predicted Mayan 2012 end time dates at the end of this year, it is evident that there is a response to the Heart in this world. The Heart of Space is granting the sanctuaries for us to gather, rest, remember and be held as we pass through this tightest time in human history. May we see the flourishing of the Heart of Space movement now more than ever.

“It is a delight and really nourishing in the heart to witness all these Heart of Space energies entering Asia in the last year, particularly in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is no longer the same as I first entered 2 years ago. There is certainly a stark difference energetically. I feel the country so much lighter and much easier to move around.  It was also a wonder to witness a new Travelling Bubbler entering Singapore. It was as if the country was awoken.

As the space become clearer and lighter, I also feel it creates space for people to come to feeling.  For me it is an honour and humbling to be a part of these sacred moments and witnessing light enters this part of the world.” – Sunami Designer

Here is a timeline of the Heart of Space placement in Hong Kong and Singapore 8th October 2011 – The first Heart of Space  (Saturn Bubbler, Traveling Bubbler, Fractalizer) was installed in Hong Kong island.

9th October 2011 – A Travelling Bubbler to Kowloon, Hong Kong.

18th February 2012, – A Fractalizer to  Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

4th March 2012 – A Traveling Bubbler to Singapore.

16th March 2012 – A Fractalizer to Kawloon, Hong Kong.

16th June, 2012 – 2 Travelling Bubblers, 1 Fractalizer to Hong Kong. All went to Kawloon side of Hong Kong.

19th Sept , 2012 – A Saturn Bubbler to Kawloon, Hong Kong. Complete the second Heart of Space.

Sept 19, 2012 – A Travelling Bubbler to Happy Valley in Hong Kong.




Asia Comes Onboard!

Asia Comes Onboard!

Our Asian representative, who has been working tirelessly to introduce the Hermetic Products into China, Hong Kong and Asia for several years now, is on her way to Hong Kong in three weeks with two more Travelling Bubblers and a Fractaliser!

With the placement of a whole Heart Of Space and additional Travelling Bubbler into Hong Kong six months ago, a Fractaliser 4 weeks ago and the arrival of these new products soon, this is a great sign for the emergence of the Alchymeic presence in Asia. We are all sure to see some real energetic shifts taking place there!

NOTE: This great photo was taken several years ago when the first Saturn Bubbler was being placed in Asia. It pictures our representative, Sunami, holding one of the Bubbler spheres before placing it on the structure. The light captures the ball just at the right time, making it glow. The Bubbler installation events are very powerful sacred events. Every Energy is felt and acknowledged, then placed on the Bubbler, one at a time. If you ever receive an invitation to participate in one of these Bubbler installations, we would recommend attending. Enjoy.