Two Exciting Projects To Kickstart The Year

Two Exciting Projects To Kickstart The Year

The Heart of Space Movement has several special projects that it is supporting.

These are the Bubblers that were upgraded in 2022. Sometimes when we have appropriate candidates to receive Bubblers in the same area as an upgraded Bubbler, we fundraise to get a new Base for the previous spheres. This is the case with both of these projects and we are delighted to present them to you, and ask for your help to make this happen.

The Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler

This Bubbler was the FIRST Saturn Bubbler ever to enter the USA. Its spheres were upgraded at the beginning of 2022 and our ‘Bubbler Holder To Be’ already as the previous spheres, a table with a photograph of a Bubbler on it, awaiting its completion.

A Singapore Saturn Bubbler

The Singapore Saturn Bubbler was originally installed 2001 and received an upgrade in December last year. This Bubbler is currently the only one in Singapore. They are ready to have another bubbler using the original spheres and a new base.



Singapore Saturn Bubbler Relocated

Singapore Saturn Bubbler Relocated

We are always delighted when a Saturn Bubbler finds a new home… This was the case yesterday when the one and only Singapore Saturn Bubbler was re-located. Here is the Bubbler in its new home at the centre of Singapore. This is the first Bubbler that ever made it’s way into Asia in early 2000!

Our new Singapore Saturn Bubbler holders already have a Travelling Bubbler, and she has now ordered a Fractaliser to complete a Heart of Space. We can’t wait for this to happen and we will certainly let you all know when it does. We live for moments like these 🙂


Welcoming The New Thailand Bubbler

Welcoming The New Thailand Bubbler

Welcome to the new Thailand Saturn Bubbler! This is such good news and we are so proud of all those who moved to fundraise for this project. Watch this space…!  

“We had the Heart of Space set up yesterday. Everyone was blown away and full of gratitude 🙏 So much more light for Thailand. Thank you for the gift of this wondrous Alchymie. I am eternally grateful for this blessings.” – Sunami Designer 

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A Heart Of Space For Thailand

A Heart Of Space For Thailand

Hello everyone. We are very excited to announce that a new Heart Of Space will be set up in Thailand in the coming weeks 🔥🙏🏼🎯😊 Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

“…I am excited to announce that I will be coming to Asia in a few weeks, bringing the amazing Alchymeic current to parts of Asia (Thailand and Malaysia) in November. Some of the highlights of this trip will be the setting up of a Heart of Space in Thailand and the presentation of the NEW ‘Language Of The Essenes’ Pack!

The new Heart of Space in Bangkok will be set up on November 9th. This will be the second Heart of Space in Thailand. We are looking forward to seeing a greater amount of Divine Light showering upon this country via the agency of this incredible Alchymie.

I also feel very lucky to be able to bring the NEW Alchymeic Essenes Pack to Asia for the first time! These Energies are an amazing treasure trove of mystery and magic. We will be amongst the first in the world to immerse in the journey of the Essene Energies. What a gift!

If you would like more details on the events, or to attend any of these events, or meet with Sunami re Alchymie, please contact or

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Nov 9th – Bangkok, Thailand
‘Heart of Space setup and integration’

Nov 10th / 16th / 17th – Bangkok, Thailand
‘Sixth Sense Workshop & The Essene Immersion’

“Most of us are aware of our five basic senses; seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting. What we are not so aware of is our 6th sense, a connection to something greater than our physical senses are able to perceive. This is what we called psychic. If we are functioning based on these 5 basic senses only and not accessing our 6th sense, then we have not allowed our full potential as human beings. 6th sense or being psychic is our natural capacity. This workshop is an invitation to awaken this inherent capacity. We learn to trust our intuitive heart-knowing. With greater 6th sense, we are able to be more effective in our functioning and manifestation; greater clarity and ease in our lives.”

About The Essene Energies:
This new Alchymeic Essene Pack holds the most profound and sacred gifts of the ascension process, unlocking the deep inner wisdom and intuitive knowing held within all of us. These Energies are the literal activation and re-stimulation of the codes and networks that until know have not been known or remembered for lifetimes.

“An unfolding grace of the Eternal knowing. A deep silence that communicates from eternity and presently. An eternal sound of the Divine Current. As the purpose of existence. The walls of the great temples are alive in the great mystery that is our Hearts’ Knowing. We have walked these walls, we know these resounding trumpets. The Echo of the Infinite all at oneness, a depth beyond depths. Boundless Infinite Rejoicing – choirs of angels heralding”.

Nov 23th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
‘Alchymeic Journey with Essenes’

In this workshop, we will be immersed in a journey of pure intuitive remembrance. The understanding and higher capacity, intuitively known in each individual, will be touched with the Energies and wisdom of this new Essenes Alchymie. These Energies help to release the karmic bonds and unconscious suffering of lifetimes and help reclaim our creative capacity in Happiness. The Essene Energies are a treasure trove of mystery and magic that help us remember again, the art forms of bodily balance, restoration and adaptation to Light, spiritual maturity, growth and aligning us in right relationship to the intuitive Heart.

Nov 24 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nov 25th – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
At ‘The Sanctuary at 325’

‘Alchymie Wizard Collection – for renewal, restoration and transformation’. This Alchymeic circle will take you through a number of special Alchymiec Wizard Energies. All the Wizards hold the body of knowledge within their specific subject matter. You will learn how to use and engage the modality of the wizards at an optimal level, and learn to allow restoration to our natural state of ‘wellbeing’ – released of tension, balanced, responsible in conductivity of the life-force, full of energy, open, bright, radiant and Happy.

*We will make use of modalities such as colour therapy, essential oil, aromatherapy, reiki, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal. Discover the benefits of each modality in its highest form, bodily, emotionally and mentally, free of any limitations.

Malaysia’s First Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

Malaysia’s First Qualitative Evolution Bubbler

Hi everyone. Just in case you missed it on our main page…

Nothing can quite describe the feeling of being a part of a Bubbler installation… 😉 Hello to all of our Heart friends in Malaysia who have just welcomed the incredible Qualitative Evolution Bubbler! In fact, although there are many Bubblers in Asia, this is the very first QE Bubbler…! Congratulations guys… We salute you 🙂

Thank you for your recognition, gestures of Heart and mutual commitment to make this possible – this gesture to help transform the world. This Alchymie work is ‘Esoteric’ in nature and is all about the ‘feeling’ dimension of existence. Therefore it takes great readiness and intuition in order to allow oneself the space for the heart and ‘real feeling’ to exist again at this critical time for humanity.

If you’d like to learn more about the world-wide Heart Of Space movement, check out our website –

And, you are most welcome to join our free weekly ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer’ webinars where we share the energy of the Bubblers and do a meditation for transformation and shifting Consciousness. All you need is an open heart and a desire for change… 😉 Webinar Registration Link

Beijing Saturn Bubbler Energies

Beijing Saturn Bubbler Energies

The Saturn Bubbler, which has just been installed into Beijing, is amongst the most potent Bubblers, when it comes to the amount of Energies on it. Places like Beijing obviously need a lot of energetic transformation and hence the specific Alchymeic Energies chosen to go on this Bubbler…

Here is a list of the Energies. The ‘dark’ highlighted Energies are the ones that had been added to each sphere. Remember, each Saturn Bubbler is given specific Energies that relate to the specific karma of a country and area it is placed. These Energies will be added to all future Chinese Bubblers, plus any additions ones that are felt to be potent at the time


Saturn Bubbler for Beijing, China – 24th September 2014

8 different Energies around the sphere is pushing absolute maximum.

  1. RCsL Maha (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Arranging 379
  • RCsL Negative Terraformer
  • RCsL The Doorway to Hell
  • RCsL Beijing
  • RCsL Tibet
  • RCsL The Great Wall
  • RCsL The Dynasties
  • RCsL Losing Face
  • RCsL Comes Marching Home
  1. RCsL Fractal Earth Healer – Arranging 362 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Earth Works
  • RCsL Ocean Currents
  • RCsL Strange Attractor – Weather Extremes
  • RCsL Climate Change
  • RCsL Mother Earth
  • RCsL Concoction 14
  • RCsL Arranging 247
  • RCsL Earth Heartbeat
  • RCsL Arranging 183
  1. RCsL Touching Light (ON TOP)

  • RCsL The Doorway to Heaven
  • RCsL Earth Rising – Arranging 200
  • RCsL Heart of Space – Arranging 12
  • RCsL Transitionings
  • RCsL Age of Light
  • RCsL Arranging 177
  • RCsL Cohorts of Archangels (particularly Uriel)
  • RCsL Teth – The Circle Of Wisdom
  1. RCsL Primary Heart Energy – Arranging 354 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Combinatorial Heart – Arranging 201
  • RCsL In My Company
  • RCsL Arranging 343
  • RCsL Arranging 288
  • RCsL Boxes Of Doors
  • RCsL The One Inside
  • RCsL You Don’t Love Me
  • RCsL The Principle of Redemption – Arranging 55
  1. RCsL Nuclear Tracker – RCsL Super Nuclear Tracker   (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Facilitator – Arranging 232
  • RCsL Super Nuclear Tracker
  • RCsL 42 Spider Elixir – Arranging 185
  • RCsL Asian Stance
  • RCsL Negativity Release (Dark Daemon Nuclear Blast)
  • RCsL R Bk (Red Book)
  • RCsL HR (Human Rights)
  • RCsL AR (Animal Rights)
  • RCsL Air Pollution
  1. RCsL Goodbye Electro-Magnetics – Arranging 330 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
  • RCsL Metallic Genesis – Arranging 69
  • RCsL Lifestream – Arranging 186
  • RCsL Dalek Invasion
  • RCsL Replicant
  • RCsL Ants
  • RCsL Aliens Are The White Grub Of The Mind
  • RCsL Chess Players Mirrors
  1. RCsL Noah’s Ark (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Melting Ice
  • RCsL The Seed of the Species – Arranging 136
  • RCsL Rainmaker Wizard
  • RCsL Nuclear Tummye
  1. RCsL Geo Triplet (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Absolute Zero Ray
  • RCsL Terraformer
  • RCsL Balance – Arranging 309
  • RCsL Simple Programmes Underlying the Complexity of the Natural Order Wizard
  • RCsL Computational Equivalence Wizard
  • RCsL Light Breaks Where No Light Shines
  • RCsL Into The Black
  • RCsL Out Of The Black
  1. RCsL Hyper-Telomerase – Arranging 374 (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Sunworks – Arranging 243
  • RCsL Underneath the Arches – Arranging 308
  • RCsL Pristine
  • RCsL Don Juan Egg Elixir – Arranging 280
  • RCsL Intelligence of the Heart – Arranging 147, Arranging 133
  • *RCsL Metamorphosis
  1. RCsL Jack and the Bean Stalk (ON TOP)

  • RCsL Eden
  • RCsL Verdant Function – Arranging 70
  • RCsL Deep Forest
  • RCsL Arranging 8
  • RCsL Yangtze River
  • RCsL Water Purifier
  • RCsL Eloi Over Easy
  • RCsL The Hunger
  1. RCsL Sonic Hedgehog (ON TOP)

  • RCsL The Divine Enters the World Through Water – Arranging 15
  • RCsL Earthquake Lightning
  • RCsL Astrology Wizard
  • RCsL Eyeless In Gaza
  • RCsL Arranging 242
  • RCsL Politics Of Experience – Arranging 255
  • RCsL Psychic Field Stress
  • RCsL Thoth’s Staff
  1. RCsL Earth’s Magnetic Field – Arranging 331

  • RCsL Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir
  • RCsL Earth Plane Polarisation – Arranging 20
  • RCsL The Universal Gravitation Principle – Arranging 193
  • RCsL Ozone Layer
  • RCsL Quetzalcoatl
  1. RCsL Abraxas Cosmic Spider – Arranging 185

  • RCsL Hermes Prophecy – Arranging 14
  • RCsL Wellspring – Arranging 289
  • RCsL Feng Shui Wizard
  • RCsL God’s Little Green Acre
  • RCsL The Great Book of Nature – Arranging 163
  • RCsL Leviathan
  • RCsL Concoction 16
  • RCsL Arranging 378
  1. RCsL Soulfire – Arranging 168

RCsL Arranging 1441