We are hearing a lot of discussion about the ‘Corona Cocoon’ – a state of gestation if you like that many of us our finding ourselves in, during this time of lockdown and severing from the old paradigm of existence. People are discovering the opportunity to stay close and stay safe, and protect what is fragile. In this inward movement, there is an unwinding of stress and coping mechanisms, and we begin to find a more easeful way of moving through each day.

From a spiritual point of view, we have been given a moment to “stop the world”, take time to come back to feeling, to reflect, to develop and nurture deep listening, and to really consider in our hearts what kind of world we want to be co-creating on the other side of this Pandemic.

There is an opportunity here for real change – and many people around the world are recognising this! Many of us clearly understand that the old ways of being, the old paradigm, was not only not working, but it was significantly contributing to the destruction and devastation of not only our own humanity, but our beautiful planet.

Prominent spiritual ecologists have recognised that the state of the planet is not separate from the state of human consciousness – and that the planet will only truly have a possibility to heal as we begin to “wake up” and make choices to move away from that which destructs, and towards that which regenerates. This discussion is being further fuelled by images from around the world of a planet that is starting to clean itself up – water ways clearing, animals returning, pollution dissolving, ozone holes healing. As the usual movement of human activity is suspended, the earth plane is showing signs of recovery. And it’s becoming blatantly obvious even to mainstream society, which is provoking a lot of thought and discussion.

In the recent essay by Charles Eisenstein “The Coronation”, he states :”Covid-19 is showing us that when humanity is united in common cause, phenomenally rapid change is possible.” And spiritualist author Elizabeth Peru, speaks of the COVID19 Pandemic as a “global wake up call” where humanitarian’s makes the shift from “me” to “we”.

For those of us who have a connection to the esoteric levels of existence, we absolutely recognise that for real change to occur for the regeneration of our planet, we as human beings need to awaken to a greater level of feeling connection to the planet, to one another, and to our own connection to the Divine. This connection can be supported immensely within the sacred current of a Heart of Space centre, as these energy points transmute and dissolve many levels of energetic impact that come to interfere with our receptivity and heart communion.