Travelling Bubbler is a powerful psychic clearing
and a mighty esoteric force…!”

Every human being has a number of energy fields (called the aura), that are constantly affected by interactions with other people and the many places that we visit. We may notice that when we go to places where people are stressed, exhausted, in conflict, sick, that we are affected by these energetic communications (the psychic dimension of existence), and this may correlate in an apparent shift of our own personal level of energy and attention. The  Travelling Bubbler is an Alchymeically Imbued Artifact designed specifically for the psychic clearing and transmuting of environmental, psychic influences that surround our daily living.

The Travelling Bubbler consists of fourteen hand-blown, coloured liquid-filled glass spheres resting on highly polished clear cylinders over a revolving base, (similar to the Saturn Bubbler), yet miniature in size. Each glass sphere holds several specifically selected Energies, which in its complete form hold the exquisite purifying presence of the Travelling Bubbler. The Travelling Bubbler is intended to deal with these energetic aspects of life, to create ‘space’ for real intelligence, heartfelt communication and a psychically clearer environment to live in.

“…Its original intention was to be a travelling ‘Saturn Bubbler’…”

History Of The Travelling Bubbler

The first of all bubblers to be created was the Saturn Bubbler. There was a great response to its energy and many people wanted to see and feel it first hand, but it was too large to travel with and thus the Travelling Bubbler was created. Its original intention was to be a travelling ‘Saturn Bubbler’.

Yet during its creation, the Travelling Bubbler took on as part of its intention to address the energy field, aura, or subtle dimensions of existence, and several Alchymeic Energies were added to help with this function over time. The Travelling Bubbler also took up its place several years ago as an intrinsic part of the Heart of Space, providing the psychic clearing dimension to this powerful trio of Alchymeic Artifacts.

However, since the inception of the ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ intensification across the entire Hermetic Product range, many of the larger artifacts that were created years ago, appeared to require specific intensification’s. Now, with this vast intensification and evolution, the new Travelling Bubbler has finally arrived at its true form – the powerful psychic clearing artifact given to address all of the psychic toxicity and communicated stress which needs to be lifted at this time to allow the emergence of the enlightened form.

Psychic Clearing Energies

The Travelling Bubbler contains a very powerful combination of esoteric, clearing energies. Each sphere has been specifically designed energetically, to touch and transform our auras and the aura of our environments and thus allow a much greater psychic space and clearing of our extended psychic fields. The Travelling Bubblers are amongst some of the most penetrating, yet liberating combinations of Alchymeic Energies that have ever been released to the world.

The Map, which resides in the central cylinder of the Travelling Bubbler, holds the intention to give the Bubbler its direction. Without this specialised map, the Bubbler will not function. A major aspect of the empowerment of the Travelling Bubbler is the central Map. It states…

“Radiant Conscious Light That Is Reality Travelling Bubbler seeks its own perimeter,
which may or may not coincide with the perimeter of some actual city,
it may be larger or smaller, since it seeks what serves most obviously.”

The full list of Alchymeic Energies on the Travelling Bubbler

(Note – ‘Arr’ in the name of an Energy means Arranging.)

SPHERE 1 – (5 Energies)

Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
The Unholy Arr 288
Concoction 16
Light Breaks Where No Light Shines

SPHERE 2 – (5 Energies)

Fractal Earth Arr 362
Jack and the Bean Stalk
Wellspring Arr 289
Bright Water Arr 247

SPHERE 3 (7 Energies)

Touching Light
Angel “There’s a Kind of Hush All Over the World”
Lotus Pond Arr 296
Angel of Compassion
Angel Melchizedek
Cloak of Doubt
Angel of Light Adaptation

SPHERE 4 – (7 Energies)

Primary Heart Energy Arr 354
Heart of Space Arr 12
Intelligence of the Heart Arr 147
The Heart is All
Heart’s Code Wizard
Arr 343
In My Company

SPHERE 5 – (9 Energies)

Nuclear Tracker
Super Nuclear Tracker
Hermes Prophecy Arr 14
Chess Players Mirrors

SPHERE 6 – (7 Energies)

Goodbye Electro-Magnetics Arr 330
White-Tailed Spider Elixir
Arr 222
Lifestream Arr 186
Invasion Wizard Arr 260
Computer Chip
Replicant Spider

SPHERE 7 – (5 Energies)

Psychic Field Stress
Are You Talking to Me?
Pinocchio Transformation Puja
Politics of Experience Wizard Arr 255
Don’t Fence Me In Arr 231

SPHERE 8 – (5 Energies)

Geo Triplet
One-Pointed Driver
Boxes of Doors
The One Inside

SPHERE 9 – (5 Energies)

Quantum Vacuum Arr 192
Ripper Puja
Rocket Puja
Phantom Zone Puja
Big Black Hole Soak

SPHERE 10 – (5 Energies)

No Law for Negativity Arr 185
Black Magic Mother Spider Elixir
Death’s Head Spider
Mahamudra Spider Elixir
The Three Monkies

SPHERE 11 – (6 Energies)

Air Pollution
Choking Spider
O’Heart 15 Arr 225
Chemical Warfare Arr 183
Into the Black
Out of the Black

SPHERE 12 – (5 Energies)

Earth’s Magnetic Field Arr 331
Eta Carinae Elixir
Fire Bird Arr 202
Trail Blazer
Eternal Spire of Sound and Light

TOP SPHERE 13,  – (6 Energies)

Abraxas Cosmic Spider
Eyeless in Gaza
Feng Shui Wizard
Dark Clouds in Scorpius
Arr 242
Hidden Spider


RCsL Soulfire – Arr 168