The second Bubbler to arrive in Australia drew one of the most significant responses ever reflected in nature to the esoteric force. In ‘energetic’ terms and in the psychic vision of those who were present, this was a really big deal..!

4th May, 2000
The second Australian Saturn Bubbler was placed in Sydney,
(the first for the State of New South Wales)

There was a small group gathered to be a part of the special ceremony to install the Bubbler in Sydney. It was a stunning day, crystal clear skys, not a cloud in sight… Those who’d gathered to participate in this ceremony were mostly new to this esoteric work, but had some experience with spiritual matters and energy work.

“…Afterwards the Bubbler was set up, we sat for an hour just looking and feeling. It was as though it began to spin at light speed. There were moments when we were all spontaneously resting in that mindless, blissful space where everything came to rest and all structure dissolved, all feelings of self and separation – nobody standing out but Only God. I know this sounds cliche but it’s like being on another plane or dimension altogether. I know in my heart that the Bubbler has already dissolved a great deal of the density of this state of NSW. The air is easier to breath and cleaner, the sun feels brighter and more purifying and a great dark cloud has been lifted from around my head. This is really something…! Thank you” – M.T

After the Bubbler was completed, something very intense happened…. Massive purple and black clouds began to appear out of nowhere, turning yellow and green above the whole city and turning the sky into something akin to a sifi movie. This was completely unexpected! The wind picked up, very light to begin, but grew with intensity over the nexft 30min. Then the rain came out of nowhere…! Then suddenly, like a flick of a switch, the wind and rain stopped and great hush came over the land.

Here’s the article that was written in the Sydney Morning Herald the day after the Bubbler was installed… one of Australia’s most prominent and respected newspapers…

By JAMES WOODFORD Environment Writer

“It was huge, it was beautiful. There were a few flashes and bangs in it” . . . but the spectacular sky show that hovered menacingly over Sydney at 2 pm yesterday was all bluff.

The skies turned apocalyptic yesterday — and Sydney stood still, and waited. As a massive sharp-edged black cloud rolled in, Independent Day style, drivers caught in traffic looked up nervously, beachgoers stood motionless, pondering lightning strikes, and those caught up in last autumn’s hailstorm thought — here we go again. The maelstrom appeared as Weather Bureau staff were preparing for their World Meteorology Day drinks, and the forecasters were just as impressed by the spectacle as the rest of the city’s residents. 

“It was huge, it was beautiful. There were a few flashes and bangs in it,” a spokesman said. But it was all bluff — some of the most spectacular clouds since April 12, 1999, when hail wrought more than $1 billion damage across the suburbs, dissipated as quickly as they had appeared. The clouds had struck almost exactly at 2 pm and were the flagbearers for the cold front that the bureau has been forecasting for the past few days. Like home and car-owners, however, the bureau was relieved that the front passed without incident, and no major warnings were issued. This was “because there was no severe weather” the bureau spokesman said.

But for the city that has become used to counting the daily rainfall using the fingers of both hands, yesterday was also a disappointment — between 9am and 3pm a mere 5 millimetres fell on Sydney. The city had reached a maximum of 24 degrees before the change arrived and todays temperature is expected to reach 21 degrees. Oh yes. and there should be more showers and cooler conditions through the Weekend.

From The Bubbler Holder Herself…

“…When the Bubbler was placed in our lounge room I felt the energy as a great relaxed, relieved melting and the cool, green uplifting… Even the map in the middle felt crisp, happy and bright. It’s been over 3 weeks now and often I feel the Bubbler as a wonderful energy field, without beginning or end. This field encompasses and flows through all, including the body-mind, without obstruction. When I tune into its energy while at work, it feels the same, and the breath becomes noticeably more obvious—the body wasn’t really breathing before tuning in…  Last Friday, I came home from work and the energy in the house was so strong…! People have moved from their heart quite noticeably since I committed to the Bubbler and have not charged me for some quite expensive services, such as car repairs and road service—I did not ask for these, they were given. Late video returns have not been charged for and all my winter clothes for work were also given to me. Something as simple as asking for a video has resulted in heart-warming communication between myself and the person whole heartedly and with feeling. Thank you for God’s Perfect Response to the pollution in the soil, air and water and to that which creates it. Nothing will ever be the same…” D.B

Some More Testimonials From Sydney-siders who were at the first Sydney Bubbler installation… 

“…The Bubbler was a presence of its own and it was birthing itself into this world, we simply had to yield to it… My hands had so much current through them I couldn’t feel them, they weren’t tangible as flesh, and each breath was breathing in light that nourished and lifted the form. The presence of the Saturn Bubbler was and is an undeniable force and loving blessing. When we went outside, I stood in awe and just breathed it all in. The trees, the land, the birds, the light everything was alive with the Divine current…I could feel the Saturn Bubblers presence everywhere and that was when I began to comprehend
the sheer magnitude of this Gracious Gift and the blessing of it. It was one thing to feel its presence in front of you in the room, but to walk out and feel it everywhere is a wonder… the omnipresence of the Divine. I lay on the grass in the sun feeling the breath and current moving through everything. I could literally see currents of energy moving through the land in waves like a mirage. The earth no-longer felt hard with ‘other’ energetics there was a Pristine quality and newness to everything. We spent an hour sitting with the Bubbler and witnessed moments where time was suspended and we each dissolved into the mystery, no-one just deliciously in the moment…” J.B

“The day dawned clear and bright and the sun shone. It was indeed a wonderful and memorable day in my life—one that will stay with me always. I felt very privileged and say with much gratitude for the invitation to be present at the setting up of the Saturn Bubbler in Sydney. I carried Touching Light Sphere – my whole body sang with the joy, so much energy, more than ever. It was indeed a very precious and emotion-filled time. As each Energy was placed in position one had to keep waking up the body to receive them. The Energies were just so powerful and mind-blowing. When the map of NSW and final Sphere of Energies were in place I felt I wanted to breathe in forever. I’m quite convinced my lung capacity has expanded considerably since then. The sunlight came through the window and embraced the Spheres showing the beauty, richness and variation of the colours. Such a wonderful day. On Sunday I felt stronger mentally and physically. I was very busy but at the same time accomplished many things of giving attention to detail. Everything seemed to flow-I
procrastinate or leave any tasks unfinished. I had energy and will to get on with everything that needed to be done. Today is the same When thinking of the Saturn Bubbler it fills me with a sense of possibility and wonder. God is Gracious.” B.Z

“Every time the Bubbler was turned with a new energy, I felt it integrate more and more. By the time the map was ready to go in it was burning through my hands. After the alignment I lay on the grass out the front to yield even more. The world was not the same anymore, it didn’t even feel like the same planet. Thank you”. – D.S.F

“All were touched deeply and could feel the intensification of the energy throughout the body and room, I could feel, with every breath, each energy entering my whole form and field, like a huge sphere of light and intense vibration coming through the crown and heart, merging and expanding. My heart space just continued to expand and expand as the whole room and all present merged with the energy. . . My experience when carrying the Nuclear Tracker around the room, was that I could feel it deep within my own form as though it had fully entered and had become all of my body and field. I could feel it clearing each individual as I took it around and for each there was a definite moment when a heart opening took place and it seemed to enter their heart .. ‘ My level of comprehension of what was happening and what this matter represents to the World seemed so miniscule in relation to what was being experienced which was totally beyond all words that could ever be expressed. After the structure was complete and
activated, we each had a drink of the Saturn Bubbler energy and sat speechless, feeling the purification taking place and the delicious intensity.

The breath had become easier, the weight was lifted from within and around my body, the radiance of each one present was obvious. There was nothing to say…only the breath…We sat gazing at the Bubbler feeling the energy continuing to intensify and feeling ourselves merging in and out of time and space. It was hard to leave, but Manly Beach was calling for a delicious swim and our first opportunity to feel the Saturn Bubbler in the outside world! The lightness of every breath and every cell of my body was indescribable… then and now! I remember the taste and fizz in the water and food we ate, which had been passed over the Bubbler…it was truly alive and tingling! The sea at Manly was truly Pristine, ‘fresh’ and alive. The next day brings more lightness, more life current and a sense of a huge oppressive weight being lifted from the body and the bodily field (and Sydney). I now know whole bodily that this World will ‘never be the same’ through the gracious sacrifice. May all come to feel this radiance and choose to be released. All were touched deeply and could feel the intensification of the energy throughout the body and room… Thank you God!” – N.P.