The 2nd Saturn Bubbler was placed in Austin — Texas, February 2000

“Today the world is utterly transformed for I am utterly transformed. Now I know the meaning of ‘the undeserved kindness of the Lord’…”

The night after the Saturn Bubbler went up…
“The first real rains in months have just begun, the dark and gloomy is thoroughly away. It was such a pristine and clear day. There is such a deepening peace dawning.”

The day after the big rains…
“last night it rained for the entire night! It was the first time it rained for more than an hour in over a year. We have been having a severe drought. Some friends asked how the ‘Bubbler’ can purify such a large area,
I think they may have their answer!”

“My wife and I own a small ranch smack in the heart of Texas, just outside of Austin. Austin is the capital of Texas and is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA due to the Computer Boom. We live in what is called the Hill Country and it has been our intention for a number of years to preserve the beauty of this land. We have small organic gardens, rainwater catchment systems, gravel wetlands sewage treatment and many other environmentally sound systems in place. Yet all this cannot protect us from the toxic substances polluting the air and water and within the past couple of years, the use of microwave devices for cell phones has become a major problem. I have three small children and I felt saddened at the situation. This was my situation when I first became acquainted with the Saturn Bubbler. In one sense it is quite a simple looking object, more on the level of art rather than environmental science. It consists of 13 spheres about the size of nice cantaloupe melons, liquid filled and arranged in tiers. It is simple like a tomato is simple. It is just a tomato until you think about the miracle of its creation. I think gardeners realize the miracle in simplicity. Just so, the Saturn Bubble is a miracle in its simplicity. It had not rained for months and months with no end to the drought. The day we installed it, heavy rain fell for a few hours. Two nights later it rained for the entire night. The following morning there was a freshness to the air which filled my heart. This sweet freshness of the air continues now that the rain has ended. For the past few years, we have been unsuccessful in growing cabbage. My wife went ahead and planted again and this year they are huge and completely free of infestation, also the aphids which are usually prolific are completely gone. These are just a few observations which someone else may or may not experience however, I do feel clearly the effect of the ‘Bubbler’ is to restore the pristine quality of the Earth. The human may not even recognize this effect but the plants and the animals respond to the change. This you will notice. In regards to the future of the earth, I consider the Saturn bubbler the best investment I have ever made.” 

Sirrah Lore Texas, USA. February 2000