Feeling The Venezuela Heart Of Space & Bubblers

We wanted to share these photos of a beautiful Heart Of Space from Venezuela, with the Qualitative Evolution Bubbler. They rest up high in an office building, downtown Caracas. These photos are significant to view, appreciate and invoke at this time considering the destabilisation going on in Venezuela now.

Establishing Heart Of Space and the Alchymeic presence in Venezuela has been a major part of our Hermetic work for many years. And thanks to a group of dedicated individuals, we have managed to place several Heart Of Space throughout the country, particularly in Caracas. 

The work of the Alchymie, and Bubblers in particular, is to energetically purify and transform everything it touches – bringing a great force of Divine Light and blessing presence to a country. How this purification and blessing manifestation and is to appear is ultimately a matter of the Divine. There is much darkness and karma that needs to be purified all over the world. Every country has its unique karmic history which requires special/specific Alchymeic Energies to be created for it. The work of the Bubblers is to help facilitate this healing and transforming, not only for the landscape, but also the people.

May all those who need help to be lifted and transformed at this time, particularly in places like Venezuela, be blessed and supported by this Hermetic Presence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

*If you are familiar with the Alchymie and know how to tune into the Bubblers, we encourage you to join the ongoing ‘Universal Hermetic Prayer’ vigil being held all around the world at this time. If you’d like to know more about how to connect with this particular work, please contact us.