Hello folks. You may have been aware that the German Heart Of Space was being moved…? Well it has arrived safely at its new home. Lovely to see and hear form them. Here is a little letter from our new Heart Of Space holder. Enjoy

“Dear friends… The Heart of Space is wide open in Germany. Contour delivered the Heart of Space to Wolf while I was still in Texas. They set it up on the furniture in my little ‘office’ in our home. Yesterday, Wolf and I aligned the elements of the Heart of Space using the instructions by aligning the Fractiliser with the North, the Traveling Bubbler to the West and the Saturn Bubbler to the East. Today we had our first visitors since my arrival three days ago. Andrea, pictured below, is from the north of Germany and lived in Australia for seven months within the Hermes community. Her friend Jannik, also pictured, drove with her the many kilometers to pick up the Saturn Bubbler spheres that were left in Wolf’s care by Contour, awaiting Andrea’s arrival.

To feel the energy of the Heart of Space upon my arrival was wonderful, but I can honestly say, that once the elements were aligned, a major energetic shift occurred in our home, so peaceful and so powerful, we’ve been totally at ease. I raise my glass and raise a cheer to Proper Alignment!

Please give our best wishes and our Love to ShowmMe and all the beautiful friends who live within the energetic embrace of the Heart of Space. Our deepest gratitude to all who contributed to our profound honor of caretaker-ship. Love.” – Barbara