The Movement To Place A Bubbler In Egypt

Every Bubbler that graces the world is a special and sacred moment. However, sometimes the Heart Of Space Movement gets the opportunity to place one of these incredible Alchymeic Energies in a spot that holds significant energy on Earth. Egypt is one of those powerful and important places.

Beyond what is known to us these days about Egypts historical, spiritual and energetic significance, there is much more yet to be unlocked about the lineage of esoteric teachings and sacred wisdom that was birthed there. Alchymie itself was founded in Egypt by the legendary Egyptian philosopher and Alchymist, Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth), who developed the alchymeic process known as Hermetic, or Hermetic Science. He inscribed this wisdom upon a stone tablet known as ‘The Emerald Tablet’, including his famous observation “As Above, So Below”, as well as a description and language of the process of creation. Most, if not all, historical evidence of Hermes Trismegistus, including the Emerald Tablet, has been destroyed, hidden or lost over time. There are now only channelled or intuited versions available.

The placement of a Bubbler in Egypt is not only appropriate but also timely. This gesture is during this critical juncture in human history is a powerful gift to help to purify mankind’s past, unlock the dormant ancient wisdom residing within every human soul, and ignite the process of growth and awakening necessary for the next phase of human evolution.

The Heart of Space Movement is delighted to announce that we will be supporting the fundraising project to get a Saturn Bubbler for Egypt. The time is right, the people are in place to support receiving it, and the funding drive is now activated. We invite you to join us by donating and / or becoming a member today! 

A Message From One Who Travels With The Alchymie To Egypt

We have a dedicated group of Hermetic Practitioners who frequently visit Egypt to engage in transformative energy work and meditation using the Alchymie. These individuals possess valuable connections that not only enable us to successfully bring the Bubbler into the country but also ensure a secure environment for its optimal functioning.

Their firsthand experience with taking the Alchymie into Egypt has led them to realise the vital role of placing a Bubbler in this location. They believe that it is of utmost importance for the well-being of our planet, the harmonisation of energy grids, and the facilitation of a widespread awakening for the next phase of human consciousness.

Here is a statement from one of our practitioners, highlighting their profound energetic encounters in Egypt and emphasising the significance of this Bubbler fundraiser.

“Egypt lies on the Nilotic line from South Pole to North Pole through Timbavari, the white Lion area of Africa , and the gold rich country up through the rift valley though Egypt to Ukraine, Kiev and Russian and up to the North Pole. This is an outer expression of the earth core. Therefore important energy work can be done here which affects the whole, for good or otherwise. It is my understanding that Egypt is the Brow chakra of this line. I feel that Luxor is the heart of Egypt and Cairo area is the brow of Egypt with the sacred Nile flowing through the middle. The Nile, although physically polluted, feels pure and calm.

The great pyramid is of key importance to the planet. It is connected to all the sacred sites and energy lines around the planet. It is very old and no one today fully understands why or how it was constructed. I feel the Saturn Bubbler placed in Egypt is of great significance to help lift the heavy karma of Egypt, the beginning of civilisation and roots of our present society and paradigm. Holding the most ancient history which affected all other countries Egypt holds thousands of years of karma which needs to be shifted and transformed as we move into a new age. A Saturn Bubbler would help this transition and help raise the consciousness of humanity and the planet.

We just need the financial flow to bring this into Manifestation. We ask for your prayers for this to happen and the Saturn Bubbler to be in Egypt to lift the ancient and present karma for the good of the whole planet. Please reach out and open up to possibilities for the financial support to manifest this vision.”

The Critical Timing

We have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind, where the earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the outcome of actions that are made from that which is less than love. Lifetimes of actions motivated by greed and separative desiring have taken a toll that we stand witness to at this present time.

For lifetimes we have forgotten the truth and created societies that are based on linear thinking. Our actions have been motivated by self-desiring and self-protection. The shift must now occur for the sake of all, from the egocentric to the recognition of feeling and unity consciousness. This shift in consciousness is supported by these Heart of Space Centres. They are such an invocation – a space where at last, the mind falls into the feeling Heart and the Heart awakens to Remembrance of our greatest possibility…

Our desire and intention to create such spaces is to allow as many beings as possible to awaken to the Remembrance of the Heart’s intuition – the reawakening of the intelligence of the Heart, which is Love – a Remembrance of the Mystery itself. May this be so.


Now is the time for the Space to be created for the Heart to Remember. The Heart of Space then is such an invocation – to create a space where at last the mind falls into the Heart and the Heart awakens to Remembrance.