Our quarterly Heart Of Space Meditation/Prayers are connecting people with the Heart Of Space Presence around the world, in unity, continual energy work & prayer. This is an extraordinary opportunity to bring people like you together with others who are ready for the ‘real work’, to inspire real healing and restoration, & to support the great transition taking place on the planet.

Come join our quarterly Heart gathering in JULY.
All welcome!

These gatherings are an opportunity to receive a powerful psychic clearing, alignment and restoration, as well as help you connect to the ‘bigger picture’, the ‘Universal Hermetic Presence’. Our commitment to help everyone at this time is to hold these gatherings for all regions of the world! We invite you to make this commitment and join us.
*Join any and all gatherings regardless of what region you are in. Even participate in more than one. Let us grow this esoteric current together.

JULY – 3rd to 6th

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