Energies On The New Ireland Saturn Bubbler Upgrade

Energies On The New Ireland Saturn Bubbler Upgrade

Over the years since the Saturn Bubblers were first created in 2000, they have gradually passed through a profound shift in intensity. When the first Bubblers were created, each sphere only held one Alchymeic Energy, with a total of 13 Alchymeic Energies on an entire Bubbler. Since then, the energetic evolution has progressed through several ‘upgrades’ in the esoteric energy force. Now… each sphere alone has at least eight energies (with some Bubblers now holding over 110 Energies), making the latest Saturn Bubblers a very powerful force of esoteric transformation indeed…!

The latest of these Saturn Bubblers is soon to be placed in Ireland where it will be upgrading an original Saturn Bubbler. This is a very exciting event, and one we will be letting people know more about in the coming weeks. In anticipation of this new Ireland Saturn Bubbler installation, we would like to share with you all the list of Alchymeic Energies that have been carefully selected for Ireland at this time.

*This Bubbler is being fundraised by the Heart Of Space Movement Membership. The purchase of this Bubbler is almost complete and we are looking for some final contributions to help ship the Bubbler next week. You can donate directly to this using the following link.

Ireland Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Energies

1. RCsL Maha (ON TOP)

– RCsL Nuclear Radiation Wizard
– RCsL Negative Terraformer
– RCsL Chemical Warfare – Arranging 183
– RCsL The Doorway to Hell
– RCsL Earth in Upheaval
– RCsL Politics Of Experience Wizard – Arranging 255
– RCsL Fey Elixir
– RCsL Whiskey
– RCsL Three Monkeys

2. RCsL Fractal Earth Healer – Arranging 362 (ON TOP)

– RCsL Earth Works
– RCsL Ocean Currents
– RCsL Strange Attractor – Weather Extremes
– RCsL Climate Change
– RCsL Mother Earth
– RCsL Sentimentality and Nostalgia Elixir
– RCsL Adaptation To Light Being – Whole-body Awakening

3. RCsL Touching Light (ON TOP)

– RCsL Doorway to Heaven
– RCsL Earth Rising – Arranging 200
– RCsL Heart of Space – Arranging 12
– RCsL Transitionings
– RCsL Age of Light
– RCsL Angel of Despair
– RCsL Angel of Anger
– RCsL Angel of Fear
– RCsL Angel of Sorrow

4. RCsL Primary Heart Energy – Arranging 354 (ON TOP)

– RCsL Combinatorial Heart – Arranging 201
– RCsL In My Company
– RCsL Archangel Michael
– RCsL Religious
– RCsL Arr 1441 – Conc 1431
– RCsL The Unholy – Arranging 288
– RCsL The Unknown Angels

5. RCsL Nuclear Tracker RCsL Super Nuclear Tracker (ON TOP)

– RCsL Facilitator – Arranging 232
– RCsL 42 Spider Elixir – Arranging 185
– RCsL Atlantis
– RCsL Concoction 16
– RCsL Gotcha Box
– RCsL Light Breaks Where No Light Shines
– RCsL Hey! Hey! Doom Bubble: Lord Of Darkness

6. RCsL Goodbye Electro-Magnetics – Arranging 330 (ON TOP)

– RCsL Hardware Alien Below the Plane of the Ecliptic
– RCsL Metallic Genesis – Arranging 69
– RCsL Lifestream – Arranging 186
– RCsL Chess Players Mirrors
– RCsL Battlestar Galactica
– RCsL Emerging Through The Ethos
– RCsL Learning To Stand Beyond The Solid Plane

7. RCsL Noah’s Ark (ON TOP)

– RCsL Melting Ice
– RCsL The Seed of the Species – Arranging 136
– RCsL Rainmaker Wizard
– RCsL Drought Daemon Wizard
– RCsL Concoction 14 Double Strength
– RCsL Combinatorial Concoction 41 Elixir
– RCsL Temples Of Venus

8. RCsL Geo Triplet (ON TOP)

– RCsL Absolute Zero Ray
– RCsL Terraformer
– RCsL Balance – Arranging 309
– RCsL Simple Programmes Underlying the Complexity of the Natural Order Wizard
– RCsL Computational Equivalence Wizard
– RCsL Jackdaw Of Hours
– RCsL Jackdaw Of Dreams

9. RCsL Hyper-Telomerase – Arranging 374 (ON TOP)

– RCsL Sunworks – RR Arranging 243
– RCsL Underneath the Arches – Arranging 308
– RCsL Pristine
– RCsL Don Juan Egg Elixir – Arranging 280
– RCsL Shock Of Evocation
– RCsL The Fellowship Of The Essenes
– RCsL The Esoteric School Of Higher Learning

10. RCsL Jack and the Beanstalk (ON TOP)

– RCsL Eden
– RCsL Verdant Function – Arranging 70
– RCsL Deep Forest
– RCsL Poisons in the Garden – Arranging 8
– RCsL Cosmic Rain
– RCsL Hell Freezes Over
– RCsL MSI – iii. Regeneration

11. RCsL Sonic Hedgehog (ON TOP)

– RCsL The Divine Enters the World Through Water – Arranging 15
– RCsL Astrology Wizard
– RCsL Earthquake Lightning
– RCsL Arranging 11
– RCsL Ascension Codes
– RCsL Vesica Piscis
– RCsL Lineage Of Light

12. RCsL Earth’s Magnetic Field – Arranging 331 (ON TOP)

– RCsL Earth Plane Polarisation – Arranging 20
– RCsL The Universal Gravitation Principle – Arranging 193
– RCsL Ozone Layer
– RCsL Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– RCsL The Weapon Shop
– RCsL My Domain Is Advancing
– RCsL The Uncompromising Force Of God

13. RCsL Abraxas Cosmic Spider – Arranging 185 (ON TOP)

– RCsL Hermes Prophecy – Arranging 14
– RCsL Wellspring – Arranging 289
– RCsL Feng Shui Wizard
– RCsL God’s Little Green Acre
– RCsL Leviathan
– RCsL The Great Book Of Nature
– RCsL The Great And Wondrous Mirrors Of Divine Law
– RCsL Wrecking Ball Marc 2

14. RCsL Soulfire – Arranging 168

– RCsL Actualisation

Example Photos Of The Saturn Bubbler Spheres

Amazing New Bubbler Upgrade Complete!

Amazing New Bubbler Upgrade Complete!

Breaking News:
The Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Is Complete!

There is a shrill in the air as the first Saturn Bubbler Upgrade was completed this week
What an extraordinary current of esoteric, transformative energy!
 Thank you to the many people who joined us LIVE from all over the world. And a heartfelt thank you to our Heart Of Space Members for funding this Bubbler Upgrade.

Who’s Next…

Our Bubbler Upgrade Initiative has now identified the next 4 Saturn Bubblers most in need of an upgrade. These Bubbler Holders are excited and very grateful to be considered for this programme.

The decision of which Saturn Bubbler is upgraded next rests with our ‘Heart of Space Movement Members’. Each member has an opportunity to cast 1 vote. Voting will be open for 2 weeks following the Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler Upgrade. All members will be emailed a special voting link. Once voting closes on 14th of December, we will be announcing the next location.

The Candidates Are:
– New Zealand, North Island
– Adelaide, Australia
– Singapore
– Ireland

.   .   .  .


Voting is now open for 2 weeks until
Friday 10th December (Australia Time)

All members have been emailed a special invitation to vote. Once voting closes we will be announcing the next location.


There’s Still Time To Become
A Member And Vote!

Become a member today for as little as $10 aud per month. Join the movement to realise more Heart Of Spaces worldwide! There’s Still Time To Become A Member and Vote!


How To Engage The Heart Of Space Presence

How To Engage The Heart Of Space Presence

These extraordinary Esoteric Artefacts have a profound energy radius which reaches out across an entire state of a country and beyond. Their presence can be felt, connected with, or ‘tuned into’ from anywhere in this entire realm. The Energy of the Heart of Space and Bubblers is available to EVERYONE! That is their function – to support, nourish, clear and provide space for transformation and awakening.

We call this presence the
‘Universal Hermetic Presence’

The Universal Hermetic Presence is already a field of energy that can be and is being connected with If you are particularly sensitive to feeling ‘energy’ and doing ‘energy work’. You may already have tuned in to a Bubbler or Heart Of Space and experienced its energy. Fundamentally all this requires is an open heart, a moment to take a breath and come into feeling, and to be ‘available’ to receiving the Bubbler energy. It is also important to have a general awareness of the presence of the Bubblers in the state or country that you are ‘feeling into’, however specific knowledge of where they are located in any particular country isn’t ultimately necessary. Feeling into the presence of the Heart Of Space can be likened to calling out to it, in the silence of your meditation and practice of feeling – asking its energy to be present to you and allowing yourself to be open in the moment to receive.

Some people also say that holding the vision of a Bubbler within their ‘minds-eye’ whilst they invoke the Heart Of Space Energy helps them connect with the presence. This is akin to a prayer of manifestation or focus on the presence itself. We often say ‘coming back into feeling’, meaning coming out of our heads, out of the business of our days (which can often not be full of ‘feeling’), and back into our bodies, connecting again to the earth, breath and heart-space.

There are also a couple of simple practices given to those who are engaging the Alchymeic Energy Work that can be engaged which support this level of sensitivity and feeling for the Heart Of Space. These are along the lines of meditation and breath techniques. In fact, any technique you might already know for breath and feeling will certainly work in helping and allowing you to connect with the Universal Hermetic Presence. Ultimately it is a simple as ‘coming back to your heart’. 

Here is a one such exercise that you can practice whilst feeling into the
‘Universal Hermetic Presence’.

To Practice ‘Feeling Into’ The Universal Hermetic Presence,
this simple consideration on ‘Conductivity of  The Life-force’ can be engaged.

To allow true receptivity of the Hermetic touch, the following practice of
conductivity of the life-force 
should be engaged:

• Feel into the Mystery of existence, which is beyond all knowledge. In feeling into the Mystery knowledge is suspended allowing greater receptivity.

• Receptivity is enhanced by breathing to and from the ‘vital’ (or navel).

• Allow ‘attention’ to rest at a point in the head at the root of the nose. This point is the Seat of Consciousness relative to the body. At the Seat of Consciousness all ‘things’ high and low pass through. Thus, there is no need to ever allow attention to wander from this point.

The whole practice described above is to be at last an eternal practice,
of receptivity and release.

More About The Practice Of Conductivity:
Real Feeling / Breathing / Conductivity

‘Conductivity’ – Another Word For  ‘Real Feeling’

The practice that is called ‘conductivity’, which you will begin to understand over time, basically means receiving the life-force ‘whole bodily’.

Learning to breathe to and from Infinity begins to allow us to see that Real life is the reception and release of the Infinite current. This is a growth and adaptation over time.

What we discover over time is that real nourishment is received by partaking in this ‘Divine Infinite breath’. As we learn to receive and allow the current consciously to enter every cell of our beings, we are filled with the nourishment of this Infinite Blissful space. As we learn conductivity we hold that breath and allow it to circulate and stimulate every cell, toe to crown. Thus we are reinvigorated whole-bodily in the blissful communing with the prior disposition or the Mystery of existence. The Alchymeic Energies are designed to touch every level of the being, and our capacity to ‘conduct’ this current moment to moment is a fundamental conscious exercise.

When we truly begin to understand that we are alive as energy, we start to discover a whole new level of relationship to life. We begin to see things differently and understand that everything is alive! We being to feel a new impulse towards others, life and the planet at large. Our actions start to change.

The Alchymeic Energies literally allow psychic space for you to relocate this feeling dimension of existence.

‘Whole-body’ Conductivity

The ‘life-force’ is another name given to the ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ that we conduct through the circuitry of the body and our auras. Therefore, when we are ‘conducting’ energy, we are receiving the ‘force’ of ‘life’ and subsequently allowing more flow into our entire lives.

We naturally conduct the life-force every moment of every day – we wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t!

But our bodies and energy field are designed to be able to receive much more than what we currently allow. Therefore, allowing more ‘life-force’ into our circuits, allows much more flow in general. When we learn to do this consciously we may start to feel different, noticing more free energy is available to us throughout our daily life. We call this bodily awakening to the life-force ‘whole-body conductivity or awakening to whole-body Enlightenment.

There are many ways that we can awaken this process over time, such as yoga, exercise, breathing, diet. All of these can help remind you that there is a greater level of energy available to us in every moment.

Practising whole-body conductivity as a daily discipline created the fundamental ‘fire’ or resistance of the alchymeic process which ignites the beginnings of whole-body Enlightenment.

The Breath

When we enter into the real process of transformation we begin to awaken to real breath. Breathing is not simply a matter of ‘in and out’, it is awakening to the fact that every in breath is equivalent to real reception.

When we breathe ‘In’ properly we are receiving life-force and allowing this current to enter down through the entire being. As we breath ‘Out’, we are allowing that nourishing current to permeate and release through the entire form all the way to the toes.

Reception of the Infinite current and release of that current infinitely is the key and that is the practice of learning to allow these bodies to come alive via the breath. Breath is about the capacity to let life in and eliminate all that is, by breathing to and from infinity. Anything less than this ultimately causes congestion within the energy systems of the body-mind.

In breathing in the true form we are aligned to the Mystery, breathing to and from Infinity. The higher developmental levels of ‘spiritual life’ are dependent on being supplied with energy from the navel.

Consider this… breath is an aspect of mind. For example, if you suddenly become frightened, you hold your breath, and it may also become fitful. Our connection to the Divine is discovered by yielding the breath to and from infinity. Our whole life needs to be sacrificed via the breath in this way, until at last we are identified with the Divine as the absolute one.

We must fully participate in this process of reception and release via the breath. The breath ultimately reveals our dependent nature on that which is beyond and greater than us, the Infinite Divine.

We are truly excited and inspired to invite you our next ‘Heart Of Space Week’ for 2021! This is a world-wide celebration, meditation & prayer – to bring everyone together at the Heart and offer not only energetic support, but powerful Unity gatherings to shift the Consciousness. Read on to see how you can participate. All welcome!
(*Registration links Below)

Times & Zoom Links

Here are the time zones and zoom links for you to register. All Welcome!
*Make sure you click on the ‘link’ and register for each gathering you wish to join!
Come join in this extraordinary event and be a part of the true ‘Esoteric revolution’ taking place at this time

What Is ‘Heart Of Space Week’ & How Do I Participate?

‘Heart Of Space Week’ is a week long celebration of the Heart Of Space. Traditionally we invite people to come together wherever they can to visit the Bubblers and participate with the energy directly. However, because of the current ‘social-distancing’ worldwide, these events are going to be held on Zoom. We do invite our Bubbler holders to gather people where they can, however everyone is welcome to join in wherever you are. During Heart of Space Week, five Zoom events will take place – one for each major region/time zone of the planet where there are Bubblers and Heart of Space. These gatherings provide support and energetic healing, transformation and awakening worldwide as well as bringing a deep restorative blessing for the earth plane itself! Coming together in unity to breathe, meditate & pray is the greatest thing we can be doing. Having access to the amazing Heart Of Space energies is a profound gift in accelerating this shift now! Come and be a part of the ‘Esoteric Solution’. Breathe, Meditate, Pray!
*All five zoom links are available to everyone worldwide and everyone is invited to participate on as many zooms as possible!

What You Need In Order To Join In…

All you need is an open heart, a willingness to participate in a spiritual, transformative, unity event with your ‘heart friends’ around the world,  and bring your energy, love and desire for growth and healing worldwide. That’s it!
(*Well there are a couple of ‘practical’ things, like being in a quiet space free from distractions and being comfortable etc… but we’ll send all registrants a detailed list of how to prepare).

Bubbler Upgrade Programme

Announcing The Upgrade
Of 20 Saturn Bubblers

To all of our wonderful Heart Of Space Family around the world. As part of the continued ’20th Year Celebration’ of The Heart Of Space. we are embarking on a four year project to upgrade 20 of the original Saturn Bubblers around the world!

This is a significant event and one we’d really love you help with.
Read on…

How It Will Work

Over the next four years the Heart Of Space Movement will be giving 20 Saturn Bubbler upgrades to Bubblers that we’ve identified as the most important and in need (one every 3 months). This programme is a four year commitment on behalf of the Movement, one that will have huge energetic benefits for the world!
The first Bubbler upgrade will be setup during this ‘October Heart Of Space Week’ celebrations where everyone will be invited to participate. 
This will be the initiation of the four year programme and something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by. We’ve been collecting members like you from around the world for two years now, and with your help we are going to do something wonderful.

Do You Have A Saturn Bubbler?

We are looking for appropriate candidates…

Our Heart Of Space Committee has already identified some of the Saturn Bubblers for this programme. But we would like to hear from anyone holding a Saturn Bubbler who loves their Bubbler and would appreciate, care for and honour a Bubbler upgrade. If this is you, we will consider your participation in this programme. Here’s the criteria:

The Criteria…

– Become a Gold Member for minimum of four years.

– Commit to helping signing up 15 new Heart Of Space Members.

– Be willing to help hold additional fundraising events over the four years, 
as well as monthly Bubbler gatherings where possible.

– Sign a ‘Bubbler Commitment Form’ agreeing to the protocol for how to 
hold and care for the Bubblers.

*The first three upgrades will be allocated to those who feel that they are ready and able to full-fill the criteria immediately. Then, each further upgrade after that will be chosen using an anonymous voting ballot for Heart Of Space Members only. This way, it will remain a mystery every three months whose Bubbler will be upgraded next.

If you have a Bubbler that needs to be upgraded, and you feel you could commit to this programme, please contact us asap!

What Can You Do To Participate?

If you don’t have a Bubbler, we still need extra help…

The Heart Of Space Movement relies on its monthly membership contributions to purchase the product to give to the world. This is our raison d’être – raising funds to gift these wondrous energies to the world to allow many more beings the opportunity to enjoy and experience them

In order to acheive this four year goal we need a minimum of 250 HOS Members. We are well underway to meeting this target. And with the launch of this initiative and your help, we are sure to inspire many more people to get onboard! 

If you are a member, but don’t have a Bubbler, there are two direct ways that you can participate…

Upgrade To A Gold Member
Are you currently a ‘silver member’? If so, consider upgrading to a ‘gold member’. This is only a small increase to approximately
$10AU per week. 

Help Us Get More Members
Do you know someone who would appreciate supporting this Movement? Help us reach out to them – let them know what we are doing and that they can become members also.

Why Upgrade The Bubblers?

The Saturn Bubblers form the foundation of the Alchymie all over the world. They are a powerful anchoring of the Divine Light Current, helping to create and hold a space for real healing, restoration and renewal.

When the first Saturn Bubblers were created over 20 years ago,  they were only given one Alchymeic Energy per sphere. 20 years on, with the evolution of the Alchymie and the intensity of the Divine Light entering now, the new Saturn Bubblers are given over 100 energies, each sphere holding a powerful current for purification, transformation, healing and awakening.

It is important to honour the work that has been done by all of us together over the years – to help get the Bubblers to the world. Ultimately our goal is to upgrade every Saturn Bubbler on the planet. Let’s start with these initial 20 and grow this initiative together form there. 

Thank you again for your recognition and support.
Together in Unity we ARE the Esoteric Solution!

Become A ‘Heart of Space Member’

We are growing a worldwide team of ‘Hearts’ – meditators, engagers, supporters and beneficiaries – a family of Heart committed beings willing to help us get the Heart of Space to the world. With your help we create and facilitate events, teaching others about the wonder of esoteric energy work as well as facilitate placements of the Heart Of Space in places we had never dreamed of! This is our passion. And we need help.
If you have ever been moved by the work of the Heart of Space, been supported in any way and would like to give back to this wonderful cause, we invite you to become a member and get involved. For as little as $10 AUD per month you can help us give more people around the world the opportunity to experience the Heart of Space. Become an active part of the Esoteric Solution!