Invitation – Singapore Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Event

Invitation – Singapore Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Event

We can’t wait for this Saturday to participate in our final ‘official’ Heart of Space Event for 2022 – the Installation of a Saturn Bubbler Upgrade for the Singapore Bubbler!

The Upgraded Spheres have arrived and our friends there are ready and waiting for this special moment.

This is an official zoom event planned and we would love to invite as many of you as possible to join in. Simply click this link to register.

*Dec 17, 2022 11:00 AM Singapore

2022 – It’s A Wrap!

2022 – It’s A Wrap!

To all of our amazing Heart Of Space Movement Members – we can’t thank you enough for your generosity and support in helping us get Heart Of Space artefacts out to the world. This year has been our most successful yet and we couldn’t have done it without you!

It continues to be our mission to gift this extraordinary Alchymie to as many points on the plant at such a critical time. You are part of making that difference!  Here’s to continuing this critical work together in 2023.

And Finally….

Another Saturn Bubbler Installation for 2022.
This Saturday!

Ayuda a nuestros amigos en Colombia a completar su compra del Bubbler Viajero

Ayuda a nuestros amigos en Colombia a completar su compra del Bubbler Viajero

Ayuda a nuestros amigos en Colombia a completar su compra del Bubbler Viajero

Ha sido un absoluto placer ver el florecimiento y el crecimiento de nuestro Movimiento del Corazón del Espacio en Sudamérica durante estos últimos años. Han ido de fuerza en fuerza.

Recientemente, nuestro grupo principal se comprometió a comprar un Bubbler Viajero, es un gran acto de fe para ellos, tanto financiera como energéticamente. Hermes y el Movimiento del Corazón del Espacio han estado trabajando con ellos para hacer de esto una posibilidad.

Una de las representantes clave de este grupo viajó a Australia esta semana para un momento de inmersión, capacitación en trabajo energético y para llevarse el Travelling Bubbler a casa.

Ya casi completaron el pago y necesitan nuestra ayuda para finalizarlo a fines de esta semana.

Aquí está un poco de la historia…

“He sentido el llamado de traer el Bubbler Viajero para Colombia y compartirlo en espacios donde pueda tener un impacto en las personas, presente o futuro, para nuestro territorio, ya sean empresas, universidades y colectividades.

El Bubbler Viajero podrá irradiar su luz y consciencia generando una limpieza de densidad, de bloqueo y dificultad que se han manifestado en situaciones complejas del país. Estamos haciendo lo posible para limpiar y sanar la historia. Se que el Bubbler ayudará mucho y también apoyará la apertura del espacio de luz para que otros artefactos del Corazón del Espacio puedan venir, conectando y generando esa nueva tierra que queremos aquí en Colombia a través de las personas y lugares.

Gracias a todos por ayudarnos a traer este Bubbler Viajero a Colombia”

Adiela Narino Otero

Miembra del Movimiento del Corazón del Espacio

What Is Heart of Space Week

What Is Heart of Space Week


We are alive at a truly extraordinary time in human history. As we are witnessing daily, there is much de-stabilisation. The world is at a critical turning point and we have a profound opportunity right now for truly great awakening, transformation and growth.

There is a vast and powerful presence of esoteric healing force on the planet right now that all beings are able to access and connect with. This unique work is the culmination of a lifetime dedication to the process of Alchymie and Hermetic awakening, finding a greater way to touch, bless and help many more beings. We call that presence ‘The Heart Of Space Presence’, or the ‘Universal Hermetic Presence’. This ‘field’ or energy is created by a network of hundreds of unique Alchymie artefacts that have been specially placed all over the world for the last 20 years. They hold a very important energy and presence, radiating wellbeing and creating space for the Heart to come to rest. This is their primary intention – to create space again for all beings to locate their own intuitive Heart once again.

In addition to visiting and enjoying a Heart of Space centres directly, their presence can be felt and connected with no matter where you are in the world. This is what our Heart Of Space Week meditation/prayers are all about – helping everyone ‘link up’ with the profound energy of the Heart Of Space Presence.

The Heart Of Space is a non-denominational current of love and light. It is here for all beings to discover, enjoy and utilise. Therefore it is available to all beings, no matter what denomination you wish to adhere to.

So come and join us this week for the Heart of Space Week meditation/prayer. We will teach you how to connect with this presence and help inspire you for your coming year. All welcome!


In addition to the 5 Zoom meditations this week, it is our desire to inspire people everywhere to re-establish their practice and ‘take-up-the-torch’ to be the difference in the world this year. No matter what spiritual or religious discipline you adhere to, everyone has a role to play right now in helping correct the energy of this time and shift the balance back into ‘feeling’, ‘heart’ and ‘service in love’, before it’s too late. Everything you do DOES make a difference. We know you know this… even if you have never established any form of spiritual practice, you would intuitively know that deep down, even morally, it is important for all of us to change the way that we’ve been living in order to inspire real change at a global level now.

Therefore, during Heart of Space Week, we invite each and every one of you to consider your daily practice and feel into how you can re-ignite this flame within your own life. whether it be as simple as starting yoga again, or setting up your ‘special place’ in your home for energy work, meditation and prayer… Whatever it is, you already know what to do.


‘Upping The Ante’ on your ‘practice’:

If you are honest with yourself, you may have noticed that you might have dropped your ‘life positive ‘disciplines a little. Particularly over the last year as things became very intense worldwide, it may have been challenging for you to maintain your equilibrium and even give yourself space for practice. So take a moment to consider your practice – what kind of practice you have, what you might be able to do to get it back on track.

Take Your Health Into Account…:

Now more than ever, it is important for everyone to have good diet and appropriate exercise firmly establish at the centre of their practice. This is essential. At this time we are under immense bodily and energetic pressure. So making sure you have figured out what works for you as a diet as well as exercise. The body is our temple… quite literally, the vehicle for our passage of growth, awakening and transformation whilst alive. So the body needs to be taken into account with gentle health and wellbeing. You know what’s right for you. Consider it and initiate it this week. The energy is there for you to get this back on track.

Engage the Alchymie with Prayer Daily:

For those who have been engaging the Alchymie for some time, you may already have a strong practice using the Energies. If so, make sure you take time with your Stargate Boxes – refreshing your prayers and intentions for the year ahead. Sit and be still for a moment and feel into what you require – and set your intentions clearly on the Stargates or even whilst simple sitting with your Alchymie Energies. This will be a powerful alignment to the beginning of your year.

October Heart of Space Week – Dates & Links

October Heart of Space Week – Dates & Links

Get Onboard For October Heart Of Space Week

A quarterly worldwide unity meditation / prayer
utilising the Heart of Space Presence

We can’t want to kickstart this week-long world-wide meditation/prayer for transformation, healing and awakening. If you haven’t registered for one of our free zoom events, click on the link below and come and be a part of the esoteric solution.

Join One Or All 5 Zooms
Receive The Nourishment, Restoration & Renewal

These events are a worldwide meditation – feeling and supporting each other in love as we pass through this profound transition globally. We have a great opportunity in front of us as humans. These Zooms are a great way to get the necessary energetic support and strength we all need now.

Times & Zoom Links

Here are the time zones and zoom links for you to register. All Welcome!
*Make sure you click on the ‘link’ and register for each gathering you wish to join!
Come join in this extraordinary event and be a part of the true ‘Esoteric revolution’ taking place at this time

What Is ‘Heart Of Space Week’?

‘Heart Of Space Week’ is a week long celebration of the Heart Of Space. Traditionally we invite people to come together wherever they can to visit the Bubblers and participate with the energy directly. However, because of the current ‘social-distancing’ worldwide, these events are going to be held on Zoom. We do invite our Bubbler holders to gather people where they can, however everyone is welcome to join in wherever you are. During Heart of Space Week, five Zoom events will take place – one for each major region/time zone of the planet where there are Bubblers and Heart of Space. These gatherings provide support and energetic healing, transformation and awakening worldwide as well as bringing a deep restorative blessing for the earth plane itself! Coming together in unity to breathe, meditate & pray is the greatest thing we can be doing. Having access to the amazing Heart Of Space energies is a profound gift in accelerating this shift now! Come and be a part of the ‘Esoteric Solution’. Breathe, Meditate, Pray! *All five zoom links are available to everyone worldwide and everyone is invited to participate on as many zooms as possible!

What You Need To Know In Order To Join In?

All you need is an open heart, a willingness to participate in a spiritual, transformative, unity event with your ‘heart friends’ around the world,  and bring your energy, love and desire for growth and healing worldwide. That’s it! (*Well there are a couple of ‘practical’ things, like being in a quiet space free from distractions and being comfortable etc… but we’ll send all registrants a detailed list of how to prepare).

What you do ‘DOES’ make a difference!

No this isn’t a joke… as humans we must now more than ever be willing to awaken to greater and greater levels of compassion, tolerance, transcendence and forgiveness. We must truly begin to awaken as a loving, healing presence in this world.

This week as part of our worldwide meditation and prayer, we ask you to find ways to extend yourself more, by ‘turning out’ beyond your own enclosure, and actively help and support others. It might be as simple as saying hello to that neighbour that you’ve never connected with, or checking in with someone who you feel might be lonely or isolated at this time. It might be as simple as praising someone for something they do that you feel goes completely un-noticed… However you do it, make sure your gestures are full of heart feeling and love, sincerity and care. In this way, we truly do begin to allow the Divine blessing presence to be felt, and we do begin to function as angels in this world. The world needs us to be this healing presence now!

How To Participate In Heart of Space Week

1. Join One Or All Five Zooms

This week there are 5 Zoom gatherings happening – one for each major time zone worldwide. People from all over the world will be connecting with each other via these Zooms, learning more about the Alchymie of the Heart of Space, and feeling the support of the Unity Consciousness when large gatherings like this happen. Come and connect with all others celebrating this shift in consciousness!

2. Visit A Heart Of Space

There are many Heart Of Space centres all over the world. Often those holding them are delighted to share the energy of their Heart Of Space with others. If  you’d like to visit a Heart of Space or even just to see where the nearest Heart Of Space is to you, send us a message via our contact page and we will do everything we can to help facilitate your visit to a Heart Of Space.

3. Practice A Daily Meditation & Prayer

We deeply encourage everyone to make the most of the increased intensity of the current this week by adding detail to your daily practice. Regardless of whether you do a daily meditation and energy work already, there’s always space to increate what you are doing

The ‘Practice’ of meditating with, and ‘feeling’ the Heart Of Space Presence

No matter how small or insignificant you might feel you are in the grand scheme of things, every human has a very important role to play in the great esoteric, spiritual transition taking place on earth at this time.

Believe it or not, your very presence – energy and attention – acts like a ’super powerful energy conductor ’broadcasting’ your current state of being to the universe. So no matter how small you feel you might be, the truth is that you are a powerful energy being capable of great love, strength, intuition and awakening. Therefore, it is really important for you to have at least some kind of daily personal practice.

If you need guidance on how to establish a daily practice, here’s a wonderful article about connecting with the Heart Of Space presence that can help. It also has a really simple yet brilliant daily breath and attention practice we encourage you to try.