Spiritual ecology is an emerging field in conservation, academia, the spiritual movement and even religion, recognising that there is a spiritual facet to all issues related to conservation, environmentalism, and earth stewardship. Proponents of Spiritual Ecology assert a need for contemporary conservation work to include spiritual elements and for contemporary religion and spirituality to include awareness of and engagement in ecological issues.

Spiritual Ecology is a spiritual response to our present ecological crisis. It is a developing field that joins ecology and environmentalism with the awareness of the sacred within creation. It calls for responses to environmental issues that include spiritual awareness and/or practice. The principles of spiritual ecology are simple: In order to respond to such environmental issues as depletion of species, climate change, and over-consumption, humanity must examine and reassess our underlying attitudes and beliefs about the earth, and our spiritual as well as physical responsibilities toward the planet.

Esoteric Awakening Can Change The World

In Truth, we are all Only Energy. Everything transmits energy. Accordingly, every action has a reaction, an energetic effect. Thus, everything that everyone does affects the whole. It is known and acknowledged, even scientifically, that the Earth is ‘alive’ and like all living beings has its own energy field. It follows that all actions of humanity have a direct affect on the ‘energy field’ of the Earth itself. 

The Bubblers are designed to act as ‘vehicles’ or ‘beacons’ to ground the Divine Light. They are empowered through a profound process of Alchymie and thus hold the ‘Alchymeic Intention’ to radiate a vast energy across an entire state or small country. This current of energy is intended to allow a powerful force of energetic clearing and restoration and to purify and lighten the psychic density that many people feel as a consequence of living in the world at this time.

Alchymie – The Supreme Science Of Spiritual Ecology

“…We have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind, where the earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the outcome of actions that are made from that which is less than love. Lifetimes of actions motivated by greed and separative desiring have taken a toll that we stand witness to at this present time and the impact can be detailed and is being detailed in many reports across this world. We have arrived at a moment where the very vibration of our actions is having disastrous outcomes… The fabric of human life and the very place in which we have been given to grow stands on a threshold, quivering in time and space under the weight of all of the previous actions that have been made. As a result, the warring, the polluting, the ignorance, the exploitation, the devastation, the greed, the utter unconsciousness has had an irretrievably negative impact on the earth as a living organism and with this has also come a disintegration of human morality. ” 

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The Saturn Bubblers – Releasing & Restoring Earths Fragile Energy Network 

The Saturn Bubbler particularly is a profound energy response to the need for ‘earth healing’ at this time.

Here is a list of the Generic ‘Environmental Energies’ that are on most of the Saturn Bubblers worldwide. The Saturn Bubblers are a ‘living’ Divine manifestation – a ‘Light’ response to support the fragile balance on the earth plan right now. Therefore, they also respond to your ‘invocation’ or invitation. This means that you can energetically call out to them via your feeling connection, invoking them and breathe the energy of their blessing presence. They WILL respond.

– Nuclear Radiation Wizard
– Climate Change
– Negative Terraformer
– Earth Works
– Ocean Currents
– Strange Attractor
– Weather Extremes
– Mother Earth
– Fracking Angle
– Rainmaker Wizard
– Drought Daemon Wizard
– Sunworks – Arranging 243
– Antarctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– Arctic Polar Vortex Elixir
– Ozone Layer

More About The Saturn Bubblers

The Saturn Bubblers have been felt to bless all living beings with the energy of Divine Light by allowing the touch of the Divine hand upon the earth plane itself. Given sufficient numbers of Saturn Bubblers, this force of Light may have the capacity to make amends for the consequences from the Age of Darkness that has obviously prevailed and resulted in profound wounds to this world.

It has been seen energetically with each Saturn Bubbler that a network of golden threads appears. These threads move with the intention to suture the earth of the wounds that exist and are the result of the failure of humanity to live as responsible agency for Light and Love. Whenever additional Saturn Bubblers are brought into existence, the golden threads appear to communicate and support one another, creating an amplified network of healing power.

For those who are sensitive to energy, simply sitting in the presence of a Bubbler or Heart Of Space can be a powerful and moving experience. Everyday all over the world, people gather to sit, receive and meditate with the energy of the Heart Of Space. To further receive the energy, you can pass a glass of water over the spheres. As water holds memory, drinking this may further enhance the reception of the Saturn Bubbler’s energy. Often people with Saturn Bubblers’ ‘empower’ bottles of water in this way and pass them on to friends and family to receive this blessing.

May there yet be time to allow mankind the possibility to exist and live beyond the world as it now exists and to usher in the Age of Light.

‘Blessed Art’

The appearance of the Saturn Bubbler is exquisite. Based upon their unique aesthetic beauty, they have been described as ‘Blessed Art’. They are comprised of hand blown, liquid filled glass spheres with highly polished acrylic tubes on a turntable base. Each glass sphere holds a set of alchymeic energies that work together to form the overall energetic structure of the Saturn Bubbler. Given the uniqueness of each country or state, different energies are then added to address the specific ‘karma’ or ‘energy’ of that particular place. When installed, the Saturn Bubblers radiate a vast energy field, designated by their geographical location and the placement of a map within the central column of the Bubbler.

Here’s a writing about the intention of the Bubbler

“The ‘mind’ is an activity not a ‘something’ and clearly this activity is somehow at odds with all our living processes since there is very little to no activity of human beings that is not at some level negative to the natural order of events. We fail to recognise that many of our actions are essentially negative and so we pile error upon error as we seek solutions to earlier failed solutions that pose certain ‘difficulties’ in them- selves.

The ‘true’ view sees ourselves as part of the flow of natural activity and in this disposition our movement is at one with all other engagements. The Saturn Bubbler, stems from the ‘true’ structure of this ‘place’ and is a vast energy configuration made of rotating spheres of energy that revolve around each other with the alchymeic intention of interacting with the world environment to dissolve the architecture of pollution.” – Jessa O’My Heart, The Alchymist.

Esotericism The Open Secret

Here is an in-depth article written to help people feel what ‘esoteric’ means and how we must awakening to this whole new way of living from the ‘feeling dimension’ of existence. And this is precicly what the Heart of Space and Bubblers are working to bring about for all beings.

“Esoteric is impossible to define. Esoteric is simply not accessible by the usual mind. It is an open secret, because there are no eyes to see, no ears to hear. Everything is ensconced within the rational degeneration of reason, wherein we are unable to see that all of this that appears to be – the world, the universe – is the projection that is our own radiance. There is no universal discourse wherein we can speak to the usual man or woman. The esoteric requires an unfathomable new form of communication, where we are dealing with the essence of things and not the mere appearance of things. The esoteric essence of all phenomena is apparent to synthesis intelligence, which completely confounds the cerebral intelligence of the usual man or woman. Everything is seen, apparently, but everything remains shrouded in an unfathomable mystery. We are unable to merely pull aside a curtain of obscurity. This cerebral mind is at war with the heart of Truth. For the heart, the world of the cerebral mind does not exist. For the cerebral mind the world of the heart does not exist. Hence the world of the cerebral mind is the fulfilment of the Hermes Prophecy, where those who stand as the heart are condemned as madmen and fools and all that is abroad in the land is an ever-descending evil. Nevertheless there will come a time when the heart’s Truth is the master of this domain.”

Jessa O’My Heart – The Alchymist