Breaking News:
The Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler Upgrade Is Complete!

There is a shrill in the air as the first Saturn Bubbler Upgrade was completed this week
What an extraordinary current of esoteric, transformative energy!
 Thank you to the many people who joined us LIVE from all over the world. And a heartfelt thank you to our Heart Of Space Members for funding this Bubbler Upgrade.

Who’s Next…

Our Bubbler Upgrade Initiative has now identified the next 4 Saturn Bubblers most in need of an upgrade. These Bubbler Holders are excited and very grateful to be considered for this programme.

The decision of which Saturn Bubbler is upgraded next rests with our ‘Heart of Space Movement Members’. Each member has an opportunity to cast 1 vote. Voting will be open for 2 weeks following the Wisconsin Saturn Bubbler Upgrade. All members will be emailed a special voting link. Once voting closes on 14th of December, we will be announcing the next location.

The Candidates Are:
– New Zealand, North Island
– Adelaide, Australia
– Singapore
– Ireland

.   .   .  .


Voting is now open for 2 weeks until
Friday 10th December (Australia Time)

All members have been emailed a special invitation to vote. Once voting closes we will be announcing the next location.


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