Spotlight: More From The First USA Saturn Bubblers

After the original Saturn Bubblers arrived in the USA, and Bubblers began to pop up across the world, there was the second wave of them arrive on the East Coast of America. These Bubblers were very enthusiastically received as the Esoteric presence began to break into the psychic density and allow space for the Heart – for restoration, renewal and deep psychic healing…

Thank you to all the wonderful hearts who are sharing their stories with us. This is truly like digging up an old treasure chest fully of rubies, diamonds and other shiny things… Your stories and testimonials from 20 years ago help us all to feel and connect with the presence of this esoteric work. These Bubblers remain in place continuing to shine their presence out across the land as a healing force.

New Jersey, USA – March, 2000 a Saturn Bubbler

“All I know is that the sky here has been so beautiful, and the weather feels mild and peaceful”. (L.S, New jersey, USA. 2000)

“As Spring arrives here there is such a sweetness and much lighter feeling to the environment around me, much like I remember as a child before New jersey became so polluted. The sunlight feels more like it does in Madison and it is much easier to breathe. The area around my house feels like a bird sanctuary and the deer seem to have taken up residence around me… It usually feels much better to get out of New jersey and into Pennsylvania, but now it seems so hard to me- so awful – similar to moving from a soft cushioned protection to a hard, painful surface. We felt the ‘hardness’ of peoples’ lives, too. It felt wonderful to re-cross the state line, I never before experienced expansion and relief coming back into the State of New jersey before. This was a first for me.” (H.C.E, New jersey, USA. March, 2000)

Then again in Woodstock New York – one of the first Saturn Bubblers for New York State…

“Success Story – wow… the grounding of this energy has already happened and the spheres are not even assembled with the base yet! One of my clients was very concerned with the local tract of land in Rockland County and that it would be developed for use as a huge parking lot and Farmers’ Market taking up acres and acres of precious woodland. We did work with the Esoteric Energies and the Eden Energy. Then when the Bubbler base arrived (although in NJ for now), the
judge hearing the case went ‘environmental’ and ruled in their favour, throwing out any possibilities of the developers doing anything. Now the land remains in its Pristine, Eden-like state! I know this was a totally graceful turnaround, and I know in my heart it is because the Bubbler energy was already arriving. So you can imagine how it felt to me when we finally put it up…! Phew! I love this Energy so much. I feel healed at the heart and restored knowing it is always just around the corner. I don’t even need to be in its direct presence. I feel and call upon it all day long. It is always with me. Amazing things are happening every day now. I could write a book on the miracles. I can’t want for what the future holds having this energy here!”  (T.S.A)

Then down the coast to Atlanta Georgia…

“A huge sigh of relief is felt from the Earth Mother as these Bubblers go up. I’ve been really enjoying the big shift in personal destiny in drinking the water blessed from the ‘Bubbler’ and also the tremendous ‘Bubbler’ presence. It would be difficult in close proximity to a phenomenon like this to not experience a huge shift in perception. This is felt as a huge Healing presence for all forms of life. A very large ‘chunk of lifehas somehow found its way into my house. Things have become very interesting! If enough of these things go up they have the power to literally shift the planet into a higher dimension.” (J., Georgia, USA. Feb., 2000)