Thank you to all who have written in with your beautiful responses to Heart Of Space Week! Here are just a handful of the amazing statements.

“It was absolutely profound. I am moved beyond words” – Spica, USA

“Thank you. Feeling this kind of activity, having this uniting all of the Heart Of Space in the world was so strong, and feeling the intimacy was very beauty. I feel so blessed” – Xilei, China

“Thank you Heart of Space team for this beautiful week. So potent feeling all the Bubblers igniting with this current. It feels absolutely amazing this morning! A unity current everybody all at onceness force sublimely worldwide” – Only, USA

“I felt very strong grounding force on Singapore and very lift up for Beijing. I saw the white light connecting each Heart Of Space also. Thank you very much for the opportunity” Ghittichate, Thailand

That was just what the states needed was a jump start to the Heart. Amazing as the current is so strong and still pumping here in the USA. It was beautiful to feel so many other Bubbler holders and have the Unity of the All at Oneness. Such a heart expansion and recognition. The skies have been rumbling ever since the weekend as the Divine Current enters even deeper. Such a wonder to be a part of. Thank you all for the re-igniting of this sacred flame. The Heart will have its way in this world. Thank you team for providing the platform!” – E.E, USA

“Lovely experience and filled with so much gratitude to have the opportunity to physically see and connect again the bubbler in China and Singapore.” – Juliana, Singapore

“Am lit up and bowled over all at once. Truly lovely moment. Some of those Bubbles we invoked feel A-MAZ-ZING!! Well done and thank you guys” – Dauphin, UK

“The whole process was amazingly sacred. Listening to the recording of Showme reading the Heart Of Space and Come To The Heart, even though I didn’t understand the words, hearing her voice was like from another world, beyond this world, like an Angel. That voice, I can’t explain it. It’s like an Angel descending. Thank you so much for this special moment. Im very grateful.” – Jiuxing, Beijing, China

“Huge energies… I’m blown away! Thank you so much. Love you all” – Courtin, IRE

“To feel all the people around the world connected because of the Heart of Space was beautiful. The energy is very powerful. Feels intimate and amazing! Thank you” – Lei, China

Loved the HOS Zoom last night! I could really feel the stabilising current particularly as we received and called forth the Israel Bubbler. It felt like a really important key. All the Australian Bubblers and the New Zealand Bubblers felt very connected with it” – M.A, NZ

It was so wonderful to participate in the Heart of Space Gathering! It was lovely to see everyone. And the heart current could be tangibly felt. It was so wonderful to connect and feel the Bubblers – the miracle of their existence, their healing, transformative and holding blessing current going out into the world! May this moment be a whole new breaking of Divine Light into the world! Love and gratitude” – Raj, UK

“Wow… beautiful. All night I was dreaming and feeling Light. A great step for the Heart. Thanks you so much” – Monica, Colombia

“I loved being a part of this witnessing and participating in these zoom prayers, every Bubbler felt so different and I could feel the field expand as more light entered and was held, anchoring the Divine Presence. I missed the Colombian zoom unfortunately, but was present for each of the others and it was such a gift to feel all the Bubblers worldwide connecting. Like there was no distance at all, so close like you could touch each one, and feel all of those holding these energies in their homes and clinic spaces. In our New Zealand/Australia zoom we also witnessed the Israel Bubbler; in drinking the Saturn Bubbler here in New Zealand I could feel such a physical rippling through the earth plane as the Bubblers were ‘ignited’, it was massive, and in witnessing the Australian and Israel Bubbler there was something like a cross alignment that went through the field, upper and lower coil and then horizontally flowing out from the heart, opening into a bright expansiveness, a new moment for us all, so very blessed”. – Ardent – NZ

“Holding The Heart of Space and participating with the Universal Hermetic Worldwide Prayer all these years, nothing quite prepared me for the ignition of the Sacred Flame of the World Wide Heart of Space Movement! When we first started with the sacred Flame and the ignition of the United States, the birth place of the Bubbler, it was a joy to feel all the early Bubblers we had installed and their holders come forth for some where up to 20+ years ago! When we witnessed the Bronx Bubbler I kept hearing “Praise the Lord!” not knowing the former holder was evangelical and Praised the Lord! It was a very happy bubbling Bubbler. I could feel the original Bubbler that I hold igniting and holding the rest of the Bubblers. Since the state of Wisconsin was named Chthonic Wheel years ago by the Alchymist and seen to be the hub of the movement with all the other states the spokes it was so beautiful to have the support of the whole,as if the wheel could spin faster. The next day there was a tangible peace not felt like this in years. To be in the presence of so many Bubblers and all the different kinds was truly an expansive movement. The momentum kept building with each zoom room that I was able to participate due to the time changes. The building of the Bubbler in Columbia was so beautiful to here in Spanish as the people there are so heart felt and in feeling. It really made it all the more real that there are people responding to this great heart Pulse all over the world! When I joined the European call and saw and felt all the people and their varied accents from the UK and Europe it was a delight and so intense but the very next day there was a settling and deeper peace than even what I felt after the US call, as the current kept building. I wasn’t able to make the Asian call but again the next morning was a beautiful stillness and settling down of aggravation. Thank you.

I am deeply grateful to be a sacred holder in this matter for I feel it is my sacred duty to hold the front line in the midst of all that is occurring here in the states. Thank you Hermes Far Eastern Shining for your commitment to place more in the world through the offering of the Heart of Space card, which I did contribute. May the obvious hot spots reveal themselves to us so that more space can be created to help hold the precious vulnerability of this beautiful world we live in! Which by the way is getting more and more beautiful daily! I haven’t seen the skies and landscape look so stunning since I was a child. God is Gracious“. – Blissful Story.