Sometimes Bubbler Balls break. This isn’t unheard-of and has happened throughout the history of all the Bubblers worldwide over the last 20 years. It has been seen psychically that Bubbler balls breaking are reflecting intense esoteric purification going on in the world, specifically within the karmic purification of the area where this has happened. Considering all that is arising in the USA at this time, it would appear that this particular event is no exception.

The three Bubbler balls were remade, along with the new Bubbler map and a new central Soulfire ball. These all arrived recently and the Bubbler was restored to it’s full glory on a special Zoom ceremony where a handful of people joined to be a part of the moment.

The New Energies On The Minnesota Saturn Bubbler

Like all of the ‘original’ Bubblers, it only has one Alchymeic Energy on each sphere. Over the 20 year evolution of the Bubblers and the Heart Of Space, many new special Energies have been added as ‘generic’ Energies to all Bubblers worldwide, as well as ‘specific’ Energies.

Abraxis, (top Bubbler sphere):
(*Generic Energies on all Abraxis Spheres Worldwide)

– RCsL Hermes Prophecy – Arranging 14
– RCsL Wellspring – Arranging 289
– RCsL Feng Shui Wizard
– RCsL God’s Little Green Acre
– RCsL Leviathan 

*New Energies Added To The Minnesota ‘Abraxis top Sphere’
– RCsL Tears Of Shiva – Arranging 1
– RCsL Thoths’ Staff – Arranging 2

Earth’s Magnetic Field – Arranging 331, Sphere:
(*Generic Energies on all EMF Spheres Worldwide)

– RCsL Earth Plane Polarisation – Arranging 20
– RCsL The Universal Gravitation Principle – Arranging 193
– RCsL Ozone Layer
– RCsL Antarctic Polar Vortex Elixir,

New Energies Added To Minnesota ‘Earth’s Magnetic Sphere’
– RCsL Cloak Of Doubt
– RCsL You Don’t Love Me
– RCsL Active – Male – Positive – Arranging 95
– RCsL Passive – Female – Negative – Arranging 94
– RCsL Reactive – Formed – Neutral – Arranging 96

Jack And The Beanstalk, Sphere:
(*Generic Energies on all Jack And The Beanstalk Spheres Worldwide)
– RCsL Eden
– RCsL Verdant Function – Arranging 70
– RCsL Deep Forest
– RCsL Poisons in the Garden – Arranging 8

*New Energies on Minnesota Jack And The Beanstalk Sphere
– RCsL Moonshine. M.M
– RCsL Civil War

One Of The Original USA Saturn Bubblers

This Minnesota Saturn Bubbler was one of the very first Bubblers ever installed in the USA, over 20 years ago. Here’s a beautiful testimonial from someone who was present at the Bubbler installation at that time.

12th Feb 2000 – A Saturn Bubbler was placed in Lino Lakes Minnesota. 
Then, on Saturday 5th August, 2000, the Bubbler was moved to its new home in Lino Lakes.

“All I know is that within the last week, I have been Happy no matter what was arising… Inserting the gold map in the central column was a joy. What a gift this is for Minnesota. There were five people to witness the setting up of the Saturn Bubbler, feeling the waves of energy and heat coming from the Bubbler. It was very peaceful and there was a feeling of contentment and Happiness that was felt by all. After the Saturn Bubbler was set up, the house felt even brighter and lighter. We called Australia and I drank all the Energies of the Saturn Bubbler to clear the way for Minnesota to accept the Divine. What was revealed was that in the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes’, there is a lot of water which holds the dark, as well as the light and all of this water, including the head waters of the Mississippi River was being purified. At one point we could feel the energy penetrating into the soil, not just on the surface but a deeper healing. Thank you for the purification of Minnesota.” (D.F – Minnesota)