The amazing Saturn Bubblers hold within their structure some of the most powerful Esoteric Energies ever to grace the earth plane! The ultimate purpose of their appearance amongst us is yet to be revealed, however, it is absolutely clear at this stage that the Saturn Bubblers have been given to help shift the energetic gravity and density of this place in order to help us re-locate our connection to the greater principles of existence. To this end, each sphere on the Bubbler has been given a very special combination of Alchymeic Energies.

Every Saturn Bubbler in the world holds a set of ‘generic’ Alchymeic Energies. These Energies are so central to the work of the Alchymie in the world that they are appropriate and necessary for every country that a Bubbler placed. Then each Saturn Bubbler is given a whole lot of unique Energies designed specifically for the purification and healing of the ‘karma’ represented by the country or place in which it is installed.

Today, we’d love to give you a greater understanding of the ‘generic’ Saturn Bubbler Energies. We will do another blog soon on some of the specific Alchymeic Energies for the different countries and their importance.

Touching Light
The ‘usual’ point of view is dominated by the sense of vision and in this domination, our fascination with vision tends to crush all the other senses. The contemplation of Touching Light invites us beyond our ‘usual’ encapsulation into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Our true form of consciousness is being alive as all of this apparent world. Involving ourselves with the Energy of Touching Light evolves us to this true form of consciousness.

Sonic Hedgehog
The Alchymeic intention of Sonic Hedgehog is to help enhance our capacity to conduct the life current or life-force energy. It is important to purify our daily interactions and all of their bombardments, and in this, we allow the numb rusty gates of our feeling centres to be renewed, allowing creative freedom. “The Divine hands move to open the contraction of the tiny specialised impulses that conduct the life-force current through the gross-vital form and open us to the pattern of relations – allowing the entrance into higher evolutionary development”


Primary Heart Energy
Strengthening the Heart centre to allow the flow of current to activate and emanate – this is our awakening to the radiance of love itself. At all the levels of the Heart – the waking, dreaming and sleeping, the intuitive Heart remains dormant hidden behind the frontal personality until it is activated into the living current of radiance. It must ignite beyond the conventional frontal line. There is a Heart centre behind the frontal line personality, which is the true Heart current. The Energy of Primary Heart is Energetic nourishment for the true Heart current.

Nuclear Tracker

The Alchymeic Intention of Nuclear Tracker is essentially about ‘tracking down’ and purifying negativity and the impulse to be negative. Within this is the intention to allow gold light to flow through the Earth plane, dissolving the gross elements and negative structures, with the prayer of leaving a brighter world in its wake.


Negative energies and conditions are a ‘block’ to the flow of life force or life current. The Alchymeic Intention of Maha is to transmute these negative conditions within the environment and people’s energetic fields. This clearing invites a nourishing quality to life.

Maha is also intended to be a supporting and nourishing energy for plant life.

Noah’s Ark

As we all know, Noah’s Ark was a way given to Noah by God of ensuring the survival of many species of animals in the time of a ca tastrophic flood. The Alchymeic Intention of this Noah’s Ark is to serve all animals, including the blessing of wild animals and their recovery from the shock of contact with humans and human existance.

Jack And The Beanstalk
The story goes that Jack’s beanstalk grew vigorously one night reaching up into the heavens. Inspired by this tall tale, our Jack and the Bean Stalk is Alchymeically intended to evoke a more abundant growth as it brings an enlivening current to all growing things.


Goodbye Electro-Magnetics
There is a background hum to our houses of 50 cycle electro-magnetics and the ‘communications’ from the socalled ‘user friendly’ computer are worse than our toaster. We are subjected to varying degrees of electromagnetic disturbance no matter where we go these days. May it be transformed, into something like a picnic, with buttercups, by a stream, after a rainstorm.

Based on the life process. Revealing the building blocks of replication and regeneration.


Geo Triplet

This energy holds the energetic Intention of Geo Mancer (laying out every- thing in a perfect way), Geo Mandala (solid earth structures) and Geo Mantra (sounds). Geo Triplet is essentially about the perfect layout or design of environments, as they would be with everything in harmony with everything else.

Fractal Hearth Healer
Based on “Fractal Geometry”, Fractal Earth Healer holds the Alchymeic Intention of grounding the Light Current right through to the centre of the Earth, restoring harmony & spaciousness to conditions of negativity. As such it helps to keep us grounded and not overwhelmed or bombarded by intrusive presences such as large buildings and cities.


Earth’s Magnetic Field
This Alchymeic field of energy has been selected from Precambrian times as a living inspiration for us because of its pristine qualities. This field comes from a time at the dawn of life on earth, therefore devoid of subsequent angular evolutionary developmental effects.

Abraxas Cosmic Spider
Seen as the ‘spider’ over the top of the world. This Energy is about awakening to the realisation that this entire cosmic display is an unnecessary addition to consciousness, therefore non-binding. The beginning and the end of the universe is the sign of the ‘conventional’ ego.