This year we will see many more Bubblers and Heart of Space enter the world. And to kick it all off for 2013, there will be a Saturn Bubbler arriving in South Africa any day which will be setup some time in the coming weeks in Durban. This Saturn Bubbler is an important one as it is the first Bubbler for South Africa and hold the latest intensification in the Alchymeic Energies – ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ with all of the new Energies like Leviathan etc…

If you have a Stargate Box, we would ask you to please work some prayers with us – firstly that the Bubbler clears customs swiftly without obstruction. And that the entrance of this big Energy into South Africa be as stable and grounded as can be. As many of you know when Bubblers are installed, (especially into countries that don’t have any) there can be some turbulence, both energetic and environmental. So our prayer and intention is to allow this entrance as swiftly and easefully as possible, (and to hold Theme as she facilitates this process).

In addition to the Saturn Bubbler entering, our representative already has a RCSL Travelling Bubbler with her which is purifying the way energetically.

So, fell into it all over the coming days. We will keep you informed as we progress. (If you are sensitive to these events, you will probably feel this as a big moment).