Our Asian representative, who has been working tirelessly to introduce the Hermetic Products into China, Hong Kong and Asia for several years now, is on her way to Hong Kong in three weeks with two more Travelling Bubblers and a Fractaliser!

With the placement of a whole Heart Of Space and additional Travelling Bubbler into Hong Kong six months ago, a Fractaliser 4 weeks ago and the arrival of these new products soon, this is a great sign for the emergence of the Alchymeic presence in Asia. We are all sure to see some real energetic shifts taking place there!

NOTE: This great photo was taken several years ago when the first Saturn Bubbler was being placed in Asia. It pictures our representative, Sunami, holding one of the Bubbler spheres before placing it on the structure. The light captures the ball just at the right time, making it glow. The Bubbler installation events are very powerful sacred events. Every Energy is felt and acknowledged, then placed on the Bubbler, one at a time. If you ever receive an invitation to participate in one of these Bubbler installations, we would recommend attending. Enjoy.