The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler, Fractaliser and Travelling Bubbler were set up in Athens at the end of last year. Our new Greek friends, who are receiving these new Energies, have been having great experiences that they would like to share with you.

“…The vision of the bubblers’ configuration in Athens is not just for the sake of Greece. Athens is currently in the eye of the storm of an ill-intending global economic and political system, which pressures to reverse any hard-won sense of equity, justice, social care and indeed, democracy. It is not an accident that it starts here. Athens was the birthplace of democracy, not just as it is known from history’s classical years. Spiritual democracy originated tens of thousands of years ago, under the guidance of Spirit. Leaders were elected directly by the people, according the power of their spiritual truth and Light. Their service was selfless, as they were not getting paid and communities’ resources were fairly handled, so that all vulnerable members were taken care of.

These simple, yet ancient values, are threatened today by a global battle, which is not just economic-political, but an energetic one too. This is why I feel the vision of the many Bubblers here would be so helpful, to stabilize and anchor the Light, not just for the sake of Greece, but for what Greece symbolizes in this global turmoil, which, underneath the facade, has high spiritual significance. I cna see already that the new network of Light (assisted by the Hermes structures), will help revive and expand a very very old network of Light which had been dormant for thousands of years.” – Y – From Athens, Greece

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