The Qualitative Evolution Bubbler that was sent to Greece last week has arrived and is moments away from being installed into Athens. Our representatives from the UK have arrived to help facilitate this Bubbler setup and will be letting us know as soon as we have a date and time. In addition to this, the Fractaliser for this Heart of Space has also arrived and will be setup as part of this gathering.

As always, when Bubblers and Heart of Space are installed, we invite everyone worldwide to feel into the event together. This is a very potent exercise which allows you to feel and connect with the moment, through meditation and psychic witness, and help facilitate the energy of the Product to ground. So, when it’s time, we will let you know and you can be part of the event wherever you are.

Finally, these Heart of Space Products that have already been sent to Greece, are part of a fundraising effort involving many people world wide, and were sent before the funding was complete.