Spotlight: ‘The Year 2000 – The First Australian Bubblers Arrive

Spotlight: ‘The Year 2000 – The First Australian Bubblers Arrive

 As the first Bubblers were being placed in the USA and people were beginning to experience the radiant glow and purifying force of their presence pulsing out across the earth, the 1st  Bubblers were also being placed in Australia.

This was the second country to receive and experience the Heart Of Space, and people were loving it!


1st April 2000,
The first Saturn Bubbler was placed in
Brisbane Queensland, Australia.

The first ever Bubbler to be placed in Austrlaia was in the state of Queensland. Many people had been invited to attend the special ceremony that accompanies a Bubbler setup and there was quite a buzz amongst those attending, about experiencing this amazing new esoteric presence.

“I was attending another workshop up near Brisbane doing energy work. The word was already out that the Saturn Bubblers were going to be coming to Australia. One of the participants in the workshop, who was familiar with the Alchymie announced that he would be gesturing a 50% cash deposit for the first Saturn Bubbler to get underway and be made. Everyone was so excited…” G.H

A gathering was organised for the installation of the Bubbler and anyone in the area from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane were invited to attend. Once the word got out, lots of people drove from all over, even from as far away as Byron Bay in Northern NSW (a 4hr drive). There were well over 60 people in attendance – many people from far and wide totally embracing a mysterious and happy moment. The energy between all entering into the space was both sobering and at the same time full of heart and love.

“The intensity of current on arriving at the venue before the bubbler set up was pretty mind blowing really. I felt as though I knew a lot of these people, even though I’d never met them…. It confirmed in my heart, that I want to be part of this… I remember looking at so many faces and so much wonder… – U.V

Everything was laid out beautifully in preparation for the installation and the set up ceremony was orchestrated and held in sacredness, which was obvious and tangible.

“It was like walking into another dimension, nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I remember the intensity and expansion of energy building up as each Bubbler ball was being placed on the structure. Many of us got the opportunity to hold the glass Bubbler balls and feel the energy of them before they were placed, which was simply amazing with each one” – G.H

“Unbeknown to us, 3 hours had passed in a moment. Time had stood still. The finish and rounding out occurred as we witnessed Showme for the first time completely and utterly surrender into the Love Bliss current after this birthing. I was in awe and I was in love, feeling like I was totally beyond this place.” – U.V

The first Australian Saturn Bubbler was up! The ceremony was a seamless, graceful event and the entire space was full of bliss. All were swooning in a current of love and happiness. Everyone took their time to empower bottles of water to take home with them and many people lingered for hours after. The family who’d facilitated the initial donation to purchase this first Australian Bubbler were totally delighted and overwhelmed with the response…

“My desire for Australias’ first Saturn Bubbler that was placed in Queensland on the 1st April 2000, was to open the heart of the people in this state and spread that energy throughout Australia, so that the people of Australia can come into true feeling of the Divine current. After being a part of and witnessing the setting up ceremony that accompanied the Bubbler, I knew that this vision had already been fulfilled. The energy that surrounded this ceremony was massive and everyone that attended felt the love that was, and always will be generated to all. I am eternally grateful. That night I did not sleep. Sure, I laid down and tried and tried, I did until the early hours of the morning when I arose I proceeded with the day as per usual – my feelings were and still are as I write this two days after the event, that there has been a profound change. Not just in me but in all around me. I can not properly put this into words. Something I can say, is about my back, which having been a builder had been a constant problem for most of my working life. I have attended chiropractors since my early twenties. Without going into all the ins and outs of aches and pains, my worse recent back misalignment has existed for approximately two years now with the chiropractor telling me that this was going to be difficult to treat. He was right as I get little or no relief from my visits to him. In actual fact my last visit only aggravated the situation. On the morning after Saturn Bubbler ceremony my back was 90% better than it had been for two years. Thank you for this beautiful gift. I am really looking forward to the ongoing blessing of living with this special energy and watching how things evolve around me and for my family !” – H.V

The First Ever Heart Of Space Week Celebrations

The First Ever Heart Of Space Week Celebrations

The Heart Of Space is designed to be shared…! And to help everyone around the world connect with and experience this wondrous esoteric presence, we are delighted to be launching our new ‘quarterly’ Heart Of Space Week Celebrations.

During Heart Of Space Week, you will be invited to gather with the physical presence of the Heart Of Space and Bubblers where they can, to do energy work, share the radiance and light current of the Bubblers, and support each other in this profound transitional shift in consciousness taking place.

There will also be Zoom video gatherings within each region and time zone of the world, so that everyone has a chance to participate and be supported.

More details on how to participate, and links to Zoom gatherings coming soon

Our first Heart Of Space Week Celebrations are…

Monday 6th Of July, to Sunday the 12th of July

“I’d never experienced anything like it!” – A Heart Of Space Interview

“I’d never experienced anything like it!” – A Heart Of Space Interview

Between the years of 2000 and 2004, the first-ever Bubblers were placed in the world, beginning with the USA. This was an extraordinary and exciting time for the Heart Of Space Movement, as these esoteric Energies first touched and blessed the earth plane and the first people came in contact with them. Some truly wondrous transformations began to occur for people and environments alike – some extraordinary stories….!

As part of our 20th-year celebrations, we’ve asked a hand full of people who were present during these times to share the experiences and stories of their first encounters with the Bubblers. Here’s our first ‘interview’ with a lady called ‘Only The Bright’, who was at the first Saturn Bubbler installation and who went on to participate in the establishment of many of the Saturn Bubblers over the ensuing years.


The Interview – “Let’s Talk About The Bubblers…”

What were you doing at the time when you discovered the Heart Of Space?

I remember when I first heard about the energies, I had an acupuncture clinic which was located between 4 major cities. Back in those days people thought that acupuncture was some strange voodoo thing… People would come from the nearest cities like Chicago and Madison to see me and by word of mouth I built up quite a client base. I am very sensitive to energies and quite psychic, so I started to do psychic readings and help people at this level also.

When did you first come upon the Bubblers and what was your initial experience?

The winter of 1996/97 the weather was really bad and there was so much snow. The roads were often impassable and people were cancelling their sessions with me. But there was one lady that I’d met at that time who would still come to see me even in the midst of the weather extremes. She introduced me to the beginnings of the Heart Of Space energies, that would soon form the first Bubblers. Every week she would let me experience them and I began to really feel there was something very special and important about them. I began to feel my life changing, just by coming into association with them every week.

It was 4 months by the time my clients came back to see me again when the snow melted. They would come into the clinic and their mouths would drop open and ask me “what are you doing, you have changed so much!”, and “I want what you’ve got!”. My response was “I’m Happy to share what I have but I can’t explain it…!

What was the first Bubbler set up you went to and what was that initial experience like for you?

The first Saturn Bubbler setup that I ever attended was in Madison Wisconsin. I remember hearing at that time the reason the bubblers had been created was that the earth had taken on as much as it could of all the darkness and mistreatment from mankind. All the energy the earth had absorbed over lifetimes was being spewed back out… as if the earth had gone beyond replete. When the top sphere of the Bubbler was put on the structure, the energy went out across the crust of the earth like when you drop a pebble into water it sends out ripples. I could see light energy going out across the land and rippling through-out the whole crust of the earth and the sky. It then shot down to the core of the earth and straight back up all at once. The energy was so strong… I’d never experienced anything like it!  We were all sitting there shattered and all I could do was laugh!  The current going thru my body felt like champagne bubbles.

What was the biggest thing that changed in your life once you started to connect with the Heart Of Space presence?

Everything! The most obvious thing though was going back and forth to London over the next 2 or 3 years to attend the Mind Body Spirit shows that I helped with. It had been really difficult for me being so psychic to be in big cities… I’d already struggled with this, and I found London to be particularly dense especially the first time. Over the following years as the first few Bubblers were setup in the UK, each year I felt the psyche of the city hit me less and less. I sensed each time I arrived that it was lighter… I knew it was the presence of the Bubblers as I’d experienced this same feeling where I lived in the USA.

Tell us what inspired you to want to be a part of the Heart of Space movement and share the Heart Of Space presence with people. 

The Divine gift of this work… Simple as that! there is nothing like it on this earth plane. The difference it makes in peoples’ lives is very obvious to me… there is nothing else like it. Working with people as a practitioner for many years you get a sense of where people are at. It is difficult sometimes to help people get through some of the tough stuff that comes up in life. Seeing how quickly people respond to the energy of the Heart of Space, and how quickly they get through things that would ordinarily take people years and years… seeing that stuff peel away from people in moments is a miracle to witness. You can put a Bubbler anywhere and it does its thing. It’s amazing!

We understand that you were an integral part of the placement of many of the initial Bubblers in the USA, travelling from state to state and introducing the Heart Of Space. Can you briefly tell us which Bubblers you were a part of setting up.

I was privileged to be a part of quite a few of the first Bubbler set ups – Madison, Wisconsin / Austin, Texas / Atlanta Georgia / Ft Lauderdale, Florida / Fairfield, Iowa / Jackson Hole, Wyoming / & Hawaii.

We know that every Bubbler has an amazing story attached to it… But of all the many Bubblers you were a part of setting up, which one sticks out as a really significant moment, and can you please share this experience with us.

For me, being a part of the Hawaii Bubbler setup was the most amazing! The Hawaii Bubbler was fundraised by a group of people from all around the world. Myself and another woman volunteered to take it there but by the time it was ready to take, we hadn’t yet found an appropriate home for it! Our flights were booked, so there we were, arriving in Hawaii with no place to put the Bubbler. Everyone was calling friends, and friends of friends…. Finally this lady who lived out in an orchard on the east side of the Island said we could put it up there. So we went to meet her. We arrived and she was really lovely but she had no idea what it was… yet somehow she had a sense and could definitely feel something big and important was happening. She had a lovely space up in the loft of the garage where she did body work – so we proceeded to set the Bubbler up there with her. With the first ball that was placed I felt the energy swirling in my heart centre, with the 2nd sphere I felt the swirling in my heart become a figure 8 pattern and as we put more Energies on, that swirling figure 8 current grew and grew up to my head and down to my feet crossing thru my heart. As we continued it went down thru my feet and into the earth and then up thru the top of my head again and into the cosmos. This figure 8 current kept crossing thru my heart and it grew with each sphere we put on. I’d never felt another Bubbler do this.

On the other hand every time we put one of the balls on the structure, the lady who’s house it was, ran to the balcony and thru-up…! The energy was so intense, it was clearly purging thru her being. I’d seen this response in people in the past doing energy work, but not quite at this level!

When the Bubbler was completely setup I had the most intense visions I’d ever had… all of a sudden, I saw psychically the Kahunas appear, massive god figures standing in the ocean up to their ankles. They were a good presence as if they recognised the support of the Bubbler energy arriving on the Island. They weren’t threatened by it, but they were certainly a fierce presence. It was an amazing feeling seeing these appear. ‘Fire Dragon’ was one of the special Energies that had been chosen to go on the Hawaii Bubbler. This energy relates to the active volcano. Then there was an energy called ‘Upper and Lower Coil’, designed to bring balance between the northern and southern hemispheres. Hence the figure of 8 current running thru my form. I could feel immediately that so much ancient mystical shroud was being chewed through and purified.

About 6 months later when I was home, I heard on the radio scientists talking about the whales and how they sang a different song in the northern to the southern hemisphere. But how all of a sudden this year they had started singing the same song, which had never been recorded before. The scientists were confounded, I felt as if the upper and lower coils of the earth were uniting… and I knew there was a bigger esoteric matter going on…

After your 20 years of experience with this movement and living with the presence of the Bubblers yourself, looking back on your journey you will have an insight into the transformation that has occurred. What can you see about this in yourself and the people you have witnessed over the years?

A lot falls away. There’s definitely a reflection where I may not notice my own transformation, but the inside reflects the outside and I can see the reflection of others – how other people treat me changed. Things people say or observations others say about me, some people go into reaction and others just fall in love. Eg, the mechanic I went to to change the oil in my car – there’s this tall dark Indian, like the guy in “one flew over the cookoos nest”, he came out after serving me with a long stem rose… dearest man.

There are many many more stories to tell, including stories of repeated ‘extreme weather patterns’ before and after Bubbler installations! The story of the Wyoming Bubbler set up is also a doozy!  But that one we will wait for another day. Stay tuned…!

More Stories From The First Bubblers

More Stories From The First Bubblers

The 2nd Saturn Bubbler was placed in Austin — Texas, February 2000

“Today the world is utterly transformed for I am utterly transformed. Now I know the meaning of ‘the undeserved kindness of the Lord’…”

The night after the Saturn Bubbler went up…
“The first real rains in months have just begun, the dark and gloomy is thoroughly away. It was such a pristine and clear day. There is such a deepening peace dawning.”

The day after the big rains…
“last night it rained for the entire night! It was the first time it rained for more than an hour in over a year. We have been having a severe drought. Some friends asked how the ‘Bubbler’ can purify such a large area,
I think they may have their answer!”

“My wife and I own a small ranch smack in the heart of Texas, just outside of Austin. Austin is the capital of Texas and is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA due to the Computer Boom. We live in what is called the Hill Country and it has been our intention for a number of years to preserve the beauty of this land. We have small organic gardens, rainwater catchment systems, gravel wetlands sewage treatment and many other environmentally sound systems in place. Yet all this cannot protect us from the toxic substances polluting the air and water and within the past couple of years, the use of microwave devices for cell phones has become a major problem. I have three small children and I felt saddened at the situation. This was my situation when I first became acquainted with the Saturn Bubbler. In one sense it is quite a simple looking object, more on the level of art rather than environmental science. It consists of 13 spheres about the size of nice cantaloupe melons, liquid filled and arranged in tiers. It is simple like a tomato is simple. It is just a tomato until you think about the miracle of its creation. I think gardeners realize the miracle in simplicity. Just so, the Saturn Bubble is a miracle in its simplicity. It had not rained for months and months with no end to the drought. The day we installed it, heavy rain fell for a few hours. Two nights later it rained for the entire night. The following morning there was a freshness to the air which filled my heart. This sweet freshness of the air continues now that the rain has ended. For the past few years, we have been unsuccessful in growing cabbage. My wife went ahead and planted again and this year they are huge and completely free of infestation, also the aphids which are usually prolific are completely gone. These are just a few observations which someone else may or may not experience however, I do feel clearly the effect of the ‘Bubbler’ is to restore the pristine quality of the Earth. The human may not even recognize this effect but the plants and the animals respond to the change. This you will notice. In regards to the future of the earth, I consider the Saturn bubbler the best investment I have ever made.” 

Sirrah Lore Texas, USA. February 2000

Join Our FREE Weekly Universal Hermetic Prayer/Meditation

Join Our FREE Weekly Universal Hermetic Prayer/Meditation

Each week we are holding group energy gatherings to support as many people worldwide as possible at this time. These moments are an opportunity for absolutely ANYONE to both experience the blessing energy of the Heart Of Space, as well as be energetically helped and supported by a great force of beings all over the world holding this transformative flame of the Heart Of Space.

The energetic presence of the Heart Of Space is also known as the ‘Universal Hermetic Presence’. The establishment of this Presence has been seen psychically by many as a network of Light, like stitches or sutures, stitching and holding the Earth’s fragile energy field.

These group meditations or energy work events are a celebration of Love and Light and all are welcome to join. No prior experience required.

Announcing The Arrival Of Our New
Membership Programme!

We are super excited to announce the arrival of our new Heart Of Space Membership programme! This is an exciting event coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the first Bubblers. This new programme and website are designed to help make supporting the movement a whole lot easier. And there are some amazing new perks for members such as an empowered card and the never before ‘Heart Of Space Candidacy…’ programme!

Come on over and check out our new site!

The Raison D’etre Is Clear

The objectives of the Heart Of Space Movement are to establish sanctuaries all over the world utilising the Heart Of Space Artefacts, to help facilitate a True shift in Consciousness. These sanctuaries are for all beings – to be restored, nourished, renewed and strengthened in their own Heart’s intuition. 

The Heart of Space holds a purity and intensity, where people can come to rest and be relieved of the usual pressures of this world. These spaces are where the Divine is felt as the true and only intimacy of the Heart, known and felt as Love. They remain non-denominational, standing prior to all religious and philosophical persuasions. 

A Heart of Space is created by the placement of three specific Alchymeically imbued Artifacts – the Saturn Bubbler, the Travelling Bubbler and the Fractaliser. Based upon sacred geometry, these esoteric artefacts when combined in a particular formation, actualise the grounding of what is known as a ‘volumetric current’. This current can be felt as a literal vibratory current of Divine Radiant Light. They are received through the ‘feeling dimension’ of existence – it cannot be rationalised. Within this volumetric current, at last it becomes possible to awaken to the Remembrance of the Intuitive Heart – the Remembrance of the Mystery itself.

Esotericism Can Change The World

It is our intention to finding many more locations for the Heart of Space throughout the world. Our board of directors have a considerable list of places and people worldwide who are willing and ready to receive the Heart of Space. So, regardless of whether you are donating from England, India or Israel, becoming a part of the Heart of Space fund is a gesture of ‘Unity Consciousness’ – a worldwide prayer – a heart impulse to make a difference for as many beings as possible. Over the past 20 years, there has already been a considerable movement and effort by many individuals and groups worldwide to establish the Heart Of Space presence.

Spiritual Ecology Is Now The Way Forward…

Spiritual ecology is an emerging field in religion, conservation, and academia recognising that there is a spiritual facet to all issues related to conservation, environmentalism, and earth stewardship. Proponents of Spiritual Ecology assert a need for contemporary conservation work to include spiritual elements and for contemporary religion and spirituality to include awareness of and engagement in ecological issues.

Alchymie – The Supreme Science Of Spiritual Ecology

“…We have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind, where the earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the outcome of actions that are made from that which is less than love. Lifetimes of actions motivated by greed and separative desiring have taken a toll that we stand witness to at this present time and the impact can be detailed and is being detailed in many reports across this world. We have arrived at a moment where the very vibration of our actions is having disastrous outcomes… The fabric of human life and the very place in which we have been given to grow stands on a threshold, quivering in time and space under the weight of all of the previous actions that have been made. As a result, the warring, the polluting, the ignorance, the exploitation, the devastation, the greed, the utter unconsciousness has had an irretrievably negative impact on the earth as a living organism and with this has also come a disintegration of human morality.