What Is A Heart Of Space Centre

A Heart of Space Centre is essentially an energetic Sanctuary, created by the placement of three specific Alchymeically imbued Artefacts – the Saturn Bubbler, the Travelling Bubbler and the Fractaliser. Based upon sacred geometry, these esoteric artefacts when combined in a particular formation, actualise the grounding of what is known as a ‘volumetric current’.

This current can be felt as a literal vibratory current of radiant light, and allowed through the feeling dimension of being – it cannot be rationalised. Within this volumetric current, at last it becomes possible to awaken to the Remembrance of the Intuitive Heart – the Remembrance of the Mystery itself.

*Here is an audio recording from someone who has worked with the Alchymie since it’s inception – Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss – Co-founder of the Alchymie, the Heart Of Space, and the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ to the ‘Alchymist.

The Heart of Space holds a purity and intensity that is felt as sanctuary, where people can come to rest, and be relieved of the usual pressures of this world. These spaces invoke the Heart of Understanding – a space where the Divine is felt as the true and only intimacy of the Heart, known and felt as Love. They remain non-denominational, standing prior to all religious and philosophical persuasions. The intention is to create a space that is available to all beings – to be restored, nourished, renewed and strengthened in their own Heart’s intuition.

A Heart of Space Centre can be created within a home, shopfront, centre, meditation hall or other place of gathering. These places can be open to the public or private residences. It is suggested to have space around each Artefact where people can sit, feel and be nourished and restored as they interact with the Artefact.

For lifetimes we have forgotten the truth and created societies that are based on linear thinking. Our actions have been motivated by self-desiring and self-protection. The shift must now occur for the sake of the all, from the egocentric to the recognition of feeling and unity consciousness. This shift in consciousness is supported by these Heart of Space Centres. They are such an invocation – a space where at last, the mind falls into the feeling Heart and the Heart awakens to Remembrance of our greatest possibility…

Our desire and intention to create such spaces is to allow as many beings as possible to awaken to the Remembrance of the Heart’s intuition – the reawakening of the intelligence of the Heart, which is Love – a Remembrance of the Mystery itself. May this be so.

Why Do We Need Heart Of Space Centres?

why do we need heart of space centres? We have reached a critical phase in the history of humankind, where the earth plane itself can no longer tolerate the outcome of actions that are made from that which is less than love. Lifetimes of actions motivated by greed and separative desiring have taken a toll that we stand witness to at this present time and the impact can be detailed and is being detailed in many reports across this world. We have arrived at a moment where the very vibration of our actions is having disastrous outcomes.

*Here is Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss again talking about why we need the Heart of Space.

Why Do We Need The Heart Of Space

by Showme Showers Heaven's Bliss

The fabric of human life and the very place in which we have been given to grow stands on a threshold, quivering in time and space under the weight of all of the previous actions that have been made. As a result, the warring, the polluting, the ignorance, the exploitation, the devastation, the greed, the utter unconsciousness has had an irretrievably negative impact on the earth as a living organism and with this has also come a disintegration of human morality. What is obvious in order to even touch the negative downward spiral is that there must be a dramatic shift in human consciousness. What does this shift amount to? We must ask the question: What is required of us as human beings? What is it for us to awaken to a new level of consciousness? We think that perhaps intuitively it may be simple to say what a human being is, but it is a deep consideration. To have any discussion on what it is to be human must include the understanding that the essence of a human being includes the Divine or the Absolute One, simply because human morality is inexorably entwined with the Absolute Divine. The human being is a temporary effusion of the Divine Light. Humanity in its potentiality is the Divine Light. To deny this fact is to deny humanity, to deny morality and therefore to deny the existence of the Great and Wonderful Absolute, which esoterically is known as the Infinite Presence or God Light. (That which is inexplicable, but completely obvious through the Heart’s intuition as Love.)

The atheist scientist adopts a position claiming that God does not exist. Science and atheism are bound up in that infernal Faustian pact with which we are all familiar. Through the Heart of Space centres our invocation is to draw ourselves and all beings to that which is truly Great and thus awaken to the expression of the Absolute Divine, which is Love itself. The Heart of Space Centres create an energetic portal, (by the use of three or four Alchymeically imbued Artefacts) which allow the grounding and felt current of the Absolute. This provides an invitation for all beings to be touched deeply by this volumetric current and invokes a reawakening to what can be remembered as the Heart’s intuition. This intuition is our intimate Remembrance of the Truth of who we are and our total dependence on that which is Absolute. Our intuitive remembrance allows us to fall into the infinite space, which all human beings are privy to in our reawakening of Love itself. The shift in consciousness that is apparent, that must occur on a huge scale, is this very Remembrance. For lifetimes we have forgotten and created societies that are based on linear thinking and our actions have been motivated by self-desiring and self-protection.

Now is the time for the Space to be created for the Heart to Remember. The Heart of Space centres then are such an invocation – to create a space where at last the mind falls into the Heart and the Heart awakens to Remembrance. The crisis at hand is the struggle for the soul of humanity.