Where Are The Heart Of Space Centres

For over 20 years now, we have collectively and individually placed many Bubblers and Heart Of Space Centres all over the world. We have worked tirelessly to get them into areas that are in most needs – areas of particular ‘karmic density’. We are always looking for more support to find people and donors to help us continue to establish this Heart Of Space in more and more areas of the world.

The Heart Of Space Centres are an absolute gift unto the world. Their blessing current has been felt as the Heart pulse of the Divine entrance. Each one serves a unique function depending on its location — the particular karma or energetic history of the landscape and its people. They are a meeting place for all beings — a space that stands beyond all religion, beyond all denomination — a space for celebrating the Divine Heart beyond all separation.

Many beings over the past few years have come forward to experience these spaces and be nourished in their blessing. The gathering of people around the Heart Of Space Centres is exactly their function and intention — to support and inspire true Unity in the world. You are welcome to visit many of the Heart Of Space Centres around the world. May many more have this opportunity during this incredible turning point in human history.